She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 904 - Come On, Let's Get Straight To Business

Chapter 904 - Come On, Let's Get Straight To Business

Chapter 904 Come On, Lets Get Straight To Business

Justin sat up abruptly. The man, who had just done something bad, had such a guilty conscience that he didnt dare to look at her.

The man, who had always been able to dominate the s.p.a.ce he was in, tensed up. In his mind, his thoughts were also warring with one another: When had she woken up? She didnt feel that just now, did she? Should he continue kissing her?

While he was having an internal struggle, the woman abruptly grabbed his collar and pulled him over hard. Justin, a man who could dodge all the gunfire in a rain of bullets, was yanked toward her like a weakling, and he b.u.mped into her.

Come on, lets

Upon hearing this, Justin kissed her hard again.

The kiss this time was extremely pa.s.sionate.

Justin felt as if the woman was about to claim every part of him, right down to his bones, and the l.u.s.t in his eyes gradually grew stronger. But when he was about to reach into her clothes, the woman grabbed him.

Justin slowly looked at her. In a husky voice, he asked, Not doing it anymore? Nora replied, Lets Shed only uttered a word when the man moved again, seemingly dying to devour her in the car. Nora hurriedly held his hands down again.

It was only then that she felt that the man actually had a lot of physical strength. He must have intentionally lost to her in all their fights in the past, right?

Sensing her displeasure, the man stopped.

His breathing was ragged and fine beads of perspiration had formed on his forehead in the small vehicle. His voice had become even than before as he asked, Didnt you say Lets?

I meant lets talk! retorted Nora.

Justin froze, only realizing then that he had misunderstood. But now that his desire had been aroused, how would he possibly have the leisure to care about that? He leaned forward to kiss her again and said, Lets talk after our business here is done.

Nora held his head away from her, the look in her eyes chilly as she said, Mr. King, our business here is to have a good talk.

Mr. King

That one line of hers made Justin suddenly realize something: the woman was angry!

He coughed and hurriedly sat up straight, all the nonsensical thoughts thrown out of his mind. He looked at Nora and said, Nora, listen, let me explain.

Okay. Go on, Im listening.

Nora folded her arms and looked at him indifferently with her cat-like eyes.

How could Nora possibly not be mad?

She had already told Justin that she wanted to look for King and curry favor with him but little did she think that the man would keep the fact that he was King from her!

Although the man had worn a mask, he was someone whom she loved deeply. No matter how hard he tried to hide his ident.i.ty, even if it was by pure intuition, she would still be able to recognize him immediately once they met.

Even if that guy turned into ashes, he still wouldnt be able to escape her notice. Did he think he was that successful in hiding his ident.i.ty?

Even so long after they got in the car, he still didnt explain himself like he should have done. Instead, she even had to ask him about it.

Moreover, ever since the Barbarian incident, the guy had disappeared into thin air. He had the time to contact Sean and Lawrence but didnt have the time to give her even a phone call?


There were serious consequences to be had when Nora got mad!

Seeing the cold look in the womans eyes, Justin immediately understood how important this matter was. He lowered his eyes and heaved a silent sigh. He said, Its not that I didnt want to tell you, or that I didnt want to contact you. I was injured.

Injured? Noras eyelashes quivered a little and she glanced at him out of the corner of her eye.

Who was he trying to kid?! Going by how enthusiastic he had been while he was chatting with the Queen earlier, no matter how one looked at it, he didnt seem to be hurt at all.

This guy was too insidious. He must be deliberately acting weak in front of her, right?

She didnt move, nor did she speak. Instead, she continued waiting for him to explain.

Justin didnt seem to be waiting for her to speak either. He merely touched his chest subconsciously.

Upon noticing what he did, Nora frowned and said, Take off your clothes.

Ahead of them was a traffic light.

Thus, the car had stopped temporarily.

Hubert, the chauffeur, pressed his ear against the screen, hoping to hear what exactly was going on behind him. But the moment he did, he heard the four sensational words: Take off your clothes.

Hubert: !!

In his earphone, Lawrence was still pressing him for details.

How is it? Did you hear anything?

Y-yes, I did.

What are they doing? What are they saying?

Hubert stared straight ahead of him in a daze as he replied, Take off your clothes. What?!

Lawrence was dumbfounded. Its over, its all over. Boss has really been bewitched by that vixen! Ms. Smith is going to be abandoned!

In the backseat.

Justin was also stunned for a second by Noras directness. Then, he broke into a smile, his eyes creasing, which seemed to even brighten the dim light in the car a little.

He remarked unhurriedly, Mm? Are you that direct?

However, he didnt move.

Nora knew that the man was doing it on purpose this time to change the subject. Without saying another word, she reached out forcefully, grabbed Justins blazer, and took it off.



As soon as she removed the blazer, she saw that the color of the black s.h.i.+rt he was wearing was a little darker on his chest.

Noras pupils shrank, her keen senses detecting that those were bloodstains.

She yanked hard. With a loud rip, the silk s.h.i.+rt was torn open, revealing the white bandages wrapped around Justin.

The bandages were soaked with blood. It was apparent that it was either an old wound that had opened, or it was a fresh one.

She frowned and asked, What happened?

Its nothing. Justin said impa.s.sively, Its just a small injury.

Nora had already unraveled the dressing, upon which she saw an incision near where his heart was. Judging from its size, it was likely made in order to remove a bullet from within

In other words, a bullet had scarcely grazed his heart.

Although she knew very well that the man survived, the mere thought that he might have died if the bullet had even so much as deviated by the scantest of lengths made the look in Noras eyes turn cold. Murderous intent abruptly burst forth from all around her, and she slowly asked, What on earth happened?

Her voice was trembling a little, the fearless woman found herself somewhat shaken at the moment.

Her children had indeed almost lost their father at one point.

Justin patted her on the head as if he was smoothing the fur of a cat close to becoming riled up. His voice was mellow and powerful as he replied, Its really nothing. It was just a little skirmish with the enemy.

A little skirmish?

That so-called little skirmish had almost won him an appointment with Hades!

Seeing that Justin was about to speak again, Noras voice turned stern and she said, I want the truth.

She had never been a fragile flower who needed to be protected by a man.