She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 888 - The Mysterious Organization's Headquarters

Chapter 888 - The Mysterious Organization's Headquarters

Chapter 888 The Mysterious Organizations Headquarters

Nora was asking purely to divert Xanders attention from the conflict.

Little Xander was already close to snapping, no thanks to the pair of siblings att.i.tudes.

Cherry was worthy of her t.i.tle as the thoughtful and understanding little baby, indeed. She instantly understood what Nora was trying to do and immediately said, He showed up as a friend suggestion from nearby search on my phone! Mommy, do you remember when Grandaunt Queenie took me to visit the British royal family? I had just gotten my cell phone and installed a messenger app back then and I really wanted to add some friends to it. So I looked at the list of friend suggestions from nearby search and added Xander! This is such a fateful meeting!

After speaking, Cherry walked up to Xander and grabbed his hand. As it turns out, we had already met each other so long ago, Xander!

Sure enough, Xander was appeased. He snorted and said, Yeah, I knew there was no way I could have been so kind to a snotty little kid for no reason. So, I guess you can say that this is predestined!

Cherry nodded repeatedly. So, can I continue with my game now?

The team battle had already started. If she kept dallying further, her teammates would be chewing her out real soon!

Xander: .

The three little guys reconciled and continued to play in peace. Nora sat beside Queenie and watched them.

As she did, she thought of what Cherry had said just now, connected it with the environment in which Xander had been brought up, and all of a sudden, she jumped onto her feet.

Her brows drew together and she looked at Xander in astonishment and asked, Xander, Cherry. Are you guys sure that Cherry only added Xander as a friend when she was visiting the British royal family and looking at the list of suggested friends nearby?

Xander shook his head. How would I know where she had added me?

He had grown up in a bas.e.m.e.nt and had never gone out before, so he didnt know where that place was at all.

Cherry nodded. Yes, I remember it really clearly. When I was playing games that time, Chesty had told me to get a Facebook account so that it would be easier for him to get in touch with me. That was why I had registered for a Facebook account. But I didnt have any friends in it, so I added someone from the list of nearby people at that time I was with Princess Lucy then!

Nora: !!!

She looked at the two of them. Suddenly, she turned around, left the living room, and went up the stairs into her room.

Then, she picked up her cell phone and made a call to Morris. Morris answered very quickly. Is something


Nora kept quiet for a while before she suddenly asked, Didnt you say that you have been looking for the mysterious organizations location? Have you found any leads?

Morriss low and deep voice traveled through the cell phone to Nora. He replied, No, our opponents are too powerful. We cant find any clues at all.

After staying quiet for a while, Nora finally asked, Could it be the British royal familys residence?

Her words stunned Morris for a moment, but immediately after, he said, No wonder, then!

Security at the royal palace was strict. There was no way the Americans would be able to infiltrate the place.

If the mysterious organization really was hiding underground beneath the royal palace, then it would indeed be impossible for the United States to sniff out their base.

Morris frowned. Ill get my men to look into



After hanging up the phone, Nora frowned and wondered. If the mysterious organization really turned out to be located beneath the Royal Palace, then is the Queen involved or not?

She had a vague feeling that the whole thing would be coming to an end soon.

At this moment, her cell phone suddenly rang. When she answered, Karls voice traveled over.

Dammit, theres a traitor in the Alliance. They told the Hitman League that this Black Cat is a fake! What are we going to do now?

Karl was furious. The Hitman League will definitely make things difficult for you. Also, if the news spreads that you are a copycat, it will deal a terrible blow to the Alliances reputation. How about this: why dont you sit it out this time? Well also give up the security gig this time!

Toward the end, Karls voice had even died down and he became rather depressed.

The job this time was not only a great opportunity for the Alliance to officially make their existence public but it was also the best time for Karl to partner with the government and let the company start over with a clean slate. Who knew when their next opportunity would be if they let it slip by them this time

However, he couldnt put Nora in danger.