She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 874 - Purification of the V16

Chapter 874 - Purification of the V16

Chapter 874 Purification of the V16

Because Wayne had received an investment from NTT, he was valued by the school. The laboratory arranged for him was also the largest in the school.

The equipment inside was all top of the line.

The graduate students who came to interview with Wayne were also the top students of Staav University.

In just a few days, Waynes project was fully established. Today was the official start of the project.

If Nora wanted to borrow the laboratory, Wayne would definitely not object.

He even immediately took out his phone and informed everyone that the projects establishment would be delayed for a day to prevent everyone from coming over and disturbing Nora.

Whats the reason? NTT asked when Wayne called to inform them.

He glanced at Nora and saw her waving her hand.

Wayne immediately said, Oh, theres no reason. Im just not feeling well today.

Yes, my stomach hurts Who hasnt had a few days of tummy pain every few months No, Im not a woman, how can I have cramps!

Yes, I just have diarrhea. Its nothing serious. What? You want to see me? No need, really no need Huh? Youre already on the way? Then Okay.

After hanging up, Wayne touched his forehead. Ms. Nora, who is the person in charge at NTT? Isnt he too responsible?

Nora also raised her eyebrows and smiled. Forget it. They have always done their best.

It was because of their professionalism that NTT could reach where they were today.

They had said that they would start the project today, so they would definitely send someone over.


Nora looked at Wayne and suddenly smiled. Your stomach hurts? Is it really painful, or is it fake?

Wayne: ?

He understood. In order to deal with the companys follow-up, he definitely had to act more like it. After all, Nora was going to use the laboratory and he did not want to make a huge commotion.

Waynes eyes darted around and he said, The people from the company do a very strict investigation. Furthermore, the people they send over definitely wont know you. In order to avoid trouble and to let you continue hiding your ident.i.ty, Ive decided to sacrifice myself!

After saying this, Wayne took out the laxatives. Without waiting for Nora to speak, he gulped a bunch. Ms. Nora, do you see that? Im loyal to you! For you, even if I collapse today, I wont say a word! You dont have to praise me. Im such a serious person. Ive always been chivalrous and bold blah, blah

Nora pursed her lips. This actor.

She ignored him and looked into the room. She walked to the laboratory and began to purify V16.

Nora was worried at first. The V16 was not like wine, where the older the wine, the richer it was. After all, medicine had a shelf life. Furthermore, the box that was wrapped around the V16 looked like an ordinary one. She could not be sure of it. Could the V16 expire?

However, after testing with microscopes and various instruments, she realized that the V16 had not expired!

Some of the microorganisms inside were still alive. The serum was so fresh that it seemed to have been made this month.

She was even more impressed with her mothers medical skills now.

It was said that medical standards were getting more and more advanced. Her mothers era was more than twenty years ago but her medical standards at that time were simply too awesome.

Nora sighed in her heart and began to purify the V16.

Through her research on gene serum, Nora had her own views on this. The entire purification process took approximately four hours.

After talking to Wayne, he had let her work in peace.

When the people from NTT arrived, Wayne would help deal with it.

Nora nodded.

Actually, if she knew the person from the company, it would not be so troublesome. She was just afraid that she would not know the person to come. If she caused a misunderstanding, it would be troublesome.

However, soon, Nora realized that she was thinking too much.

The people sent by the company were actually Liam and one other employee she did not know. Although Waynes project seemed to have taken eight million dollars, to the company, this money was just a splash. It was nothing to them.

It couldnt be someone at Royces level.

When Royce realized that Liam and Nora knew each other, he naturally handed over the project to Liam. Therefore, the person who had been in contact with Wayne these past few days was Liam.

The moment Liam entered, Wayne held his b.u.t.tocks. His stomach hurt so much that his face was pale. Sweat broke out on his forehead and anyone could tell that it was not an act.

Liam said, Professor Myers, what are you doing?

Wayne had a bitter expression on his face as he sighed. Sigh, I originally thought that if it was just a small discomfort, I would be able to bear with it. But look, Im really Pfft!

When Wayne said this, a fart came out. He said, I, I cant take it anymore. Ill go to the bathroom first.

After saying that, he looked at Nora and instructed Liam, Oh, right, this is my student. Um I called her over to help tidy up the laboratory. Yes please dont disturb her

With that, he ran to the bathroom.


Wayne had taken the laxative for nothing.

If she had known it was Liam, she would have said something to settle it.

However, it was obvious that Liam was unaware that Wayne knew of Noras relations.h.i.+p with NTT; and Wayne was unaware that Liam knew that she was related to the company.

Therefore, the two of them were trying their best to hide her ident.i.ty.

Liam did not even walk towards Nora. Instead, he waited for Wayne to come out of the bathroom before saying, Professor Myers, your illness is very serious. In my opinion, why dont we delay the project by two days?

Wayne: Okay, okay!

It was said that the people from NTT were all as cunning as foxes. Furthermore, their sharp eyes could see through any problems. They hated changing their schedule the most. But today, it seemed like they were very easy to talk to. What was going on?

Three hours later.

Nora finally completed the purification.

She prepared two test tubes and placed them in a special small container before draining the air.

This was something she had specially searched for when she came to Switzerland. It could preserve freshness and ensure that the interior was completely vacuum-packed. Furthermore, it was small and convenient.

She had just closed the V16 container when her phone suddenly rang.

She subconsciously picked up the call. Barbarians voice came from the other end. Have you completed the purification?

Hearing this, Noras eyes narrowed. She suddenly raised her head and looked around.

How could Barbarian have called at the exact moment she was done? It was as if he had seen it with his own eyes!

Nora clenched her jaw. Her intuition told her that this was not over!