She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 909 - Queenie's True Identity!

Chapter 909 - Queenie's True Identity!

Chapter 909 Queenies True Ident.i.ty!

The waitress was rather displeased.

Clifford had brought the group of them here, hoping that King would take a fancy to them, upon which he would gift the chosen ones to him. If they could catch Kings eye, they would shoot up to success straightaway for sure.

Unexpectedly, though, be they sweet and pretty, a dominatrix, or pure and innocent, King couldnt be bothered to spare them even a glance. This filled the waitress with absolute indignation.

Not only was she the prettiest among the group, but her muscles were also the most beautiful among them. How was she any inferior to Black Cat? Thus, she couldnt help but want to remove Black Cats mask and let everyone compare the two of them.

She had clearly succeeded, her hand had clearly reached Black Cats mask, and yet, the next moment


She was kicked away with great force, which sent her flying out.

Everyone there was stunned.

What shocked them, though, was not the waitress being kicked away, but that it was Mr. King, the man himself, who had kicked her away!

He had grabbed Black Cats shoulder with one hand and then stood in front of her, blocking her completely from the attack and keeping her protected behind him. Everyone who saw this was dumbfounded.

Even Lawrence couldnt help holding his forehead.

Boss, have you been totally bewitched by that woman?

Have you forgotten that shes your bodyguard and not the other way around?

Lawrence was close to bewailing this development, he felt terribly aggrieved on Noras behalf. No, this wouldnt do. He was an upright man. He mustnt allow Ms. Smith to be kept in the dark.

He thought of how they would be visiting the Schmidts the next day. From what hed heard, Ms. Smith and the three children were also at the Schmidts. Once they went over, he must warn her about this.

Clifford hadnt expected this to happen, either. Furious, he got someone to take the kicked waitress out of the place, and then, he said grimly, Rest a.s.sured that I will give you a proper explanation for this, Mr. King!

Justin gave Clifford a long look and said, Good. Please liaise with my secretary regarding the disciplinary action to be taken against her.

This meant that he was going to pursue the matter to the bitter end.

Realizing what he meant, Clifford heaved a sigh inwardly and gave a heavy nod.

Only then did Justin leave with Nora.

The Queen was a little unhappy when she saw how protective hed been of Black Cat just now. However, in front of outsiders, the Queen had always held herself with absolute grace and poise, so she didnt say anything.

The few of them came to the parking lot.

While King and the Queen were politely bidding each other goodbye, Nora felt someone tugging at her sleeve. She turned her head to the side to see Black Panther behind her. She immediately took a few steps back and asked softly, What is it?

Black Panther said, Abbott plans to expose you. Be careful when youre with King, and dont expose yourself.

Got it.

Nora answered with ease.

However, this made Black Panther very anxious. He said, Dont take this lightly or let your guard down. I know youre skilled, but as, apart from our fighting abilities, there are a lot of other things we can use to prove our ident.i.ty

Black Panther wasnt finished, but King had already gotten in the car and was calling for Nora. Thus, Nora grunted a couple of times perfunctorily and then turned and left, which made Black Panther panic.

Never mind if she was exposed, but it would be terrible if it ended up affecting Black Cats name!

Regardless, there was no use even if he panicked. Nora had already got into Kings car and left.

This action of Noras made the Queen narrow her eyes again, but right after, she let out a soft snort. She had initially been a little jealous, but when she suddenly thought of Nora, who was at Queenies, her jealousy suddenly vanished.

Black Cat had saved her life, so she wouldnt want to make things difficult for Black Cat for sure.

In that case, she would let Kings feelings for Black Cat grow even further then. This way, wouldnt Nora fall out of favor?

Now that she was looking at things from another perspective, she suddenly felt liberated!

The Queen happily started humming a tune. She would be pleased as long as it made Nora unhappy!

Thinking about it that way, Black Cat sure was her lucky star.

Tsk, tsk. She would go to the Schmidts the next day and check out how awful Noras expression would be!

With each of them harboring their own thoughts, they respectively returned to their places of accommodation.

After arriving at Justins place, Nora confirmed with him that he wouldnt be heading out anymore that day and that he would be calling on the Schmidts the next day. After thinking about it, she decided to leave.

Lawrence wasnt happy about it. He said, As a bodyguard, how can you step away so casually?

Nora replied, Oh, Im on leave.

Lawrence: ?

She was only on bodyguard duty for three freaking days, yet she could still apply for leave?

Also, how come her phone was back with her?

Was there anyone permitted to carry their cell phone with them when they were on duty to protect their employer?

However, Lawrence didnt dare to bring it up. Seeing that even his boss had been ravished by her in the car and that his resistance had been futile, hed better not offer up his feeble little body for abuse.

Nora left and went to the villa she had been staying at when she first arrived in Switzerland.

She wanted to ask Cindy about something.

Unexpectedly, though, the moment she arrived, she saw Cindy standing at the door to the villa. In front of her squatted a grimy girl.

The girls hair was clumped in locksit was obvious that her hair was filthy.

The white dress she was wearing was so dirty that one couldnt even tell its original color anymore.

Cindy was trying to persuade her into going in. She said, Why dont you go in? Theres no use staying here. Come on, Rene, go in.

But the girl shook her head stubbornly and said, No, I wont

Cindy broke into a frown. Just as she wanted to reply, she heard the car. When she looked over, she saw Nora getting out of the car, and she came over at once. Ms. Nora, why are you here?

Whats going on?

Nora gestured to Rene with her chin.

Cindy sighed. See, her adoptive parents were killed, right? She doesnt have anywhere to go anymore, so I took her in. But she refuses to go in and insists on staying here, saying that shes waiting for Liam.

Almost as soon as she finished, Rene also caught sight of Nora. The timid girls eyes lit up, and she scrambled off the ground and rushed over. She said, M-Ms. Smith, can can you tell me where Liam is? Did he go to work? Why isnt he back yet?

The girl looked at Nora hopefully as if she was her last hope of salvation in the world. She said, I I know you are a good person. Liam told me before to trust you and be with you And wheres Cherry? I can make her some yummy food!

As the girl spoke, tears rolled down her cheeks. Can you guys not throw me aside, please?

The look in her eyes was as timid as ever. The girl, who had always been quiet and reticent, was speaking so much that a pitying look came over Cindys countenance.

She looked at Nora and asked, Miss, what should we do?

Nora, however, lowered her eyes and gazed fixedly at Rene. Just as she was about to speak, her cell phone suddenly rang.

When she answered, Truemans voice came from the opposite end.

h.e.l.lo, my little servant. Do you want to know Queenie Schmidts secret?

Noras pupils shrank.

Trueman laughed. Even his voice sounded wicked as he said, I accidentally discovered her true ident.i.ty. It was really surprising. This is so exciting. Try guessing who she is?