She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 868 - She Has Gotten The V16!!!

Chapter 868 - She Has Gotten The V16!!!

Chapter 868 She Has Gotten The V16!!!

The elevator went up quickly to the top floor.

As the archives building had been sealed off and no one was allowed to enter that night, the elevator didnt make any stops the whole way and it went up extremely quickly. No matter how fast Barbarian was, he wasnt going to be faster than the elevator.

Therefore, when Nora came out of the elevator, Barbarian had only just reached the halfway mark at best.

She looked down.

At Staav University, the building with the archives was the tallest and it had as many as fifty floors. It stood out among all the buildings in the schools and was the hallmark of Staav University.

This particular high-rise building had brought Staav University its success, so all the important things were kept here.

At the top of the building, the wind whistled loudly. It was as if one would be blown away the moment they looked away.

Noras gaze swept across the ground floor. Nearly all the police forces in the entire school had congregated downstairs and surrounded the building. With this, unless Barbarian could fly, there was no way he could escape.

And obviously, flying was impossible.

No matter how much human genes were improved, they would never be able to reach that point.

Therefore, it was inevitable that Barbarian would be arrested today.

Nora withdrew her gaze, took a deep breath, and walked to the stairs at the side. She opened the door and headed down the stairs to wait for Barbarian.

She stopped after only going down two to three floors. She stood there and listened to the sounds gradually traveling up from below.

Barbarian was physically very fit, so it was good to have him climb the stairs for a few more floors and burn some of his stamina.

Nora stood where she was with her cat-like eyes lowered and held her breath.

About two minutes later, she finally heard heavy footsteps.

She leaned against the wall and looked down quietly. The lights in the stairwell were all motion-sensitive, so the lights on each floor came on one by one as Barbarian rushed to the top.

Nora lurked in the dark quietly and watched as the lights below slowly came further and further up. At last, Barbarian reached the floor right below her!

After such a hike, even though the SWAT officers led by Brenda were all physically very fit, they ultimately couldnt catch up with Barbarian, whose genes had been improved. They were about five floors away from him.

The sound of gunfire downstairs traveled upwards constantly. Bullets. .h.i.t the walls, causing dust to fall.

When she heard Barbarians footsteps coming from below, Nora pressed her back even closer to the wall. The instant Barbarian finally turned around and was about to rush up!

Nora got up abruptly, propped her hand against the handrail of the stairs, and propelled herself forward. She shot forward like a leopard, her leg kicking towards Barbarian!

The whole way up, Barbarian had only been on guard against the gunfire from below. He never expected someone to attack from above, so he was stunned.


However, his genetically-improved body had long since reached the limits of the human body.

His brain might not have reacted yet, but his body, with its keen senses, responded instinctively. He suddenly balled up his fists, held his arms up in front of him in self-defense, and received the kick that Nora had delivered with all her strength!


The sound of bodies making contact resounded. Noras full-powered kick ultimately still forced Barbarian to take a couple of steps backward and he came to a stop at once.

The lights came on.

When Barbarian got a good look at Nora, his red eyes immediately revealed bloodthirsty murderous intent. He sneered and said, After Justin Hunt played those tricks on me in America, you also came here to ambush me. The two of you husband and wife are really two of a kind and incredibly insidious!

Thanks for the compliment.

Nora steadily stood where she was with a calm expression on her face. She saw that Brenda and her men were about to rush upstairs toward them, so she immediately said, Hand it over, and Ill let you through to the top.

Barbarian sneered at her mockingly. Your husband may have a chance of stopping me for a moment, but you? You actually dare to threaten me?

His gaze fell on Noras leg. If Im not wrong, your leg must be numb by now.

Noras leg was indeed numb.

Out of everything she had seen so far, Barbarians physical const.i.tution was truly one of a kind!

Even if she trained hard, she probably still wouldnt be able to achieve a physical condition like his.

Humans repeatedly trained and stimulated their muscles precisely to get closer and closer to the limits of what was humanly possible. However, Barbarian had undergone genetic modifications since he was a child; his body was the limit of human potential itself!

Despite that, Nora still looked relaxed. I know you are very strong, but no matter how powerful you are, you are still human. In the face of an all-out firearms a.s.sault, your body is not worth even a mention!

The firearms invented by human beings could instantly kill even an elephant, let alone Barbarian?

In order to catch Barbarian, Brenda had deployed a lot of firepower this time!

Even if Barbarian was wearing a bulletproof vest, there was no way he could withstand so many attacks.

Barbarian narrowed his eyes. As he listened to the approaching footsteps from below, he let out a low bark. You must be sick of living!

He rushed forward mercilessly at once. Instead of trying to break through with brute force, this time, he brandished a pistol. Just as he was about to shoot Nora, his arm suddenly went numb!

Barbarian lowered his head abruptly to see a silver needle stuck into his arm.

He raised his head sharply again. Nora was still standing where she was as though she hadnt moved. A silver glint, however, flashed across her fingertips-obviously, she was the one who had shot the needle at him.

Barbarian frowned and sneered again. Do you think a mere needle can take me down? Even if it can penetrate my bulletproof vest, what can it do to me? You are just an ant trying to do things beyond your power!

As he spoke, he tried to raise his arm once more-only to find that it had become completely numb. His fingers were also not as nimble anymore

Seeing this, Nora finally took a deep breath. She continued to stay far away from him as she slowly said, Yes, a needle isnt muchbut what if its coated with tranquilizers?

On top of that, it was a dose capable of knocking out an elephant.

Nora had never dared to underestimate her opponent. Back in the States, shed already had a taste of how powerful Barbarian was. Even when she and Justin had joined forces, they were unable to force Barbarian back in the slightest!

Therefore, back when Brenda confirmed that Barbarian was here, she had already made full preparations.

Otherwise, why would she come up here all by herself to intercept him? She wasnt stupid.

Wouldnt she be tempting fate for nothing if she did?

Barbarian tried his best to move his fingers again but found that they had indeed become a lot stiffer. In fact, with his movements, the numbness had spread to his entire arm

If this went on, the tranquilizer would soon spread throughout his entire body as blood circulated through his arteries.

The sound of Brenda and the others chasing after him traveled up from below again at this timethey had already caught up!

Barbarian, who didnt have time to fire at Nora anymore, wanted to rush up the stairs right away.

Id advise you not to move.

Nora said impa.s.sively, The more intense your actions, the faster your blood flows and the quicker the tranquilizer will take effect

Barbarian: !

His senses were very keen. He could already feel the numbness starting to spread from his arm to the rest of his limbs He couldnt move anymore!

As soon as Barbarian discovered this, he heard the thin woman standing above say coldly and lazily, Oh, wait, youve already had intense exercise when you were climbing the stairs just now, so blood was already circulating through your arteries more quickly than usual. Therefore, you probably cant move anymore by now, right?

Barbarian: !

No matter how slow Barbarian might be, at this moment, he finally understood-he had been fooled!

When the woman was advising him against moving and whatnot just now, she had merely been stalling for time.

He glared at Nora furiously.

Nora, however, waited for another two seconds. She couldnt afford to wait for Brenda and the others to reach because their firepower would turn Barbarian into swiss cheese and end up destroying the V16!

Therefore, after calculating the time, she came up to Barbarian from upstairs. With her needle as a blade, she made a quick slash, cutting through the bandages that Barbarian had tied firmly around himself, and took the black box!!