She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 870 - Medical License

Chapter 870 - Medical License

Chapter 870 Medical License

Bang! Bang! Bang! Ratatatatata Gunshots rang out incessantly, hitting the area where Barbarian was. He rolled and dodged a wave of bullets, then tried to charge toward Nora again.

But before he could, another burst of concentrated gunfire came at him, rendering him unable to run toward Nora.

Barbarian looked at Nora with his crimson eyes.

Nora breathed a sigh of relief.

As more and more people came up, the gunfire also became more and more concentrated. While Barbarian could still rely on his bodys flexibility and nimbleness to dodge at this point, he wasnt going to be able to do the same in a while!

He had pushed himself into a corner this time.

Under the cover of the gunfire, Nora dashed straight toward Brenda, the metal box containing the V16 clutched tightly in her hands! Her eyes, however, remained fixed on Barbarian.

As Brenda directed the men behind her, she shouted, Barbarian, you have been surrounded! Put down your weapon and surrender!

As soon as she said that, the corners of Barbarians lips curled up slightly into a touch of a sneer. Immediately after, he sprinted toward the edge. Continuous gunfire came from behind him but the bullets all landed at his feet!

Barbarians speed and reflexes were simply too fast.

Regardless, it was uselessbecause there was no way forward! If he ran any further, what awaited him would only be death!

But contrary to everyones expectations, Barbarian did not slow down even when he reached the edge. Brenda frowned, took out a pistol, and continued to shoot at him.

Barbarian, however, leaped off the fifty-story high-rise building!

Had he lost the will to live because he knew that he had been surrounded?

Barbarians move stunned everyone for a moment. Nora suddenly thought of something and hurried to the edge of the building.

There, she saw Barbarian, who had already plummeted from the building, floating in the air with his wingsuit open. He looked just like a bird as he glided away.

He accelerated extremely quickly, so he had already glided out of Brendas range. All the police officers on the ground floor could only raise their pistols and aim at the sky.

However, Barbarian was too high up in the sky, so he was out of their range as well.

Everyone could only watch as Barbarian glided away


Aaron swore anxiously.

They had deployed so much manpower and resources this time, yet they had still allowed him to get away?

Wingsuiting was an extreme sport with only a few hundred people doing it in the whole country, though. Who would have thought that Barbarian would be a master of extreme sports?

Brenda also broke into a frown.

After spending so much time setting up everything, they could be said to have come the closest to Barbarian this time, yet he had still gotten away. They felt so helpless!

Nora was not as furious as Aaron and Brenda, though. Although she found it somewhat a pity, Barbarian was, after all, the first person to have his body genetically modified in physical fitness. He was someone Nora and Justin couldnt beat in a fight even when they joined forces.

He wouldnt be Barbarian anymore if they could catch someone like him so easily!

Besides, from the start, her target was not Barbarian but the V16.

Nora lowered her head, looked at the object in her hand, and finally breathed a sigh of relief.

What came next was sending the seriously injured and comatose Caleb to the hospital, as well as dealing with the affairs in school.

In the hospital, Nora unexpectedly ran into Epson.

He was being supported by someone as he walked out of a room after a checkup. He bragged to his student, I told you, Im fine, but you guys simply insist on me doing a full-body checkup because youre worried. Did you hear the doctor? Im fine!

His student replied, Its because you were trapped in the washroom when the archives caught fire. The temperature in the archives was very high when the fire was put out, it was very easy for you to burn yourself!

Epson curled his lips disdainfully. I told you, I wet a towel and blocked my mouth and nose with it!

The student nodded. Yeah, youre really lucky this time to not have suffered any burns at all, Professor Epson Even we suffered burns to some extent when we went in to save


Epson was very stuck-up. He said, Thats because you guys werent careful! Who do you think I am? Even Anti would have suffered burns in that situation, but not me! Ive at least beaten her again in this!

The students around him:


Epson leaving with Barbarian for the sake of the students had certainly moved her a little but this feeling lasted no more than three seconds.

What was wrong with Epson, really?

Couldnt he stop comparing himself to her?

She had never given a d.a.m.n about Epson before, okay?

The corners of Noras lips spasmed. She ignored them and walked straight ahead to check on Caleb.

She had just taken a couple of steps when she ran into Oscar.

Oscars arm was exposed. There was a large burn on it and blisters had formed all over it, making her grimace in pain. When she saw Nora, she asked, Where were you just now? Did you go to save Professor Epson too?

Nora: ?


Yeah, Professor Epson only left with Barbarian because he wanted to save us, so we all went to save him. You have no idea how dangerous the situation was. That serial killer is too vicious, he even set fire to the archives to burn Professor Epson to death. Fortunately, we arrived in time to put out the fire But even so, because we werent wearing protective clothing when we rushed in to save Professor Epson, all of us were scalded by the flames.


She was about to give her some kind of explanation when the door to the operating room Caleb was in suddenly opened. Someone shouted, Hes dying! The patient is dying! One of his ribs has punctured his lungs, none of our doctors can handle the operation! What do we do?

Noras eyes narrowed at once. What?

Wasnt Barbarian a little too strong? Was Caleb really going to croak in advance because he suffered all those kicks?

The doctor said, This is beyond my ability. Given his condition, theres likely only hope of saving him if Dr. Anti comes in person! Even so, putting aside the fact that we cant get in contact with Dr. Anti, even if we do get in contact with her, theres no way she can hurry over to the hospital within half an hour! But the patient doesnt have much time left!


When Oscar, who was following Nora at the back, heard the doctor, a regretful look came over her face. She said, How did Professor Gray show up on the top floor? What a huge shame, the murderer didnt manage to kill Epson but he killed Professor Gray instead? I feel so sorry for Professor Gray! If only Anti were here

She had only just spoken when she saw Nora suddenly reach upwards and tie up her hair. Immediately after, she walked straight to the operating room and said, Take me to him! Oscar was stunned. She followed after her and asked, What are you going there for? Are you a doctor? Even the doctor wanted to stop her but it was at this moment that Nora took out her medical license. The name on it was