She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 906 - Jealousy

Chapter 906 - Jealousy

Chapter 906 Jealousy

Lawrence stood right outside the car door and waited quietly for it to open.

At last, the people inside stopped what they were doing, and it quietened down.

A while later, the car door finally opened and the female bodyguard got out. However, shed put on Black Cats mask again, rendering it impossible for anyone to see what she looked like.

Lawrence glared at her fiercely and then looked at the man in the car. However, even after a while, the man inside didnt move. He couldnt help but call out hesitantly, Boss?

Only then did the man in the car move. He put on his blazer and got out with his mask on.

However, everyone could see that underneath Mr. Kings blazer, his s.h.i.+rt had been ripped apart!

On top of that, his blazer was also crumpled and it was obvious at first glance that he had been ravished. Everyone lowered their heads at once and pretended not to have seen anything

The men sent by Clifford looked at one another and immediately informed Clifford of the news.

Unable to wait any longer, the eager Mr. King had done this and that to Black Cat right in the car. Moreover, judging from how Black Cats clothes were barely rumpled while Mr. Kings were in a mess As it turned out, Mr. King didnt stay away from women; he just had no interest in ordinary people and liked the wild ones like Black Cat, thats all!

He preferred being at the bottom!

Even Lawrence couldnt bear to look anymore. However, his eyes, as he looked at Nora, became even more filled with grievance.

He couldnt help but look at Justin. With his voice lowered, he asked, Boss, how how can you let her tear your clothes apart like this? Didnt you put up any resistance?

I did, Justin replied.

Then how did she still Lawrence couldnt bring himself to say the rest. Since hed still been ravished despite putting up resistance, needless to say, his attempt at resistance must have failed!

Gosh, was that female known as Black Cat really that ferocious?!

Just as the thought formed in his mind, he saw the person walking in front suddenly stop and look behind. The moment she looked over, Lawrence hid behind Sean in a flash, too scared to stand up for Nora any further.

Even Boss was no match for her. Ms. Smith, I can only offer you my condolences!


Nora looked around the place and found that it was a private mansion, likely Kings property in Switzerland. Though not as big as Queenies castle, when she looked around casually just now, she realized that the security measures here were excellent. The armed forces stationed here were also immensely strong.

It would be impossible for anyone to successfully invade unless they had thousands of people.

She glanced at Justin, upon which the man strode over and came up to her. He asked, What would you like for dinner?

Beef Wellington.

Justin: ?

For some reason, he suddenly recalled that the Queen had been eating Beef Wellington earlier in the evening. This should be seemed to be and probably was a coincidence, right?

He coughed, and then he said with a nod, Alright, Ill get them to prepare it right away. It takes a while to cook, though, so youll have to wait a little.

Nora remained where she was. Behind her mask, her cat-like eyes looked at him in a seemingly amused manner, and she seemed to raise her brows as she replied, Uh-huh, its my honor to wait for you.

Justin: ?

He didnt realize anything for a while there.

The two entered the living room. Nora went straight to the sofa and took a seat while Justin went to the bedroom and changed into loungewear. But when he came back out, he saw Nora staring at him, so he asked, Whats the matter?

Nora replied, Nothing much. Im just looking at how you still look as radiant as ever and how time doesnt move for you at all.

Thinking that she missed him, joy welled up in Justin. But the next moment, he suddenly realized something: why did those words of hers sound kinda familiar?

He suddenly recalled his exchange with the Queen when he had met her earlier in the day:

Mr. King is as charming as ever.

Your Majesty is also as radiant as ever.

Really? I thought Id aged since we last met three years ago.

Not at all. It seems that time doesnt move for you, Maam.

I wonder who is more beautiful, me or your fiance?

You have a grander presence, Maam.

The corners of his lips spasmed a little. Thats Nora, I was just being polite with her. Dont take it seriously. I

I understand. You saw that the Queen has a grander presence, so you needed to be polite with her, of course.

Justin: !!

At that time, hed really believed that she didnt understand Welsh. That was why he had tried to flatter the Queen so that it would be easier for him to convince her to allow him to take more men with him into the palace.

Justin and the Queen had actually spent three months in school together. He knew the Queen very well. She was a proud woman who liked being lauded and praised.

And sure enough, wasnt it because he had lauded the Queen with enough praise that she allowed him to take a groundbreaking total of 40 men with him into the palace?

But who knew that Nora could understand what he had said? It was all over! The backyard was on fire!

Justin panicked. He wanted to explain, but he didnt know how to. Just then, he saw the girl seated on the sofa blinking, and then, she suddenly burst into laughter.

Realizing that she was just joking and wasnt really mad at him, Justin heaved a sigh of relief.

Why would Nora ever mind something like that?

Shed never been one to care about superficial things. She just wanted to tease him.

After all, leverage on him didnt come easy

But after she spoke, she straightened her expression and said, Come on, tell me, what are you going to the Royal Palace for?.