She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 869 - It's In The Bag Now!

Chapter 869 - It's In The Bag Now!

Chapter 869 Its In The Bag Now!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

The sound of gunfire and footsteps rushed all the way up. Brenda showed up below them, only a flight of stairs away.

After Nora got the V16, she quickly backed away

As for Barbarian, who had killed so many people, even if he was reduced to pulp by Brenda and companys firepower, it had nothing to do with Nora.

Nora wasnt going to be a saint and think of Barbarian as a pitiful soul who had been forced into this.

It might be true that he had become what he was today because he had been used as an experimental subject when he was a child, but no matter the reason, it was no excuse for him to take other peoples lives at will!

Therefore, after Nora got the black box, she immediately stepped back to put distance between herself and Barbarian. However, it was right at this moment that Barbarian moved!

This didnt make sense though, because Nora had been planning for today for a long time. The silver needle might seem tiny but the amount of tranquilizer on it was absolutely capable of knocking out even an elephant!

However, Barbarian hadnt been knocked out.

All of that just now was just an act. No Perhaps he had indeed been paralyzed for an instant-or perhaps he had been paralyzed all the way until this momentbut regardless, just as Brenda rushed up and Nora took the V16 from him, Barbarian attacked!

His pistol had dropped onto the floor because of the paralysis.

Without a gun, he lunged at Noras wrist at lightning-fast speed and sneered. As it happens, I dont have a hostage with me at the moment!

In other words, he was going to take Nora hostage!

This way, even if Brenda and the others rushed up there, they could no longer bombard him with firepower.

Barbarian moved very quickly. Moreover, having successfully paralyzed him just now, anyone would be caught off-guard, no matter who they were. Once he succeeded, the V16 would still be his, and on top of that, he would even gain a hostage to save his life with!

Barbarian had it all planned out but all he grabbed was air.

Nora, who should have been nearby, was already two steps away from him at this moment, which happened to be just enough for her to escape his clutches!

Nora couldnt beat Barbarian in a fight.

She had known that a long time ago. In fact, when she was in the States, she had even suffered at his hands because of it. Even when she and Justin had joined forces, they were still no match for Barbarian.


Even if she had already prepared the needle and the tranquilizer, Nora would never make the mistake of underestimating the enemy again.

Thus, whether Barbarian was really paralyzed or just pretending, Nora was ready to flee the moment she got the V16.

Even so, despite having prepared for it in advance, Barbarian had nearly caught her.

Nora was greatly alarmed.

No wonder Brenda and the others couldnt catch Barbarian even after so many years. That man was simply too strong.

If it werent for the fact that the tranquilizer had indeed taken some effect and slowed Barbarians movements a little, she would still have been caught! It didnt matter that she had made so many preparations and how vigilant she had been.

She was simply too lucky to even have gotten away by the skin of her teeth.

Nora thought to herself while she fled up the stairs quickly.

She didnt dare to let her imagination run wild anymore-because Barbarian was already chasing after her madly after missing


Nora ran up with all her might. Once she reached the top floor where the field of vision was wide, she would only need to persevere for a minute no, in just ten seconds or so, Brenda and the others would be able to hurry over and bombard him with firepower!

However, she was still a little uneasy because Barbarians movements were simply too fast. The man had climbed more than 50 floors without a pause and had even been hit with tranquilizers, yet he was maintaining a speed equal to hers!

The two kept running with three steps between them the whole time

Nora went upstairs quickly, not daring to waste any time at all. Just as she was about to sprint over to a safe position she had in her sight, she suddenly heard a voice.

This way!

The sudden voice on the top floor startled Nora.

She turned her head sharply. In the split second that this took, Barbarian caught up with Nora and threw a punch at the back of her head!

After going up the last two floors, the tranquilizer in Barbarians body seemed to have dissipated. He had overcome it quickly. His powerful physical const.i.tution left Nora flabbergasted!

No matter how well-prepared she was, in the face of Barbarian, strength was what gave one the last say!

And he had never been one to be reasonable!

Nora could feel the punch coming toward the back of her head but her body seemed locked in place. Just when she could no longer break free

Someone suddenly lunged toward her from the side!


The man blocked the blow for Nora with his body, which sent him flying and he fell heavily on the floor.

With the V16 in her hand, Nora didnt dare to do anything. She only did a tuck-and-roll and put some distance between herself and Barbarian. Then she looked at the man eagerly.

She thought that Justin had finally come.

After all, it had been a long time since that sc.u.mbag last appeared. On top of that, he hadnt even contacted her.

However, she knew that Justin must be nearby and constantly paying attention to the V16!

But when she took a good look, the man who couldnt get back up anymore after Barbarian knocked him to the ground with a punch was actually Caleb?

Its you?

Barbarian, who was also clearly taken aback, uttered in surprise.

Caleb, who had collapsed on the floor, spat out a mouthful of blood.

The man, who had cancer, didnt have long to live, in the first place. The punch seemed to have hit his lungs, causing him to cough violently. Nevertheless, he still tried his best to speak. Barbarian cough Long time cough no see Cough, cough Its not too late to repent cough, cough

To h.e.l.l with repenting!

Barbarian seemed a little bemused. You and I are in the same boat. You should be hating people like them who didnt take our lives seriously. Yet you are defending her?!

Caleb suppressed the metallic taste of blood in his mouth and replied, She is also in the same boat as us. Her mother had experimented on her too! How is it the same?

Barbarian was furious. The injection her mother gave her was safe. Its a gene serum with an antidote, shes fine! But how many of us have died?

Upon hearing this, Caleb started to cough again. He said, But shes only after the V16 to save her son, he has also been used as an experimental subject. Isnt that enough?

No, its not! Barbarian stared at Caleb. How can that make up for those 1,000 children who died in the lab back then?

At this point, Barbarian suddenly lowered his eyes and sneered. Besides, what right do you have to judge me? Caleb, we have always been enemies, havent we? All five of us are enemies because we all need the V16! We all want to live!

So Since Ive run into you today, once Ive dealt with her, I dont mind getting rid of you, Truemans lackey, either! Besides, you are here to help Trueman get rid of me, right?

After speaking, Barbarian raised his fist again and charged toward Nora.

But as soon as he moved, someone grabbed his leg. Barbarian looked down to see Caleb clinging onto his leg and shouting to Nora, Hurry up and go!

Nora: !!!

She looked at the two, her gaze falling on Calebs face.


There was blood on the corner of the mans lip and he was as pale as a sheet. However, those deep and bottomless eyes of his showed determination at this moment.

You must have a death wis.h.!.+

Upon seeing what he was doing, Barbarian kicked him again.

Despite that, even though Caleb had already curled up in pain, he simply refused to let go!


Barbarian kicked him again.

Caleb threw up another mouthful of blood.


Barbarian didnt hold back and kicked him again, every kick landing on Calebs abdomen. Nora wasnt near them, but as a top surgeon, she knew that Calebs internal organs might already have s.h.i.+fted from the kicks.

She clenched her fists tightly.


Barbarian finally kicked Caleb away again, he slammed into the wall at the side and fainted.

Only then did Barbarian turn around and look at Nora.

The instant he was about to attack Freeze!

Fire! Suppress him!

Brenda and the others had finally arrived!!!

There was no way for Barbarian to fight back anymore!!