She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 86 - Why Are You So Interested In My Son?

Chapter 86 - Why Are You So Interested In My Son?

Chapter 86 - Why Are You So Interested In My Son?

Rachel looked around but instead saw Tanya turning the corner and entering the bathroom at the side.

"Rachel, what's Caden doing over there?"

Her sidekick nudged her arm and said, "Surely, Sheril isn't trying to poach him while you're away?"

Rachel's eyes turned cold and she started walking over with her.

As soon as the two approached, they heard Caden say, "… Her family can ask Tanya Turner to hold classes for her just because she wants to learn how to dance!"

Rachel's lip corners curled upward.

Her sidekick said smugly, "It's not just that! Even a lofty person like Ms. Turner remembers Rachel's name!"

Caden turned and looked at her eagerly upon hearing what the sidekick said.

Rachel lifted her chin triumphantly and said, "I'll introduce you to Ms. Turner when we meet her again later."

Caden immediately nodded.

Rachel then looked at Sheril and Nora. She smiled and asked, "Sheril, Ms. Smith. Do you want me to introduce the two of you to her, too?"

Her sidekick immediately complimented her. "You're so nice to your cousin, Rachel!"

Rachel giggled. "We're family after all…"

Sheril looked straight at her. "No, it's fine. I'm not going professional!"

Rachel's expression immediately darkened.

Caden frowned and said, "Sheril, why are you still being so headstrong? Why are you refusing such a good opportunity?"

"Because she doesn't need it." A clear and cool voice interrupted Caden.

Nora stood up from the sofa, the corners of her lips curling up when she looked into the distance.

The few of them followed her gaze and looked over to see Tanya, who had just come out of the bathroom, waving at them and jogging over.

Rachel was taken aback.

Next to her, her sidekick immediately became excited. "Rachel, Ms. Turner is waving at you!"

Caden's eyes also shone.

When Sheril had refused to reconcile with him just now, he had actually regretted his actions a little. But seeing how enthusiastic Tanya was toward them now… It seemed like the Woods' connections were indeed very impressive!

The sidekick spoke very loudly, so everyone around them also looked over.

"My goodness, it seems like Ms. Turner really likes Rachel a lot! Is it because she dances well?"

"I heard that Ms. Turner is very well-respected in foreign aristocratic circles… But she's being so friendly to Rachel?"


The remarks, which were full of envy, made Rachel lift her chin. She hadn't expected Tanya to have such a good impression of her, either.

With a smile on her face, she took a couple of steps toward Tanya, ready to greet her.

Seeing Tanya coming closer and closer to her, Rachel stood still, straightened her back, and said, "Ms. Turner!"

Her expression was just right. It was neither overly flattering—which would make it look like she was fawning on the other party—nor too cold, which would make Tanya uncomfortable.

Surely she would become the center of attention after this, right?

But the next moment, her expression froze.

Tanya came toward her.

The two stood facing each other.

Then, Tanya suddenly turned sideways, bypassed her, and continued forward, passing her by.

Rachel was dumbfounded.

Then, she immediately heard a voice behind her. "Nora! I missed you so much!"

Rachel, "??"

She whipped her head around violently to see Tanya stretching out her arms to give Nora a huge hug. However, Nora bent over, stepped aside in disgust, and slid under her arm instead. Then, she pulled her arm and tossed it to Sheril. "Hug her instead. She's my cousin."

"Oh, that makes her my cousin, too! Little cousin, you're so cute!"

Tanya gave Sheril, who was standing there stiffly, a big hug and pinched her face. She exclaimed, "Your eyes really look like Nora's! I like them!"

Everyone was utterly bewildered.

Didn't they say that Tanya was here to look for Rachel? But why didn't the picture in front of them look quite right?

Rachel herself was also dumbfounded, especially because the looks of worship in the eyes of everyone around her had all changed to probing looks instead. It made her feel like burying herself in a hole right away!

With her eyes reddened, she clenched her fists tightly and took a couple of steps forward. She went up to the few of them. Unable to maintain her ladylike image anymore, she demanded rather sharply, "Sheril, do you all know Ms. Turner?!"

Sheril didn't say anything.

Tanya, on the other hand, looked at her hesitantly. "Of course! Nora here is my best friend! She is me and I am her! We're so close that we're pretty much inseparable!"

Then, she smiled and said, "You're a relative of my little cousin here, right? I wasn't intending to accept the Woods' class request initially; it was only because you guys are relatives that I took it up. How about this? I'm planning to stay at the Andersons. If you want classes, then come over to the Andersons!"

Rachel, "!!"

When Rachel's sidekick heard what she said, she hurriedly said, "But if you go to the Andersons for classes, can we still come along? Rachel, you promised!"

Tanya looked as if she had been put in a spot when she heard her. She said, "Ugh, it's very tiring to hold classes, so just come by yourself and don't bring anyone along!"

Then, she turned to Sheril and said, "Do you dance, little cousin? I can teach you! Also, it's the same whether I'm teaching just you or a group of your friends. So, if you have friends who wanna come along, you can bring them along!"

Sheril was already so dumbfounded that she was lost for words. She said weakly, "I-I don't need to learn…"

"Oh no, but that will make me look very useless! And Nora probably won't like me anymore!"

Nora's lip corner spasmed and she almost rolled her eyes. She said lazily, "Who agreed to you staying at the Andersons?"

Tanya immediately took Sheril's arm and said, "Little cousin, your cousin has a very weird temper and doesn't allow anyone to share her bed. Can I sleep with you tonight?"

Sheril, who still hadn't recovered from her shock yet, replied, "… Okay."

"Are you guys still gonna dance? If not, let's go? I'm so tired after being on a plane for a whole day!"

Tanya started dragging Nora toward the exit after saying that.

Nora avoided her pulling and walked lazily at the side while Tanya took Sheril's arm. Everyone watched as the three of them went to the underground car park.

"I really thought the Andersons have fallen into decline! I didn't expect that the Woods were only able to ask Tanya to hold lessons because of their relationship with the Andersons?"

"No wonder we couldn't get an appointment with Tanya while Rachel was the only one who managed to!"

"When you think about it carefully, Sheril actually dances very beautifully! The way her cousin dances the male role is also so cool! I really like it…"

Everyone's words made Rachel too embarrassed to stay. She suddenly stomped her foot and ran out crying!

Only the stupefied Caden continued to stand there stupidly, feeling as if he had missed the chance of a lifetime.


In the underground car park.

Tanya and Sheril were walking in front while Nora trailed behind them lazily with both hands behind her head.

As she walked, someone suddenly grabbed her arm and dragged her over to a black Land Rover!

She subconsciously threw a punch in defense, but her fist was caught by the man instead. He said, "It's me."

The familiar voice took Nora aback for a moment. It was only then that she realized that the man in front of her, who was a head taller, was actually Justin Hunt?

She raised her eyebrows. "What are you trying to do, Mr. Hunt?"

Justin trapped her in between himself and the car and let out a playful laugh. His voice was low and rich as he said, "I just want to ask Ms. Smith a question."


The man narrowed his eyes dangerously. "Why are you so interested in my son?"