She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 887 - We Had Already Met A Long Time Ago!

Chapter 887 - We Had Already Met A Long Time Ago!

Chapter 887 We Had Already Met A Long Time Ago!

Earlier, he had been having a dispute with Xander over who was elder between the two, but later, his mommy had said that whoever was calmer, steadier, and more tolerant of their younger siblings would be the elder brother. It was at that time that Pete had suddenly understood the true meaning of being an elder brother.

And wasnt that so? Look at how he had shut up Xander who was smart-mouthed and liked insulting others.

Seeing how calm and unperturbed he was, Xander looked at Cherry. The little girl had already taken advantage of the quarrel between the two boys to pick up her cell phone and had started another fierce and exciting team battle.

Xander asked, Cherry, who is the elder brother here?

Cherry didnt even look up. You are both my elder brothers!

No, Xander said, You have to say who your eldest brother is!

Nora was a little troubled by the dispute between the two boys.

The problem was, even as their mother, she couldnt even give an answer, either.

Upon being pressed for an answer by Xander, Cherry blinked and looked up. Actually, Pete has always been the eldest to me~

As soon as she said that, Xanders eyes turned red. How can you say that?!

Compared to Xander, Pete was calmer and steadier. On top of that, he gave in to her all the time and even planned everything out for her, so Cherry had long since considered Pete the eldest among them.

As for Xander, because of the environment he was brought up in, he had a very extreme personality, and the way he behaved and handled things seemed a little frivolous. Although Cherry regarded him as her elder brother too, she still found Pete more like the elder brother between the two.

Could she say that, though?

Most certainly not.

Thus, Cherry blinked and sighed. Its because Pete and I met each other first, Xander. Thats why I think hes the elder brother between the two of you!

Since she couldnt say it was a personality issue, Cherry simply diverted the topic to whom she had met first.

As soon as she said that, Xander became worked up and he shouted, But we clearly knew each other first!

Cherry was taken aback. Huh? How did we know each other first?

Xander was livid. Have you forgotten? I already had you on Facebook Messenger a long time ago!

Then, to prove that he had known Cherry before Pete, Xander took out his cell phone, opened up Messenger, and showed it to Cherry. He asked, Do you remember now?

Cherry: !!

She blinked and looked at Xander again. Oh, I see, so youre that friend I made online!

Upon the sudden realization, Cherry remarked, No wonder I found you so annoying the first time I met you! So thats why!


But right after she spoke, Cherry held her hands over her mouth. Why did she blurt out the truth in a moment of agitation? She was too much! That must have seriously hurt Xanders self-esteem.

In an attempt to make amends, Cherry added, From the looks of it, it seems that we are really meant to be! You can be the eldest, then!

Cherry then turned to Pete and asked, Pete, you wont mind, right?

Pete continued to wave magnanimously and replied, Nah, I dont. Its fine, well just go with whatever you guys say.

Xander: !!!

Nora, who was at the side:

Xander was about to die of aggravation from that pair of siblings.

Come to think of it, though, Pete and Cherry had gone through more together. Take, for example, how the two had to worry over their respective parents issues when they had only just met. In addition to that, the two of them had also deceived her and Justin for a really long time

It was perfectly normal for the two of them to share a close relations.h.i.+p with each other.

It was just that

Afraid that Xander would become too mad, Nora changed the subject and asked curiously, How did the two of you meet?