She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 905 - He Was By Her Side All Along

Chapter 905 - He Was By Her Side All Along

Chapter 905 He Was By Her Side All Along

Seeing her resolute eyes, a short silence later, Justin finally told her the truth. A few days ago, the mysterious organization sent their men here.

Noras eyes narrowed at once.


The mysterious organization had always been said to be extremely powerful. Even back in the United States, when Nora and Justin wanted to catch them, theyd been as slippery as eels and had withdrawn all their men there.

Nora only had a taste of how strong Barbarian was; she hadnt yet come into direct contact with the mysterious organizations armed forces.

Back when Barbarian came to steal the V16 at Staav University, Brendas men had surrounded the school. Despite that, Trueman had still sent just a weakling like Caleb.

Though Caleb had indeed given her a hand at the last moment, the truth was that throughout the fight for the gene serum, the mysterious organizations armed forces had never once showed up!

She had been wondering why things had gone so smoothly. As it turned out, Justin had fended off the mysterious organizations attacks for her.

She gazed at the man in front of her.

Back in the United States, he single-handedly held Barbarian back, tossed the clue to the gene serum to her, and then faked his death to direct all the conflicts to Barbarian.

This had made Barbarian everyones target.

After that, while everyone kept their eyes on Barbarian, thinking that hed gotten his hands on the gene serum, she had sneaked into the university and retrieved the real gene serum.

He hadnt made an appearance then either.

Later, Queenie had even griped about him pulling a disappearing act and leaving her and the children in the lurch.

Shed thought that he was either busy or injured, but as it turned out, hed gone to eliminate all the remaining obstacles for her!

The man was no weaker than her, and he even had two a.s.sistants, Lawrence and Sean, by his side. As King, she believed that he even had his own armed forces. Yet, in spite of all that, hed still nearly taken a shot to the heart from the mysterious organization.

Nora didnt even need to probe him for details to imagine how dangerous it must have been!

Seeing that she had fallen silent, Justin said, Um Actually, I

You dont need to say any more. Nora interrupted him. She checked the wound and found that the operation had been very successful. Even if she was the one performing the operation, all shed have accomplished would just be a nicer suture and nothing else. She started to rummage through her bag.

As Black Cat, she had been carrying a backpack on her back the whole time.

Justin watched as the girl nearly poked her head all the way into the backpack as she rummaged through it with both hands. The edges of the backpack pushed her hair back, causing a few strands of hair to stand messily, which made her look rather adorable.

The warmth in his eyes deepened.

Since he became King, it had become a given that hed have to go through perilous situations again and again.

Injuries were also commonplace. In the past, whenever he got hurt, hed always feel lost and wonder what he was doing all this for. But now, it seemed that he had found his purpose in life.

He knew that she was no fragile flower, of course. That was why, back in the United States, hed dared to fake his death and slip away so decisively. He had also left the Hunts to her with peace of mind without even so much as a word to her.

Sure enough, she lived up to his expectations and helped him protect the family.

Outside of the United States, hed led his men to fight off the mysterious organizations attacks, but in truth, how could he possibly be unaware of the danger she would be putting herself in at the university?

Despite that, he did not regard her as someone who needed protection; rather, he saw her as his comrade-in-arms and the other half in his life.

They joined forces to protect their three children, and watching over them as they grew up seemed to have given meaning to his life.

While he was thinking, Nora found the medicine he needed.

As Nora had to lead the team in the security a.s.signment, shed specially brought some medical supplies with her, so that it would be more convenient if she needed to treat any wounds. In the hotel, a fire had broken out on the upper floors. When the men at the lower floors besieged the two a.s.sailants, they hadnt suffered any injuries, so the supplies had been left untouched.

She cleaned Justins wound with saline solution and then checked his sutures. After applying a salve on the wound, she gently dressed his wound once more.

As his wound was on his chest, her head was lowered as her hands went around Justins torso again and again.

Justin could see the top of the girls head. A few strands of her hair brushed across his skin, tickling him. He wanted to reach out and neaten her hair for her, and help her smooth out the two silly locks of hair standing upright atop her head.

But the moment he moved even a little, the girl would say fiercely, Dont move.

He could only maintain the same posture.

By this time, the car had arrived at Justins residence. When the car stopped, Lawrence quickly hurried over. Though the car windows were covered with black films that prevented people on the outside from looking in, when Lawrence leaned in close, he could still spy two vague silhouettes.

That was when he saw the female silhouette pressed right against the male silhouettes chest. Not only was she bobbing up and down, but she even ordered coldly, Dont move.

Lawrence: !!!

Was that female bodyguard into such thrilling


No wonder his boss was overwhelmed! It was over, all over! Ms. Smith had been utterly defeated!

He was going to see just who on earth that woman seducing his boss was!