She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 873 - Little… Lisa?

Chapter 873 - Little… Lisa?

Chapter 873 Little Lisa?

Wayne had been a little arrogant lately.

After the NTT company decided to invest in him, there were suddenly many people coming to interview him. He chose many excellent students from them and most of them were graduate students.

In comparison, Lisa seemed a little inferior.

Therefore, Wayne had never taken Lisa seriously.

Furthermore, ever since Lisa joined this laboratory, Wayne had been asking Lisa to come over and help. However, even being an exchange student, she did not come on time and stood him up. This made Wayne very angry.

Therefore, he decided to teach her a lesson.

Hearing the counselors words, Wayne finally turned his head and looked at Lisa in front of him. Lisa? Do you know what I want to do with this laboratory now? Do you know who has invested in it? You

Before he could finish, he froze when he saw the person in front of him.

When the counselor saw Professor Myers staring at Nora and not saying anything, she became a little fl.u.s.tered.

Was Professor Myers really angry and not giving Lisa a chance?

Just as the counselor was worried, she suddenly saw Professor Myerss eyes light up. His high and mighty expression instantly became one of bootlicking, as if he was one of those mask-changing performers.

Wayne rushed to Nora and lowered his head to say, Ms Ms. Nora?

Before he could finish speaking, he saw Nora shaking her head slightly. This meant that she did not want to be acknowledged Therefore, Waynes next words changed into: Miss Lisa?

The counselor: ?

Miss Lisa?

What the heck was this?

Why did she feel a sense of respect behind Professor Myers words?

And why did he call her Miss?

Although Lisa did look young, why was he addressing her so affectionately?

Nora did not care about the counselors thoughts. She walked forward and said to Wayne, Yes, Professor Myers. I hope you can take care of me.

Her voice was low and magnetic.

Wayne felt a little embarra.s.sed to be called Professor Myers by her.

Ms. Noras pharmaceutical skills were better than his? How was he qualified to be called a professor by Ms. Nora?

The counselor felt that the atmosphere between the two of them was strange, but she did not understand. Therefore, she could only smile and say to Wayne, Professor Myers, Ill leave Lisa with you. You have to take good care of her.


The counselor looked at Nora again. You have to learn well from Professor Myers. You cant lose your temper, understand? Professor Myers is an esteemed professor. Furthermore, he has the support of the NTT company. Their projects are very meaningful to the school. You have to be obedient. Professor Myers laboratory has many rules. You have to follow them, understand?

Wayne was speechless.

Can you shut up, counselor?

Nora smiled and looked at Wayne with a faint smile. Okay, counselor. Dont worry.


After the counselor left, Nora then looked at Wayne. Rules?

Wayne: Ms. Lisa, youre the one making the rules.

In the beginning, Wayne did not know why NTT had invested in him. Now, he understood everything!

No wonder Lisa was suddenly very happy after meeting the person in charge of NTT last time. It turned out to be like this! Ms. Nora was the heir to NTT!


She did not want to fight with Wayne anymore and said, Ill borrow your laboratory.

She wanted to purify the V16 as soon as possible and then bring it home for Xander.