She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 871 - It's The V16!!

Chapter 871 - It's The V16!!

Chapter 871 Its The V16!!

The nurse was about to stop Nora, but before she could speak, Nora took out her medical license and tossed it at her. Immediately after, she picked up a surgical gown from the side and entered the operating room.

The nurse looked down. When she saw the name on the medical license, she was stunned on the spot.

Seeing this, Oscar hurried over anxiously. Her gaze fell on the license in the nurses hand, only to see a name written on it: Anti.


Stunned, her head whipped up and she looked at Nora in disbelief.

Calebs operation was indeed difficult. He needed someone with high precision to perform the surgery.

Three hours later, after Nora finished st.i.tching him up, she finally stretched and loosened her muscles. The people supporting her in the operation all looked at her with eyes full of wors.h.i.+p.

Nora didnt pay any attention to that.

She had obtained the V16, so she no longer needed to hide her ident.i.ty

Therefore, she nodded openly at the people around her and then left the operating room. As soon as she went out, she saw a group of people waiting outside.

All of them looked up when they heard the door open. However, when they saw her, they all turned their gazes behind her.

Wheres Anti?

Wheres Anti?

I heard that Dr. Anti came in-person to operate on a patient, so I specially waited here!

The hospital they were in was affiliated with Staav University and most of the patients here tonight were Staav University students. Thus, when they heard that Anti was here, all of them had gathered around to see what she was like.


Seeing the crowd outside, she suddenly felt that shed better not reveal her ident.i.ty, after all. Thus, she said to the nearest person walking over, Shes at the back. Im just here to help.

After speaking, she took off her gloves and surgical gown and cut through the crowd.

One by one, everyone who heard her looked behind her Nora took the opportunity to leave, but unfortunately, shed only just turned around when she saw Oscar.

Oscar was looking at her with a complicated look in her eyes.


She raised her eyebrows and walked over. Whats wrong?

Oscar swallowed. I Id like to apply to be a postgraduate student under you. I hope you wont disqualify me because of my rudeness to you before.

Students like Oscar were very common. Moreover, she was hardworking enough, so Nora still had a rather good opinion of her. It was just that maybe their personalities didnt get along, so they couldnt be friends.

However, that didnt mean that she had to dislike the other party.

Nora nodded. Sure, if I ever recruit postgraduate students again.

Oscar took a deep breath, not daring to speak any further, she nodded instead.

When the two were walking ahead, they happened to see Epson hurrying over.

The student behind him said, Slow down, slow down

Epson, however, was in a big hurry. He said, If I go any slower, I wont be able to see her anymore! To think Anti is at Staav University! She must be here to steal my experiment results! Otherwise, why would she be here? So, my experiment still caught her attention, didnt it?


The corners of her lips spasmed and she shook her head a little. Then, she moved away to let Epson and the students pa.s.s first. Just as they were walking past her, they suddenly stopped.

Epson looked at her and asked, Have you seen Anti?

Nora shook her head.

Epson continued with his questions. Is she a fatty?

Nora: ?

Epson sneered and said, The news I received says that shes a fatty who weighs nearly 200 pounds. She is also a lazy b.u.m, so shell never lose any weight for sure!

Five years ago, when Nora first came to Switzerland, she had indeed been fat. Moreover, she had even publicly shown her face back then. However, later on, after she became famous, she never revealed her face or any information about herself anymore.

She didnt expect that people still thought of her as the fatty from before

As the corners of her lips spasmed, Epson said, Never mind, given your status, how could you possibly meet Anti? Id better hurry and go, itd be awful if I end up wasting time because of you.



With a complicated look on her face, Oscar watched as Epson ran past them in a hurry. She let out a soft sigh and said, Professor Epson is still wearing his burned trousers and didnt even have time to change, just so he could hurry here to look for you. What a shame that he doesnt know that the very same student he looks down on is the goal that he has been pursuing all his life.


Why was she detecting a bit of sarcasm in Oscars words?

She shook her head and went out the door.

Brenda and the others were waiting for her. The SWAT team was all armed with heavy firearms. Brenda was in the midst of lecturing the men. She said, If Barbarian comes again, we must kill him. Do you hear me?

Yes, maam!

As soon as Nora came out, Brenda came over. She lowered her voice and said, Nora, we will protect you.

Before Nora could speak, Brenda explained, Nora, now is not the time to put on an affected act. You have what Barbarian is looking for, right?

Nora wanted to speak, but Brenda stopped her. She said, I didnt see anything nor do I want to report anything, so what youve taken has nothing to do with me, Nora. My task is just to catch Barbarian and since what hes desperately after is with you, he will definitely come to you! So, we must stay by your side! After speaking, Brenda held up her gun. Nora nodded. Okay.

With the V16 in her possession, she wasnt going to be so foolish as to act alone.

Although she could hire bodyguards for protection, she was indeed impressed with Brendas professional abilities.

No one was going to be better than Brenda.

She asked in a low voice, Is the school safe now?

Yes, its safe.

Brenda took a deep breath. We werent sure who he was before, so it wasnt safe, but now that he has escaped We did a headcount and found that he had been hiding among the students. Now that we have dug out the ident.i.ty he was using, itll be hard for him to get back into the school.

Only then did Nora breathe a sigh of relief.

She looked somewhere and suddenly said, Keep watch for me for a while.

Brenda nodded. Okay.

Only then did Nora go to a corner in a blind spot where Brenda stood.

This was the safest place.

Nora finally took out the metal box from her bosom and opened it.

Before getting the V16, Nora had been constantly wondering what her mother had hidden in here. Was it the V16s formula? Or was it something else?

It wasnt until now that she finally solved the mystery.

It wasnt a formula but the actual V16 itself.