She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 876 - This is Switzerland!

Chapter 876 - This is Switzerland!

Chapter 876 This is Switzerland!

After Nora came to Switzerland, there were many things she could not understand.

For example, at the place she lived, she was targeted by her neighbor, the old lady. The old ladys phone was clearly hacked. She had said that her sister was coming and wanted her to rent a room for her. That was why her neighbor, Mrs. Long, had scolded Nora fervently.

This kind of small trick was nothing to Nora.

But that was what s.p.a.cey had done.

At that time, Nora did not understand why he had done it. However, at this moment, she suddenly understood.

Liam wanted Rene and him to become friends with them successfully!

Liam had requested her to go to Noras house more often to play. He said that he wanted the three children to accompany her. Liams true goal was not to let Rene have some company but to obtain more information about Nora and the three children.

Renes background was pitiful, so it was very easy to have people drop their guards around her.

Furthermore, Nora had investigated Rene.

As an orphan of American descent, her life in Switzerland was not good. No one adopted her for a long time until she was finally taken in by a family. In the end, her adoptive parents turned out to be bad people.

Her adoptive father wanted to take advantage of her but was discovered by her adoptive mother. Her adoptive mother beat and scolded her at every turn. There were even a few times when Rene had to go to the hospital for treatment.

Rene had finally escaped h.e.l.l. How could anyone doubt her pitiful background?

To be honest, when Nora first came to Switzerland, she thought that everyone was from the mysterious organization. She even suspected Liam, but she never suspected Rene

Rene could enter and leave their house freely. Even if she had sent the three children away, Rene could still easily find out which district they had gone to

Hearing Nora call him s.p.a.cey, Liam laughed. Most people sympathize with the weak. If I just appeared in front of you, you would definitely have suspected me. Thats why I chose Rene. I learned about you guys without anyone noticing.

Nora frowned and suddenly smiled. So, theres really no true love at first sight.

She knew it!

Rene was timid and dirty like a beggar.

On the other hand, Liam looked bright and handsome. Why would he like Rene?


In the beginning, she even suspected that he was emotionally manipulating Rene. However, after an investigation, she realized that Liam was really good to her.

There was even a time when she felt that this might be true love.

It turned out that Liam was just making use of Rene.

Liam did not deny this. He just held out his hand. Give it to me.

Nora took a deep breath and lowered her head to look at the V16 serum in her hand. She suddenly smiled and reached out to hand the two bottles to Liam.

Liam was relieved that she handed it over so easily.

He carefully placed the serum in his pocket and turned to walk out. He said, Ms. Smith, I think you know very well that if you dare to act rashly, we wont guarantee your childrens safety! So you better be obedient. Of course, I know youre very skilled.

When Nora was extracting the medicine, although he was bickering and joking with Wayne, Liam had been paying attention to Nora. When Trueman called her, she did not even have the time to change the medicine.

Therefore, this V16 must be the real deal.

Liam rushed out the door excitedly.

Barbarians voice came from his earpiece. Have you got it?

I got it!

Liam spoke calmly before getting into the car. Ill come to you now.

Barbarian nodded. Okay.

Liam suddenly said, I keep feeling that things are going too smooth.

Barbarian had always been simple-minded. He said, It didnt go smoothly though, right? Its only because of me. I could go to the school to investigate and escape unscathed. But what if it was someone else? I only came out of the dark to verify the authenticity of the serum. Im a little far away now, come over quickly and meet us. Well leave after getting the serum. Trueman and the others are still watching us!

Liam took a deep breath. Are you sure its okay?

Barbarian smiled. Of course. What are you afraid of? After I get the V16 and inject it, I can break through the limits of my body again. After that, no one will be able to catch


As Liam drove, he glanced back. Im just worried that Nora will catch up. Im not you. I dont have such good skills.

She wont dare to. The bomb is right there. If she dares to chase after you, Ill pull the trigger!

Liam suddenly asked, Are you sure they cant find the bomb and defuse it?

Barbarian sneered. Justins strength in New York is okay but they dont have much power overseas. You have to know that this is Switzerland!

In the laboratory.

Nora was opening her mouth to explain. Queenie, are you sure you can find the bombs? And dismantle them?

A lazy voice came from the other end. Of course, Im sure. Can you have some confidence in me?

Nora sighed. When I returned to New York back then, you told me that you were not very powerful.

What I was saying is, be honest with Justin. Im no longer afraid of others! Also, you didnt contact me after you came back. Have you grown wings? Heh, now Cherry is being threatened. Youre really weak! Dont worry. To transport a bomb like that, they would have had to dismantle it and then move it without alerting anyone. They cant dare to make too much of a fuss. No matter how good a job they do, there will always be evidence! Give me half an hour and Ill help you take care of the bomb!

Half an hour?

Nora lowered her head and looked at the time. Is that enough?

When the other party heard this, she suddenly sneered and said domineeringly, Nora, dont worry. Dont forget that this is Switzerland! Its my territory!! Wait for my good news! My NTT is not to be trifled with!

However, you have to promise me that after the bomb is removed, youll bring the little guys to stay at home with me! I miss Cherry so much. Besides, I dont believe that anyone in Switzerland will dare to come here and court death!