She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 903 - Missing Her Uncontrollably

Chapter 903 - Missing Her Uncontrollably

Chapter 903 Missing Her Uncontrollably

Outside the car, Lawrence immediately panicked at the sight and stepped forward. He said, Hey, you cant


Nora closed the car door, shutting out Lawrences noisy yammering.

Lawrence: ?

Lawrence became even more fired up. He reached out to knock on the car window but Sean grabbed his arm at this point. He pushed his up slightly and said frostily, Dont knock anymore.

What do you mean Dont knock?! Lawrence retorted furiously, Didnt you see how stupid that woman is? Is this car one she can get into? Its my duty to block out unwanted propositions for Boss!

After speaking, he wanted to knock again, but Seans voice came over once more. He said, Do you think any random person could get into Boss car?

As soon as he said that, something clicked in Lawrences mind.

Indeed, others might not know, but he did. His boss was the Big Brother of the Irvin School of Martial Arts and was highly skilled in martial arts. It was true that not just anyone could get near him.

Yet his boss had allowed that female bodyguard to enter the car. Could it be that?

Lawrence glared at Sean. Boss has fallen for someone else? Or is he planning to see someone else behind Ms. Smiths back? Sean, you mustnt go along with Boss in things like this; we must stand on the side of justice. Although Ms. Smith isnt very reliable, she did bear three children for Boss!


Sean couldnt be bothered to speak any further, he dragged him over to the car behind.

After everyone got into their cars, Sean ignored the noise by his ear and ordered, Lets go.

All the cars immediately started and drove out one after another.

Inside the black car in the middle.

King sat upright, glancing to the side out of the corner of his eye every now and then.

Nora had followed him into the car. She must be thinking that Revenge is a dish best served cold, right?

But since getting in the car, she had stayed silent the whole time, leaning against the seat with her arms folded. The aura around her was frigid and she seemed to be waiting for him to speak first.

King didnt know what to say.

Had she discovered his ident.i.ty yet or not?

A long while later, seeing that Nora was still staying quiet despite so much time pa.s.sing, King finally couldnt stand it anymore. He asked slowly, Are you mad?

She didnt respond.

She must really be mad at him, right?

King turned his head. The nervous man wanted to explain, but when he leaned in, he suddenly heard even breathing coming from the woman.

King was stunned for a moment. Then, he gently removed her mask, upon which he saw that the womans eyes were closed and her lips slightly parted. As expected, she had indeed fallen asleep.



King gazed intently at her for a while.

It seemed that he simply couldnt get enough of that face.

After waiting for a short while, he slowly took off his black mask, revealing the visage that took even times breath away. Above his fair cheeks were deep-set eyes filled with love and affection. Even the beauty mark at the corner of his eye seemed to be glowing softly in this instant.

The chauffeur looked through the mirror at the two people in the backseat.

In his earphone was Lawrences voice.

Keep an eye on them, Hubert. Dont let that woman take advantage of Boss. Also, if Boss loses control of himself, you must remind him that he has three children at home, so he cant fool around outside. That woman, Nora Smith, is not to be trifled with. If she finds out that Boss had the audacity to philander, she will definitely walk out on him with the three kids!

Just like that, the chauffeur watched helplessly as his boss took off the womans mask. As he couldnt get a full view from the mirror, he couldnt see the womans face. Nevertheless, he still saw his boss slowly leaning toward her

Just as the chauffeur was about to see what his boss wanted to do, a screen was suddenly lowered with a loud swoosh, blocking their line of sight.

The part.i.tion not only blocked the chauffeurs line of sight but also blocked out sound. As a result, he couldnt tell what was going on inside anymore.

The chauffeur: !!

How is it? Hubert, is it convenient for you to talk?

Hubert became nervous. Yeah, I can talk now, Lawrence.

Lawrence asked, Then speak. How is that woman? Is she behaving?

Hubert replied, I cant see anything anymore. Boss has pulled down the screen!

Lawrence: !!!

Two seconds later, Lawrence panicked. He cried out, Its over! Its all over! Sean, this is all your fault for blindly pleasing Boss all the time! Dont you know that times like these are when he needs subordinates like us the most? Now that Boss has made such a mistake, tell me, what is he going to do?! One is Ms. Smith while the other is that female bodyguard. Surely Boss wont succ.u.mb to seduction and abandon his wife and children, right?!

Can you shut up? asked Sean.

No, I cant! Im in a huge panic!

Lawrence was just like a cat on a hot tin roof at the moment.

Sean decided to ignore him.

In the backseat, Justin had absolutely no idea what his subordinates were currently picturing in their minds. He merely leaned in closer and closer Then, his lips slowly pressed against her soft lips.

He didnt dare to exert any force, for fear of waking her up.

However, his longing for her that he had kept restrained all this time was infinitely amplified at this moment, consuming him all of a sudden.

He gazed at the visage right before his eyes.

The girl was so pale that her skin was practically see-through. Seemingly exhausted, she slept relatively soundly. Her small and delicate nose was pert and her usually indifferent almond-shaped eyes were tightly shut at the moment. She looked so docile and well-behaved that it made one want to ravish her.

He tried hard to restrain his desire. Even his breathing had become messed up causing the man, who had always been sharp, to fail to notice that the womans breathing had also become messed up.

He merely gazed at her in such close proximity. It was a while later that he finally struggled to slowly raise his head. The moment the soft sensation at his lips disappeared, he felt an emptiness in the depths of his heart.

As he touched his lips, he couldnt help but look at the woman again-only to see that in the dimly lit car, the woman had, at some point in time, opened her eyes and was looking straight at him.