She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 908 - The Shrewish Fiancée

Chapter 908 - The Shrewish Fiancée

Chapter 908 The Shrewish Fiance

Justin leaned over right up to Nora and whispered, The Queen Mother.

Nora raised her brows. What? Was the Queen Mother still alive?

Justin nodded.

Nora was puzzled. Then why was the throne ceded to the Queen?

Justin replied, The Queen Mother abdicated over ten years ago and has retreated behind the scenes. Shes gotten on in her years and must be already at least 70 years old now. The Queen is her youngest daughter.

Everything clicked in Noras head now. That made sense. Only members of the royal family would be able to build an enormous laboratory in Buckingham Palace bas.e.m.e.nt.

This is just my theory, and I dont have any direct evidence yet, but I should think that ones greatest wish after they age would probably be longevity. Moreover, Truemans modified genes do indeed have to do with his lifespan. If he manages to get the V16 administered, he would live to at least 200 years old.

Nora sighed. There are numerous tales of sovereigns seeking the elixir of life in ancient times, and now we have all these things happening too Ones lifespan is predetermined, so why bother going to such lengths?

Justin put his arm around her shoulder. Youre right. But now that I have you and the children, Id probably feel that my lifespan is not long enough!

Nora thought about it and then replied, Well, thats true.

Justin leaned in closer to her. Yeah, so I plan to march straight to Buckingham Palace to attack and destroy their base. This way, once the mysterious organization is left with only a few people, it wont pose a threat anymore.

Got it.

Justin drew even closer to her. Nora, I

But before he could finish, Nora pushed him away and got onto her feet.

Foods ready, she said.

A servant brought the Beef Wellington in and placed it on the table.


The resigned man got up and followed Nora over. After the two sat at the dining table, Nora suddenly asked, You dont intend to take me with you?

Justin was a little taken aback when he heard this.

After a moment of silence, he finally replied, I wasnt planning to. The children are still too young; if something untoward happens to me, I thought at least youd still be there to take care of them

After speaking, he looked at Nora.

He knew that the woman didnt appreciate him trying to protect her, so he didnt know if she would agree to it.

Nora, however, rested her chin on her palm and kept quiet without answering as to whether she was going along or not. She merely looked at him suddenly and asked, Youre not hiding anything else from me, are you?

Not at all! Justins eyes flickered and he answered firmly, Really!


Nora replied indifferently.

Justin: ?

So, did she agree to it or not?

He didnt dare to ask her about it. He would just make preparations with the a.s.sumption that she wasnt going.

After the two finished their dinner, Justin asked her how the children were doing. When he heard that the children were all safe and sound, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Soon, it was bedtime. Justin looked at her with a smoldering look in his eyes and suggested, Lets sleep together?

No, that wont do.

Nora had already put on Black Cats mask after dinner. She said, Im your bodyguard, you know.

Justin also put on his mask.

After all, they were in Switzerland. Should anyone learn of his true ident.i.ty, he would be in for a whole lot of trouble in the future.

He chuckled and corrected her. My close protection bodyguard, you mean.


The two ultimately didnt share the same bed they had a bunch of the Swiss breathing down their necks, after all. Thus, Nora left the house after dinner. As soon as she exited, she spotted Lawrence sneakily keeping an eye on them not far away. At the sight of her coming out, he seemed to breathe a sigh of relief.

The next day, the three parties met for a chat.

As his bodyguard, Nora followed behind Justin and entered the meeting room with him. The Swiss president very graciously invited King to make investments in the country and also offered to give the go-ahead for various policies.

Justin agreed to it, and the discussion between the two parties went very smoothly.

It was just that

Nora watched the service staff coming in and going out.

Her impression was that people who could get a job as service staff here to serve water and whatnot were mostly tall, slender, attractive, and pleasing to the eye. So why was every single one of them the strong and buff type? One of the waitresses even deliberately revealed her arm muscles and lifted her arm a couple of times when she walked up to Justin.

Nora and Justin were speechless.

Neither of them knew that when the waitresses went out, Clifford immediately stopped them and asked, Did Mr. King take extra notice of any of you?

The info hed received the day before had said that King liked being at the bottom!

However, the waitresses shook their heads in unison.

Clifford was perplexed. Was the information wrong? He couldnt help but reprimand his subordinate.

Cant you find a few with the same physique as Black Cat instead?

His subordinate was close to tears. Among those who are as slim as her, how many of them have the same incredible physical strength and muscles as powerful as hers?


King had always been a highly efficient man, and the meeting concluded successfully in no time. After leaving the meeting room, Justin rejected the warm invitations from the Queen and the Swiss president.

Seeing how firm he was, the Queen could only say helplessly, Ill see you at the Schmidts tomorrow, then. I heard that your fiance is also here. Its been a long while since I last saw her. I miss her a little too!

After speaking, the Queen glanced at Black Cat, who was standing behind Justin.

Did you hear me, woman? His shrew of a fiance will be there too!

However, Black Cat didnt seem to understand.

As such, the Queen could only beckon to her once more and say, Black Cat, your mission ends tomorrow, right? In that case, you dont have to follow him there.

Nora: ??

She looked at the Queen and kept quiet.

At this point, a waitress came over and pa.s.sed by Nora at the back. All of a sudden, she seemed to lose her balance as she lurched straight toward Nora. At the same time, her hand grabbed Noras mask to rip it off!!

For a moment there, everyone looked over in unison!