She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 910 - She's Not a Good Person

Chapter 910 - She's Not a Good Person

Chapter 910 Shes Not a Good Person

Unexpectedly, it was too exciting?

Nora frowned. Who is it?

Trueman grinned like a little demon. Call me Master and Ill tell you.

Nora was silent for a moment before suddenly saying, Master.

Trueman: ?? Done. Now, tell me.

Trueman: !!

Why did this person suddenly become so shameless after going overseas? Didnt she refuse to call him Master in the past?

Noras actions were suddenly defying logic, which made Trueman choke. Its not so simple as just calling me Master. I want you to listen to me. From now on, Ill be your real master!

Oh, okay, Nora said. Tell me and Ill listen to you.

I, I wont say anything! Unless you send the V16 over now!

Trueman was furious.


She knew he would not say it.

Queenie actually had a lot of secrets.

It was not an easy feat creating NTT alone and turning it into such a big company.

Her mother had only mentioned Queenie in pa.s.sing. However, at that time, she had said that if she was ever in grave danger, she should look for Queenie. However, If there was nothing important, she shouldnt go looking for her. That was why Nora had lived with the Smiths for so many years.

In the end, she became weak when she gave birth and someone had taken advantage of her.

Queenie had suddenly rushed back from overseas and taken her away forcefully.

To be honest, Queenie was more like a way out for her. If she had not encountered any life-threatening situations in the country, perhaps she would always have had this kind of impression of Queenie.

Her relations.h.i.+p with Queenie had nurtured over those five years in the past.

Over the five years, she always sensed that Queenie was not really happy. As such, she was often drunk and alcohol would not leave her hand.

Only Cherry could make her feel happy.

Nora wanted to know why, but she had never thought of learning it from an outsider. It was like Justins secret. She had been waiting for that man to tell her himself.

She knew that Queenie would tell her about it herself when the time came.

Therefore, even if she could know by hearing it from Trueman, she was not disappointed that she could not. In the end, she only nodded calmly.

It was impossible for her to give him the V16.

Trueman: Hmph.

Nora saw that he did not hang up. Is there something else?

Trueman was really furious. I know you have two V16s. You will use one for your son, leaving one more. Who are you going to give it


Nora had not considered this problem.

This was because both of the serums were prepared for Xander. After all, it had been so long since the serum was made. Who knew if it would fail? Or if it would be insufficient?

She did not speak. Trueman continued, Why dont you give me the other V16? That way, we can work together. According to you, you and I are in cahoots. Ill help you. That way, well be stronger.

Nora pursed her lips. Thats not how it was!

This fellow had not improved in his expression at all?

Trueman still felt that he was clear. He continued proudly, Otherwise, arent you afraid that Barbarian will s.n.a.t.c.h it from you? Let me remind you that Barbarian is invincible. No one can beat him. Furthermore, this person is very unreasonable. Is he as easy to talk to as our mysterious organization?

Nora lowered her eyes.

Ignoring the fact that the mysterious organization had committed countless sins, just the fact that they had pushed her mother to death made it impossible for her to reconcile with them.

Did Trueman really not understand, or was he pretending not to understand?

Trueman seemed to have heard her heart. He was very puzzled. Dont tell me, the reason you dont cooperate with me is because of your mother? Thats a grievance between our generations. They only gave us lives, they havent raised us for a day. Are your feelings for her that strong? Let me tell you, feelings and blood ties are useless. Only benefits matter in the end

Nora hung up straightaway.

Even if her mother had never raised her, she had thrown her life away for her daughter. Wasnt this love enough?

Truemans words made her expression turn cold.


Cindys voice woke Nora up. She realized that Rene was frightened by the coldness on her body. Her eyes were filled with fear as she looked at her. She took two steps back and did not pester her so much.

Nora then restrained the anger on her body.

Sensing that she was not that scary anymore, Rene slowly took two steps toward her. When Nora looked at her, she stopped in her tracks and lowered her head. It was as if she could not sense her approaching herself without seeing her move.



Nora entered the living room, and Rene followed.

When Cindy saw this, she immediately said happily, Ms. Nora, I see that Rene trusts you more. When you entered, she followed you in You dont know, she stayed outside the entire night yesterday. The weather is still very cold, but she refused to listen to my advice.

Nora came over to take something. When she heard this, she looked at Rene.

She narrowed her eyes and suddenly said, I have something to take care of. Send her to the Sonnets.

Rene immediately shook her head. She was about to speak when Nora said, Cherry is there.

She instantly shut her mouth and nodded obediently.



After settling Renes matters, Nora walked out. When she got into the car, her phone rang again. She picked it up and Calebs weak voice came from the other end. Ms. Smith, Trueman asked me to call you

Noras eyes turned a little chilly.

Caleb sighed. He has no concept of familial ties. Do you know why hes the young master of the mysterious organization?


Thats because his old master had ten sons and eight daughters. He threw all of them into the experiment. Other than Ruth, he was the only one who survived.

Noras pupils constricted.

Caleb continued, He has lived a very miserable life. He did not distinguish between good and evil. No one taught him to be good to others when he was young. He grew up in such an abnormal place that even his thoughts became abnormal. Thats why he feels that blood ties are the most useless thing in the world. Dont lower yourself to his level. He was still very puzzled when you hung up on him. He asked me to persuade you to cooperate with him.

Nora nodded. Caleb coughed. I also took the opportunity to ask about Queenie, of course.

Caleb was silent for a moment as if he was organizing his words. Trueman said that shes not a good person She approached you with a goal. He asked you to be careful.