She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 901 - Will King Refuse?

Chapter 901 - Will King Refuse?

Chapter 901 Will King Refuse?

King subconsciously looked at Nora, who was standing at the side and seemingly guarding them. In truth, though, she was leaning against the wall with her head tilted to the side and napping.

The Queen continued. By the way, what are you coming to the UK for?

King lowered his gaze and answered, Mm, I have some business meetings to attend.

What kind of business meetings require you to bring 100 people with you? King lifted his head and looked at the Queen intently. Are you forbidding me from coming over?

The Queen choked.

For some reason, she felt like the mans att.i.tude had turned a little cold, and the perfunctory amiability from just now was


The Queen wasnt afraid of him, of course.

It was just that, because she had a crush on him, she was automatically relegated to a disadvantageous position.

She explained patiently, Im not forbidding you from coming, but every visitor to Buckingham Palace is subject to strict scrutiny. After all, you should know that not just anybody is allowed to enter. You can only bring a maximum of 20 people with you into the palace!

King bargained, 70.

The Queen sighed. 30 at most. No more than that!


The Queen: ?

The Queen gritted her teeth and said, 35! No more!


The Queen: !!

Did he think he was negotiating a business deal with her? Did he know the consequences of giving 55 of them the go-ahead into Buckingham Palace?!

The Queen couldnt help but ask, What on earth are you planning to do there?

Business meetings.

Well, with that, she couldnt continue the topic with him any further.

Nora, whose eyes were narrowed into slits, seemed asleep, but in reality, she had been listening to them with her ears p.r.i.c.ked up.

What kind of business meeting was he having? Was that the way to make a request to the Queen?

Just as she was secretly dissing him, the Queen heaved another helpless sigh, surprisingly showing him exceptional patience. She said, I really take my hat off to you. You refuse to tell me anything, yet you insist that I give you clearance. 40 peoplethis is my limit.


King immediately replied with just a single word.

Only then did the Queen say, What have you been up to lately? You

Before she could even finish, King suddenly stood up and said, I suddenly recalled that I have something to attend to, so Ill leave first.

The Queen: ??!

She stared at King, stunned.

Was he kicking her to the curb now that she had outlived her usefulness? And casting her aside as soon as she had served her purpose?

This man was so

She was practically at a total loss for words. She asked resignedly, You only want to bring 40 people with you into the palace, right?

King countered with a question of his own and asked, Can I bring more?

No, you cant! But you cant just cast me aside after making use of me, either. Cant you at least finish the meal with me?

Then let me bring another ten people with me.


The Queen really took her hat off to him. She stamped her foot angrily in a rare show of girliness in front of outsiders and said, Go, go! Your time sure costs a lot!

King nodded.

Just as he turned to leave, the Queen looked at Barbarian and said, Go with him. You are responsible for protecting him during these three days hes in Switzerland.

However, Barbarian said in Welsh with displeasure, But what are you going to do if Im gone? Youll be in great danger if you encounter another attack like the one just now.

The Queen raised her chin proudly and said, I was the one who contacted him and asked him over to Switzerland. If its so dangerous here, then all the more I have to ensure his safety. Besides, arent there a lot of people here anyway? Didnt Black Cat risk her life to protect me precisely because she wants to become my close protection bodyguard?

After speaking, afraid that Barbarian would still be worried, the Queen looked at Nora and said, Black Cat, seeing that you saved me, I allow you to stay by my side and protect me.

After saying this, she raised her head proudly.

As the Queen of the UK, she had always been the subject of adulation. Take, for example, the two major organizations, the Alliance and the Hitman League. In order to please her, both had given their all in the rescue operation just now.

Abbott from the Hitman League had even suffered burns from the fire.

Now that she was giving Black Cat an opportunity like this, she would undoubtedly be incredibly grateful to her.

Unexpectedly, though, as soon as she spoke, Black Cat walked over. The womans voice was icy as she replied impa.s.sively, No, its okay.

Her reply stunned the Queen, and she asked, Didnt you risk your life to come upstairs and save me just so you could stay by my side and protect me?


Nora looked at King intently and said, I did it so that I could protect him. With King visiting Switzerland, Clifford, the Swiss minister, would have to arrange for people to protect him. Just a moment ago, a team of people had already a.s.sembled outside, ready to set off. When the Queen heard her, she inexplicably felt like she had just been stabbed in the heart.

She looked at Black Cat and then at King, feeling a little embarra.s.sed. She said, King has never allowed women to come near him, so Im afraid this wont be possible.

Nora raised her eyebrows and looked at King. She replied, Really? Why dont you ask him?

King was, after all, the VIP this time. Clifford would definitely prioritize pleasing him over other people.

The Queen was rather annoyed, so she asked King in Welsh, This is Black Cat from the Alliance. Shes a woman. She says that she wants to be your bodyguard, but I dont think you would agree, right?

As the Queen spoke, she glanced at Black Cat. No one was allowed to refuse her!

Especially if its a woman.

King had always practiced abstinence. If she hadnt known that he had a son, she would have thought that he liked men instead.

Apart from that woman named Nora Smith, King would never allow other women to come near him.

Therefore, King would reject Black Cat for sure.

Once King rejected her, she would also reject her! She would see what Black Cat would do then!

She would be the one embarra.s.sed!


He was about to answer when he saw Black Cat turn to look at him. For some reason, he felt like Black Cat had seen through his mask.