She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 911 - What Did You Find?

Chapter 911 - What Did You Find?

Chapter 911 What Did You Find?

When Nora heard this, she lowered her eyes.

Caleb spoke again, He has never trusted me completely, so I didnt find out her ident.i.ty. However, since he said that, I think you should be careful.

Actually, you dont have to trust anyone, even if its me.

At this point, Caleb coughed again. Although I dont have a long life, who knows if Ill want the gene serum again someday?

Nora asked, How is your health?

I wont die for a month, at least.

Caleb replied with a smile as if he was not sensitive to this topic at all.

Nora was silent for a long time before saying, Rest well.


Nora wanted to hang up the phone, but seeing that he was a little hesitant, she asked, Why?


Is there nothing else?

Caleb was silent for a moment before he coughed and said, You nothing. Im hanging



After hanging up, Nora felt that Caleb still had some things to say. She frowned and decided to drive to the hospital.

Caleb had helped her block Barbarians attack last time. Bones in his entire body had cracked, and he was still recuperating.

In the VIP ward.

When Nora arrived, Caleb was already asleep.

When the nurse saw her, she said softly, Mr. Grays injuries are recovering very quickly, but his wounds still hurt. Besides, he was given general anesthesia during the surgery. He cant be given any more sedatives now, so it hurts every time we change the dressing.

Hearing this, Nora frowned. Then, he endured


Not really. The caregiver smiled. Whenever this happens, Mr. Gray takes out his earphones and wears them. Hearing the music makes his body feel relaxed. He was also very cooperative when changing the dressing. The doctor asked him what music he was listening to that was so effective, but Mr. Gray did not say anything. We just joked that it was his anesthesia.


Listening to music to relieve pain?

This was also a solution.

Nora did not take it seriously. She put on her scrubs and entered the intensive care unit. After checking Calebs various indicators, she then looked at the person on the bed.

Caleb lay there with a faint smile on his lips.

He still had the Bluetooth earpiece in his ear. One of them fell down and landed beside the infusion tube.

Nora was worried that he would move in his sleep and accidentally press on his earpiece, so she took it out for him. Just as she was about to place it on the table, her ear twitched. When the nurse said that listening to music could relieve the pain, Nora was very curious.

After all, this was a medical study. If it was really so effective, she could forget about using anesthesia for mild pain in the future.

She did not plan to invade someone elses privacy herself.

After all, the things he heard most likely belonged to him and could comfort him.

However, she really did not eavesdrop. She was blaming her good hearing!

The moment she held the earpiece, the voice from inside reached her ears.

When Nora heard that voice, she was stunned.

She looked at the bed again. Caleb was still sleeping

Nora felt that she might have heard wrongly.

Otherwise, why would she hear her voice through his earpiece?

She frowned and brought the earpiece closer to her ear.

Her cold and deep voice was clearly heard from inside.

That is why I have no desire. I observe its wonders and its frequent desires.

These two come from the same source and have different names. The same t.i.tle is profound, mysterious beyond belief, and the door to all wonders

Now, she was certain that it was indeed her voice reading the sacred text of morals. Nora:

She frowned and looked at Caleb.

Seeing that the man was still sleeping, she quietly put the earpiece back.

After leaving, she was still frowning.

The nurse said, Ms. Smith, why dont you wake Mr. Gray up? He has been looking forward to you visiting him. You finally came, but he fell asleep. When he wakes up, hell definitely be angry.

After saying that, the nurse could not help but look at Nora and advise something beyond her responsibilities as a nurse, No matter how busy you are, you should come and see him more.

The first thing Caleb asked when he woke up every day was, Has Ms. Smith been here?

Every time she said no, Caleb would be very disappointed.

His eyelids would droop and his lips would be pursed tightly, making the nurses heart ache.

A weak, good-looking man gave others a protective instinct.

The nurse felt that it was all Ms. Smiths fault for not coming often.

Nora did not understand the nurses feelings and only glanced at her calmly. This glance immediately made the nurse realize that she had said too much. She immediately lowered her head. Im sorry, Ms. Smith. I was too talkative.

Nora retracted her gaze and did not argue with her.

The nurse explained carefully, I poured some soup for Mr. Gray today. He asked if you had come over. When I said no, he got distracted and even got scalded from the hot soup, so I just I shouldnt have said so much.

Nora looked into the ward again and was in deep thought.

She instructed, Take good care of him. Contact me if anything happens.

Calebs family was not here. Moreover, Caleb was injured because of her. Nora could not possibly leave him behind.

The nurse nodded, Okay.

After Nora left, Calebs ears in the ward slowly turned red. He opened his eyes. When the nurse saw him, she pushed the door open and entered. Mr. Gray, youre awake? What a coincidence. Ms. Smith just left!

Caleb stared at the ceiling and nodded.

The nurse poured him a cup of water. Your girlfriend is really beautiful. She must be very busy too, right?


Calebs gaze softened. He took a sip of water and lowered his long eyelashes, not denying it.

The nurse continued to ramble. She must be very busy. Otherwise, why wouldnt she come to see you for so long But you must like her a lot

Nora wore a mask and returned to Kings place.

She entered the living room and sat on the sofa. When he heard that she was back, Justin put down the doc.u.ment in his hand and went downstairs to see her.

Because there were many more people from Switzerland in the villa, the two of them were wearing masks very carefully.

They sat opposite each other. The scene was very strange, but it was inexplicably harmonious.

Seeing that Nora remained silent, Justin asked, What are you thinking about?

Nora: Caleb.

The man sitting opposite her had a dark expression on his face. Huh?

Nora told him about her voice reading in Calebs earpiece.

Justins tone was instantly filled with jealousy. He pursed his lips and suddenly asked, Didnt you notice anything?