She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 872 - Two Potions

Chapter 872 - Two Potions

Chapter 872 Two Potions

Two vacuum bottles lay silently in the box.


These were perhaps the only two in the world.

However, there were five survivors

Nora frowned.

Five people Including Xander, there were six people fighting over two potions. No wonder Barbarian was fighting so hard.

She did not have time to think too much about it and closed the box.

She picked up the instruction manual beside her.

The manual pointed out that this drug could not be injected directly into the body and required purification. However, the purification method was not given.

Still, this could not stump Nora

She only thought about it for a while and roughly knew what machines were needed to purify it.

Long nights meant more thinking.

Nora decided to purify it at Staav University. After purifying the V16 drug, she would inject it into Xander.

The others might hate them but once Xander got the injection, in two months, those people would all be gone

When she thought of this, Nora seemed to see the light.

She put away her things and said to Brenda, Take me to the laboratory. Ill look for Wayne. There happens to be some equipment for purification in his laboratory.

Brenda did not ask what it was and just said, Okay.

The two of them No, it could be said that a SWAT team escorted Nora to the laboratory.

On the way, not far away, someone pa.s.sed her and sighed softly. Did you hear? The great pianist Love died this morning.

Sigh, shes the top pianist in the world. Some people say that her attainments had surpa.s.sed everyone elses. Its as if she was born for the piano.

Yes, Ive even attended her concert. Her perfect pitch really is the most impressive Ive ever heard of. No matter what sound you make, she could still tell I heard that back then, there were some people who deliberately played randomly in front of her, but she accurately identified what instrument it was. Furthermore, at the same time, she had identified another sound. Everyone first thought that she had failed, but in the end, it turned out that there really was a bird flying past the window. The bird had even cried!

What a pity. Shes only 30 years old

Isnt that so? A pianist like her might have been able to make some stunning piano pieces in the future. Sigh!

Everyone discussed and left.

Nora stopped in her tracks.

The pianist Love

As she was thinking, her phone suddenly rang.

She picked up the call and Truemans sharp voice came from the other end. Love is dead! Do you know who Love is?

Nora paused for a moment and suddenly thought of something. She immediately asked, Shes Listener?

Thats right! Trueman seemed to be a little angry. That fool went to learn piano after leaving the mysterious organization. She never thought of searching for the V16. Hehe, I didnt expect her to be the first person to die among us!

When this was said, Nora fell silent.

The remaining five children back then were not all bad people. For example, Listener relied on her genetic modification to work in the music industry.

It was admirable that such a person was not afraid of death.

However, Trueman clearly did not think that way. Shes dead! Do you know what this means?

Nora pursed her lips. It means that the last injection of the gene serum isnt very stable.

Yes, its unstable. Time is unstable! We clearly only have two months left. Listener had taken the V15 with me Therefore, you have to find the V16 as soon as possible!

Nora did not bother about him anymore and hung up the phone.

There were two V16s now. There was no doubt that she would give one of them to Xander, but the other one she wanted to give it to Caleb.

With this in mind, she arrived outside Waynes laboratory. Just as she was about to push the door open and enter, she heard the counselors voice. Lisa!

Nora turned around and saw the counselor walking over quickly. She grabbed her hand and said, I heard that Epsons experiment failed; but its okay, theres still Professor Myers. You can still get good grades if you follow Professor Myers, so dont be discouraged.


She nodded and was about to continue when the counselor said, Oh, right. Professor Myers is a little strange. You have to talk nicely. You havent met him yet, right? Then Ill take you to see him and let him take care of you.

With that, the counselor pushed the door open and entered.

As soon as she entered, she said to Wayne, who had his back to the door, Professor Myers, Lisa is here. Although youve already recruited graduate students as your a.s.sistants, Lisa has also contributed to this project. Please dont make things difficult for her

Wayne pursed his lips. Dont worry. Im not that kind of a person. Isnt it just a student who wants to come in and earn some credit? Ill still give you this bit of face. But as an undergraduate, she has to be diligent and must have good eyesight. She cant drag us down, okay?

Of course, Lisa is an American exchange student, very diligent. Im sure youll have a lot to talk about!

The counselor smiled and pushed Nora. Lisa, greet Professor Myers quickly. When Nora heard this, her lips curled up.