She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 875 - Spacey!!

Chapter 875 - Spacey!!

Chapter 875 s.p.a.cey!!

Nora looked around vigilantly.

Outside the laboratory, Brenda led a few special officers to patrol. In the laboratoryLiam, Wayne, and an unknown employee from NTT were chatting.

Could it be that Barbarian had someone among these people?

Did he bribe some people?

Nora looked at everyone suspiciously.

Brenda and Wayne had to be excluded. These two people were definitely not on Barbarians side. As for the others

She frowned and said calmly into the phone, What does it have to do with you?

Its indeed none of my business, but I think its related to your three children, right?

When this was said, Nora suddenly narrowed her eyes. What do you mean?

Do you think youve hidden the children well? I already know their exact location. What do you think I should do?

When Nora heard this, she could not help but laugh. What are you trying to do?

When she wanted to stay at Staav University and fight with Barbarian, she had already arranged for the children at home to be safe. How could she be threatened like that?

As she was thinking, Barbarian said, I understand. You found a very professional person to watch over them and ensure their safety. You can guarantee that I wont charge in to look for them, but can you stop a bomb?

Noras eyes narrowed. What?

Barbarian lowered his eyes and slowly said, I know. Youve already moved the three children to Horgen District. Im not sure which building it is, but what if I can raze the entire district to the ground?

Nora: !!

Barbarian lowered his eyes. I have such a bomb in my hand. As long as I throw it gently, the entire district will be destroyed. I dont even need to find out where your three children and bodyguards are

When Barbarian said this, his tone was filled with disdain.

Nora clenched her fists. So?

Hand over the serum in your hand obediently.

Barbarians voice was very cold. Otherwise, Ill drop the bomb in three hours!

Nora lowered her voice. Youre a lunatic!

In the current technological society, such bombs were rare, but they were indeed not difficult to procure.

Nora believed that Barbarian had the ability to get such a bomb, but she could not help but say, There are so many people in the district. How can you?!

Horgen was a safe district nearby. There were a few villas inside and the people living there were all people of high status.

But Barbarian wanted to bomb these people just like that?

Barbarian sneered. I dont know them. Are they related to me?


He was insane.

This person was completely crazy.

For a gene serum, he was completely treating humans as tras.h.!.+

Nora lowered her eyes and suddenly said, Okay, how do I hand the serum to you? Where should I go?

Barbarian: Theres no need to trouble yourself. I know youre very skilled with medicine. It wont be good if you change the serum midway. Now, hand the gene serum in your hand to Liam.


Nora looked at the door suddenly and saw that Liam had changed from his previous timidness. He pushed the door open and came in front of her calmly. Ms. Smith, give it to me.

Nora stared at Liam.

She clenched her fists tightly. After a moment, she said, So youre the one who exposed my childrens location. Liam Or should I say, Mr. s.p.a.cey?