She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 87 - You're A Bad Girl!

Chapter 87 - You're A Bad Girl!

Chapter 87 - You're A Bad Girl!

Ever since the night that Nora became drunk and gave him a ridiculous call to offer to buy his son, for some strange reason, Justin had been in a rather bad mood the last few days.

This continued until he came to Hotel Finest today for a meal. The gossipy Chester had live-broadcasted the dance party taking place downstairs.

He even sent him a video of that woman dancing.

Seeing the sensational sight of her holding someone else's waist and dancing, attracting the attention of all the men around her, Justin suddenly became a little angry.

He was feeling so troubled here, yet that woman was on a roll at the dance party and winning over both men and women?

Thus, he had saved the dance video along the way and left the restaurant while counting the time. Going by how she didn't like doing more than necessary, he reckoned that she would probably leave right after she was done dancing.

Then, he found her jeep in the car park.

Sure enough, it didn't take long before the three women came down.

Nora was a little dazed at the moment.

Her nose was filled with the man's grassy scent. His breath tickled her face when he spoke, making the mood rather suggestive.

The lighting in the basement was dim, but the close-up view of the man's visage was as if it was lit up on its own, especially the cold look in his eyes and the beauty mark at the corner of his eye that exuded a sense of abstinence. It actually made her feel like conquering him.

She raised her eyebrows and chuckled softly. "What are you talking about, Mr. Hunt?"

At the sight of her denial, Justin lowered his head and leaned into her ear. "Have you already forgotten, Ms. Smith? I'm afraid you can't afford to buy my son with just eight hundred million dollars."

Afraid of being discovered by Sheril and Tanya, they both lowered their voices as if they were having a word in private.

Nora leaned back, but her back was already against the Land Rover, so she had nowhere to retreat to. As such, she could only sigh and say, "Is that so? How much are you willing to sell him for, then? Name your price?"

Justin held her waist with his large hand and chuckled softly. "Have you ever considered a way that won't require a single cent from you?"

Nora's eyes lit up, but right after, she said disappointedly, "… Stealing? It doesn't seem like a very good idea."

After all, Justin's strength was right there for all to see.

Justin, "…"

He discovered that the woman had actually looked rather serious when she said that. So, she had actually really considered stealing his son?

Stealing someone else's son? What kind of weird habit was that?

Justin frowned. "You…"

Before he could finish, however, Tanya's voice traveled over. "Huh? Where's Nora? Where did she go?"

Together with their voices, the other two women started to walk back.

When she heard them about to come right next to the two of them, for some reason, Nora became a little flustered. She suddenly pushed Justin away forcefully and pushed him to a darker place further inside.

She immediately walked out and said, "I'm over here."

Tanya came over and circled around her. "What are you doing here? Surely you're not hiding some stray man over here, right?"

… She really was hiding one, though.

Nora's cheeks turned a little red and she let out an awkward cough. She gave her a light push and said, "Are we going or not?"

Afraid that Nora would really leave her here, Tanya hurriedly turned around. "What are you being so cocky for, Nora? I may just fall in love with you, you know~"

Nora picked at her ears. "Your love is too cheap. I don't want it."


It was only after the three women walked off while bantering with one another that Justin finally came out from behind the Land Rover with a cold look on his face. When he thought of how the woman had pushed him away just now as if he wasn't fit to be seen, he suddenly felt a little as if they were… having an affair?

He chuckled softly. He saw the woman get into the car's back seat without any hesitation and then, she immediately leaned against it.

After loading her luggage into the car, a tall and slender woman then returned to the front of the car. She immediately exclaimed, "Nora, you're too much! I was stuck on the plane the whole time, yet you're still making me drive?"

With her eyes already closed, Nora leaned against the window and said coolly, "I want to sleep."

The other woman could only get in the driver's seat. Soon, the car started moving.

It was only after they left the car park that Justin realized that he, a man who had always taken full control of his time and never easily wasted it, had actually spent ten minutes standing there and watching her banter with her friend?

However, when he thought of how she had looked when she pushed him away in a panic just now, his frustrations disappeared.

Nora leaned against the car seat in a rare moment of insomnia, unable to sleep.

She thought back to what she had done just now. She didn't understand why she was suddenly feeling guilty?

While she was thinking about it, her cell phone beeped.

She looked down to see that it was Justin's number. He had sent her a text message: 'What were you being so shy about?"

Nora was bewildered.

She immediately replied: "I wasn't."

After she sent the text message, another beep sounded.

Nora picked up her cell phone again and looked at it. The message read: "Tell me why on earth you're so interested in my son. I can help you think of a solution that won't cost you any money."

Nora was puzzled.

She slowly replied: 'I just find him very cute. I wonder if Mr. Hunt is willing to part with him?'


Nora lowered her head and saw another message from him: 'Are you thinking of becoming his mother?'

Nora curled her lip.

She was his mother herself. What did he mean by 'becoming his mother'?

Wait a minute. Didn't something seem a little wrong here?

Nora looked at her cell phone again and saw that the man had sent her another message: "Ms. Smith has a very unique way of confessing her love."

Nora, "!!"

As expected, that man was being narcissistic again!

The corners of her lips spasmed and she immediately sent him three agitated replies:

"You're mistaken."

"I'm not the one who wants to raise him."

"It's a friend of mine."

After sending the messages, Nora touched her cheeks, which felt a little hot.

The corners of Justin's lips curled into a smile and he let out a deep chuckle as he read the three messages on his cell phone.

Ms. Smith was totally pulling a friend out of thin air!

At the same time, at the kindergarten.

At 4:30 pm in the afternoon, children who'd had their afternoon snack were allowed to play for some time while they waited for the rest of the children to finish eating before they would leave together.

Cherry had always been a very picky eater. After she was done eating, she carried her little plate over and handed it to the teacher. Her big round eyes blinked as she said, "Ms. Lynn, you've lost so much weight again today. You should eat a little more. Cherry has especially left you some of her vegetables."

Ms. Lynn was on a diet, so Cherry's words had undoubtedly hit the spot.

She was such a cute little girl. Was there anyone who could resist her flattery?

Ms. Lynn rubbed her head gently and said, "Little Cherry is so smart! People on a diet can't eat any meat, so I can only eat more vegetables."

The other children looked at her enviously.

Sob! Why was Cherry allowed to skip her veggies?! They also wanted to be picky eaters!

Cherry ran over happily to the play area to wait. She was about to pick up a Barbie when someone snatched it away.

Sinead stood in front of her with her hands on her hips and said loudly, "Cheryl, didn't your mother say that she's going to get a more professional dancer to do an evaluation for you?

"It's already been a week, but she still hasn't gotten anyone over. You're a liar! And a braggart!"

All the other children looked over.

To them, lying was a very bad habit!

Sinead rebuked, "You're a bad girl! We're not gonna play with you!"