She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 88 - Everyone Has A Very Active Imagination

Chapter 88 - Everyone Has A Very Active Imagination

Chapter 88 - Everyone Has A Very Active Imagination

Children also had their own social circle.

As Sinead's mother was a dance teacher, there were a few children in the class who liked playing with her very much.

Thus, when Sinead said that, three to four other children immediately stood behind her in support.

"Yes, you're a bad girl! We're not gonna play with you!"

"Liar, liar, pants on fire! Your nose is gonna grow longer!"


Sinead immediately looked at Cherry excitedly, especially now that she also had the support of her friends.

The last kid who went against her had burst into tears after they bullied him the same way. After that, he had even bought them a lot of gifts and begged them to play with him.

Cherry was a newcomer, so she didn't have many friends in the first place. Therefore, she would definitely become so scared that she would cry, right?

She was just thinking about it when she saw Cherry, whom she had scolded, lift her head and glance at her. Surprise flashed across her big round eyes as she said, "I didn't want to play with a selfish, rude, and uncultured child like you in the first place. You're thinking too much."

Sinead, "?"

The next moment, she burst into tears and started to wail.

Ms. Lynn had already noticed the two little girls arguing. She hurriedly placed the plate down and rushed over, for fear that Cherry would be bullied.

As soon as she approached, she heard the bawling Sinead yell, "You're the uncultured one! You're the rude one! You're the selfish one!"

A puzzled Cherry asked, "Why are you crying when you're obviously the one scolding me?"

Sinead suddenly choked on her sobs and even hiccuped.

Ms. Lynn was rendered speechless.

Why was she suddenly feeling like she had rushed over for nothing?

The school bell suddenly rang. Parents were already picking up their children at the door one after another. Sinead cried as she said, "You're a liar and your mom is a braggart! My mom said that if your mom still can't get anyone by tomorrow, you can forget about joining the dance performance! Hmph!"

She immediately ran out after saying that.

Ms. Lynn held Cherry's hand and asked worriedly, "Will your Mommy be able to find a more professional dance teacher?"

Cherry nodded. She sighed seriously and said, "Ms. Lynn, when Mommy's looking for someone, she'll keep sending them private messages on Facebook. She says she'll never stop until they reply! So, Mommy will definitely be able to find someone more professional for me!"

Ms. Lynn, "…"

The picture of a single mother in ill health who looked weak and frail, yet was extremely stubborn, suddenly formed in her mind. In order to prevent her daughter from being bullied and developing low self-esteem, she was determined to find her a more professional dance teacher.

It was getting dark, yet she refused to eat or drink. She didn't dare to sleep, nor did she even dare to cough, lest she woke up her adorable daughter. She sat in front of the computer and constantly sent private messages to people in the dancing field who were more well-respected than Whitney Lowe, begging them to save her daughter…

Sob, how touching!

Ms. Lynn squatted down, hugged Cherry, and said, "Little Cherry's mom is so amazing!"

Cherry's eyes brightened.

Yes, she also found Mommy very amazing!

When they were abroad back then, Mommy was once looking for someone, but the other party kept ignoring her. So, she had written a program that sent a private message to them every second, and even hacked their cell phone so that they couldn't block or mute her. She had no intentions of stopping until she successfully forced them to reply to her!

As for herself, she had instead happily gone to bed. By the time she woke up, the other party was already close to changing their cell phone altogether! Was there anyone who wouldn't break down after 16 hours of constant harassment?

The teacher sent Cherry out. Nora and the others weren't back from the dance party yet, so it was Melissa who came to pick her up.

When Ms. Lynn handed Cherry to Melissa, she said with her eyes red, "Cherry's mom's life is too hard!"

Melissa, who strongly agreed with her, nodded. She held Ms. Lynn's hand and said, "Yes, her mom has a hard life. It really isn't easy to raise a child all alone!"

The two looked at each other, both feeling as though they had found someone who understood how they felt!

Ms. Lynn sighed silently and said, "Please tell her not to overdo it if she really can't find a dance teacher who's more professional than Whitney. I'll think of something!"

Melissa was taken aback. "Did something happen?"

Ms. Lynn was also surprised by her reaction. She asked, "Don't you know what happened?"

She gave her a brief account of what had happened. Melissa frowned and heaved a sigh. "That girl is just too considerate. She must have been afraid that I would be put in a spot if I knew what had happened. But how are we going to find a more professional dance teacher than Whitney Lowe in the States?"

Whitney was one of the rare few dancers in the States who had won in an international ballroom dancing competition.

It was a very prestigious competition, and few from the States had achieved high rankings even after so many years.

Ms. Lynn sighed. "You'll need the champions if you want to suppress her. It'll be the most ideal if you can find the champion who competed in the same year as her. I've already asked around; the champion of that year is named Tanya Turner. She's also a very outstanding dancer. It'll be best if you can get her to help. If not, even if you find someone else, with Mrs. Lowe's authority, no one will dare to go against her. After all, she has the Lowes backing her up."

Apart from top-class giants like the Hunts and the Smiths, the Lowes weren't afraid of anyone else at all.

Melissa looked thoughtful after she heard what she said.

Meanwhile, the 'tolerant and understanding' Nora Smith who had 'endured a lot of hardships' had just reached home.

Tanya stood at the bedroom door and looked at Nora pitifully. "Nora, are you really not gonna let me sleep with you?"

Nora responded by closing the door with a loud bam.

Tanya, "…"

There was a hint of worry in her eyes.

It seemed like Nora was still very insecure.

There mustn't be anyone else in the room when she slept. Otherwise, she would suffer from insomnia. This habit of hers still hadn't changed.

Beep, beep!

She heard a car stopping outside.

It was Cherry who had just returned from school. Tanya immediately became excited. She left her suitcase in the hallway, went straight downstairs, and rushed out of the door happily.


Cherry, who was carrying a big schoolbag on her back, was carried down from the car. When she saw her, the little girl's eyes brightened and she raced over. "Wah! Aunt Tanya! You're here!"

Tanya said, "Who's Aunt Tanya? Call me God-mom!"

Melissa also got off the car. Her mind was fully occupied by thoughts of Tanya at the moment. She had made several phone calls on the way back, but she couldn't get Tanya's contact information at all.

Should she call her elder brother and ask him for help?

Nora had saved Harmonia Pharmacy with the Carefree Pill after she came to the Andersons.

She had given the Andersons so much help. There was no way she would allow Cherry to be bullied in school.

Melissa raised her head with great resolve.

She picked up her cell phone and dialed her brother's number.

The phone rang for a while before someone answered. An impatient voice came from the other end of the call. "What's the matter this time?"


Melissa fell silent for a moment. Then, she cast her eyes down and asked gently, "Farrell, can you contact Ms. Tanya Turner for me?"

However, while she was speaking, she suddenly noticed that there was a female stranger in the house.

She was currently pointing at herself frantically.

Melissa, "?"