She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 886 - Who's The Eldest?

Chapter 886 - Who's The Eldest?

Chapter 886 Whos The Eldest?

At the mention of King, Nora thought of how Old Maddy, before he left the United States, had once told her that she would not have any way of contending with the mysterious organization at all unless she had Kings support.

She had privately sent text messages to King afterward, but because she was too lazy to foster a connection with him, it eventually went nowhere. Little did she expect that King would be coming to Switzerland?

Wouldnt she be seeing the legendary King soon too then?!

While thinking about it, Nora headed home. The Queen would only be here the next day. Karl originally wanted her to stay the night at the Alliance, but Nora had declined.

After all, she had three kids at home waiting for her!

She went straight home.

The three little fellows were playing together at home.

Cherry, who didnt have to attend school now, was gaming all she wanted.

Pete looked at her helplessly. He wanted to persuade her to study, but unfortunately for him, Cherry was paying him no attention whatsoever. As for Xander, he seemed to be playing with his cell phone indifferently as though he was trying to study and learn something on it.

When Nora got home, she saw the three little fellows playing separately on their own.

The moment she entered the room, Cherry looked up at her and immediately tossed her cell phone aside. She ran over, hugged her leg, and said, Mommy, youre back? I missed you! Did you miss me? Nora:


Just like that, the scolding Nora was about to give upon seeing Cherry playing on her cell phone again was suppressed.

The little fellow knew how to deal with her simply too well.

Nora heaved a soundless sigh and ruffled her hair.

Cherry blinked with her dark grape-like eyes, and with great self-awareness, said, Mommy, Id only just started my first round when you came. I wasnt playing at all till now! Really! You can ask Pete and Xander about it if you dont believe me!

Cherry blinked her eyes a couple of times at Pete and Xander after she spoke.

Yeah, she wasnt playing, said Xander.

Pete looked at Nora. The upright little guy didnt want to lie to his mother, so he felt a little troubled and his face scrunched up.

When Queenie, who was next to him, caught a glimpse of his expression, she burst out laughing, which sort of rescued Pete from his dilemma. She remarked, Your children have such distinct personalities.

She pointed at Cherry and commented, Shes a quick-witted little imp.

Then, she pointed to Pete and commented, This boy is already so calm and steady at his young age. Hes got a very strong sense of awareness of being the eldest.

But as soon as she said that, Xander retorted indignantly, Im the eldest here!

Pete looked at Xander and sighed. Okay, okay, youre the eldest. Dont kick up a fuss with Grandaunt Queenie.

Xander: ?

Whats up with that indulgent tone?

He sounded just like an elder brother tolerating his younger brothers tantrums!

Xander was about to erupt. Im telling the truth! Im the eldest!

Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, everything you say is right, said Pete.


The little guy had always been sharp-tongued and eloquent with others, but why was he feeling like he was at a huge disadvantage when he was up against Petes good-natured and modest personality?

It was as if he was the one being unreasonable and kicking up a fuss.

The corners of Xanders lips spasmed. He sneered and said, Fine, whoever has the higher IQ between the two of us would be the eldest. How does that sound?

Pete replied, Okay.

Xander looked straight at the book in his hand and said, Then lets compete using Mathematical Olympiad problems?

Pete replied, Sure, Im okay with them all. Its also okay if we dont compete.

Xander: !!!

Seeing that Xander was already all bent out of shape, Pete blinked a couple of times with his dark eyes.