She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 902 - In The Same Car

Chapter 902 - In The Same Car

Chapter 902 In The Same Car

King kept quiet for a while. He actually didnt want her to come with him; after all, what he was about to do was too dangerous.

However, he could see the persistence in her eyes at this moment.

If he didnt agree, then she would go to the UK with the Queen.

Thats right, when King realized that she understood Welsh, he had immediately known that she had seen through his plan.

He heaved a quiet sigh and said, Its my honor to have Ms. Black Cat protecting me.

The Queen who was waiting to laugh at Black Cat: ?

Her eyes widened in surprise, and she looked at King and Black Cat in disbelief, her gaze s.h.i.+fting between the two again and again. At last, with a frown, she asked, Are you sure?

King nodded. Yeah.

The Queen bit her lip. Wont your fiance mind?

She deliberately spoke in English so that Black Cat understood what she was saying.

She had to let Black Cat know that King had a fiance! And on top of that!

The Queen smiled and added, And your children, too?

King raised his brows and immediately replied, They would probably be thrilled.

The Queen:

Shed had enough!

Even so, all she could do was maintain a graceful smile. She looked at Black Cat and said, Since Mr. King has chosen you, you will be responsible for keeping him safe these three days.

Nora nodded and followed King out.

As the Queen watched Black Cat, who was about to step out, she suddenly thought back to the moment she had rescued her earlier in the evening.

When the fire was surrounding her in the high-rise building, despite being confident and determined, the Queen had nevertheless thought for a moment that she might die in there.


Over the years, after experiencing so many attempts, she had long since become accustomed to such situations.

But in the dark night, as the flames spread, when Black Cat held her waist and leaped off the tall building with her, she had taken notice of Black Cats hand that was gripping the rope.

At this moment, as Black Cat walked toward the exit, even though the wound on her palm had been dressed, the white bandages around it still made her narrow her eyes a little.

The Queens authority was not to be challenged.

Therefore, when Black Cat rejected becoming her bodyguard to be Kings instead, she had indeed gotten angry and had wanted to see her make a fool out of herself. But when she saw the bandages around Black Cats palm as she followed King out the door, the Queens eyes suddenly flickered.

Wait a minute, The Queen suddenly said.

Both King and Black Cat stopped in their tracks.

The Queen walked up to Black Cat and said arrogantly, Come over here. I have some instructions for you.

Nora: ?

After speaking, the Queen raised her chin and walked to the side. Nora followed her over.

Initially, shed thought that she would be subjected to ridicule and mockery from the Queen, but unexpectedly, the Queen instead said awkwardly and fiercely, I just want to warn you that Mr. Kings fiance is not to be trifled with!

When she thought of Nora and how she always looked so nonplussed at everything, the Queen gritted her teeth angrily. Then, she said, Two days later, well be going to his fiances turf. If she hears that a female bodyguard like you is by Kings side, that shrew will definitely become jealous!

Nora: ?

The Queen went on and said fiercely, If you run into that fat and fierce shrew, remember to take a step back. Dont worry, seeing that you saved my life, I will take you in. I wont let them mock you.


Nora looked at the blond and blue-eyed woman, who was always putting on airs, in front of her. For some reason, she now found her a little cute.

Seeing how indifferent Black Cat was, the Queen became even angrier, feeling like her kindness had gone unappreciated. She immediately waved her off and said, Alright, alright. You can go!

Nora turned around. However, before she left, she said softly, Thanks.

Her voice was cool and low, but it made the Queen feel a little better.

Nora followed King out the door. Clifford, who was standing outside and waiting in person, looked at King respectfully and said, Mr. King, these are the bodyguards that Ive picked for you. They will be responsible for your safety while you are in Switzerland.

King nodded indifferently.

He understood very well that while those bodyguards were, on the surface, protecting him, in actuality, they might be secretly monitoring him instead.

Moreover, most of them were internal personnel of the Swiss government.

King had his own bodyguards with him, so the bodyguards deployed by the Swiss could only stand guard at the outer boundaries. King walked to his vehicle.

Clifford continued. Mr. King, are you sure you dont want to stay in the hotel we prepared for you? After all, our arrangements will be safer

But as soon as he said that, King glanced at the hotel that was still emitting smoke, and he asked, Is that so?


He suddenly lost all his confidence!

He gave him an embarra.s.sed smile and said, In that case See you tomorrow.

The queen had an appointment with the Swiss president and King the next day.

King nodded and turned to get into the car.

Nora followed behind him. When she arrived where his car was, she saw two familiar faces: Sean and Lawrence.

The two men had left the country at some point in time and were by his side.


He had the time to contact them, but not the time to give her a phone call.


While thinking about it, Nora saw King get into one of the cars. Immediately, she tried to get into the same car but was stopped by Lawrence.

You, take the car at the very back.

Lawrence ordered.

He looked at the woman in front of him and curled his lips disdainfully. Where did this female bodyguard even pop up from? To think she wanted to take the same car as his boss. Ha, no way.

He had to watch over his boss for Ms. Smith, after all.

However, without even saying a word, Nora merely bent over, went around Lawrence nimbly, and got into the car.

King, who had just gotten in the car:

For some reason, he suddenly felt chills running down his spine.