She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 900 - She Speaks Welsh

Chapter 900 - She Speaks Welsh

Chapter 900 She Speaks Welsh

The Queen felt like she had just experienced social death.

Because of the fire, not only was there soot on her face, but even her hair had frizzled from the fire and was draped on her head in a mess. Yet she had gone to meet King with her face in this exact state and even asked him, Who is more beautiful, me or Nora Smith?

The moment she thought about it, she felt so embarra.s.sed that she wished she could bury herself in a hole

The Queen quickly changed into another set of clothes. By the time she stepped out, she had regained her composure. The aide observed the Queens expression warily and asked, Your Majesty, are you alright?

Although the Queen felt terribly embarra.s.sed deep down, she remained calm on the outside.

She answered, It seems King has quite a big request for me this time.

Otherwise, given that ridiculous appearance of hers, would King be able to bring himself to compliment her?

The aide also found it puzzling. She asked, What could he possibly have to ask of you? After all, he is

She swallowed the rest of her words, however. The Queen glanced at Barbarian and Black Cat and then gave the aide a look.

It was forbidden to reveal Kings ident.i.ty to outsiders. Even after so many years, the aide was the only one the Queen had told the truth. Although Barbarian was her trusted bodyguard, it was still better to keep some things secret if possible.

The aide shut up.

Nora, who was following them at the back, was observing Barbarian at the moment.

The man had shed his fierce and savage aura. He was as docile as a wolfhound when he was by the Queens side, which felt rather novel to her.

With each of them harboring their own thoughts, the four entered the restaurant.

King was already seated on the sofa.

The Queen put on a dignified smile and walked over as though she hadnt just made a fool of herself. With a smile, she said in English, Ive kept you waiting.

King paused and glanced at Black Cat before he replied in Welsh, Its my honor to wait for you.

All these things King was saying were all just a gentlemanly way of speech in the UK.

Not a single word was suggestive or ambiguous.

But because King had always been stern with women, the chivalry he was displaying at the moment shocked and flattered the Queen.

She just didnt know why King had switched to Welsh again. Wasnt it alright even if they communicated in English?

The Queen smiled and sat opposite King. While ordering food, King went along with her food preferences the whole time. Additionally, he also spoke in Welsh the whole time.

After ordering food, the Queen started to discuss work matters with King. She said, Alright, youve been very courteous to me the whole evening. Tell me, what exactly do you want to ask of me?

King didnt beat about the bush; after all, it was better if he could leave after finis.h.i.+ng his business here. He hated wasting time the most.

He said unhurriedly, I will be going to the UK sometime in the near future.

The Queen: ?

Her eyes lit up. We have guest residences in the palace. You are welcome to stay there any time.

King coughed and said, I intend to bring a few friends.

The Queen smiled. These are all trivial matters, there is no problem at all. When have I ever rejected you during all your past visits?

King thought to himself, Ive never stayed at the palace before! Even though the Queen invites me over with great enthusiasm each time Besides, Ive only been to the UK thrice! She makes it sound like I go there all the time!

Fortunately, a certain somebody did not understand Welsh.

King breathed a sigh of relief and didnt refute her. He coughed and said, There will be quite a few people coming this time. The Queen laughed again. Other peoples homes may not be able to house too many guests, but whats quite a few people to the palace? How many people will you be bringing? Ill get things ready for you in advance.

Not that many, actually. Just a hundred or so, I suppose, replied King. The Queen: ?

Even her smile had frozen a little.

One hundred outsiders in Buckingham Palace? Should they be up to no good, with that number, they could stage a revolution in there!

It was no problem at all if King was just bringing four or five people there, but a hundred was too many.

No wonder he was being so amicable today!

The Queen was a little displeased. She asked, What are you bringing so many people with you for? Surely it cant be because youre getting married, right?

No, thats not the plan, replied King.

The Queen then asked, Is your fiance coming?

King raised his brows.

The Queen said meaningfully, You know, the mother of your children.

Kings ident.i.ty was not to be revealed to the public, so the Queen would never directly mention Noras name.

King answered, No, she wont be coming.

Only then did the Queen breathe a sigh of relief, but she soon said with a smile, Speaking of her, your fiance and I have met a few times before. Ive also personally received her before when she visited the palace in the past.

King nodded but didnt pay much attention to what she said. Just then, the food was served. After he took a couple of bites from his salad, he suddenly realized that something wasnt right. He looked up abruptly and asked, Did you say that she has been to the palace?

The Queen nodded. Yes, thats right.

A foreboding feeling suddenly welled up in Kings heart. He asked, Did the two of you communicate in English?

The Queen replied, Of course not. She speaks fluent Welsh.

King: !!!

Chills suddenly ran down his spine.

Didnt someone say that they didnt speak Welsh?!