She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 867 - Her V16!!

Chapter 867 - Her V16!!

Chapter 867 Her V16!!

A vigilant Barbarian kept his eyes peeled.

Back in the US, he had opened the safe only to find a bomb inside.

He had nearly died in the US.

Instead of rus.h.i.+ng up to it recklessly, this time, he opened it gently and looked at the filing cabinet warily.

The filing cabinet was even more complex and secure than the banks interior, which went to show just how rich and solid Staav Universitys history and foundation were. Their level of protection towards these unpublished intellectual properties was at the peak!

There were no bombs or hidden weapons inside, probably to prevent injuring students if they accidentally opened it.

However, this made Barbarian feel that everything had come too easily.

At this time, Nora had already gone around the laboratory to a window. The windows here were made of bulletproof gla.s.s and it wasnt easy to open them.

They were just there to let light into the room. One couldnt get in by tampering with the windows.

Nora squatted down quietly.

The gla.s.s was originally meant to be a means of protection for the archives but it had instead become a barrier. She could only look in, in hopes of verifying File No. 004s authenticity.

She saw Barbarian cautiously take out a box from the filing cabinet. When he opened it and glanced inside, his eyes lit up.

He carefully put the box into a pouch. Then, he took out bandages and tied them around himself to prevent the contents from falling out when he charged out of the archives later.

He wrapped the bandages around nearly a dozen times before he threw the tape aside.

Then, he looked at Epson coldly.

Epson was hurting all over. He had been beaten up, and while they were walking over, he was so terrified that he had gone limp all over. He couldnt even stand.

Seeing that he had found what he was after, Epson asked, You have what you want now. C-can I go?

Barbarian, however, lowered his eyes and sneered contemptuously. The man seemed like someone who rarely spoke and his voice was as cold and ruthless as ever as he replied, How am I supposed to get away without a hostage?

One could only enter and leave the archives through the door; everywhere else was securely sealed. It was indeed true that he would only be able to leave through the door

After Barbarian had what he wanted, he grabbed Epson and headed out.

When they reached the door, Barbarian put his pistol against Epsons temple and made him stand in front of him. Only then did he open the door and walk out.

As soon as he did, he saw Brenda leading a group of SWAT officers nearby. She looked at him warily and said, Barbarian, youd best put down your weapon and surrender. Do you really think you can break through all of us here?

Upon hearing this, Barbarian narrowed his eyes and hoisted Epson slightly again. If you want him dead, then come and catch me!

His words made Brendas brows draw together.

Epson looked at Brenda. By then, his face was already covered with tears.

Next to Brenda, Aaron gritted his teeth and said, Captain Brenda, who cares about his hostage? We had already told that guy that it was dangerous, yet he still insisted on carrying out his experiments. Anyway, he has already signed the liability waiver agreement, so even if he dies, it has nothing to do with us. Lets go!

Aaron had been holding back his desire to avenge his comrade-in-arms for a long time now!

Barbarians whereabouts were simply too hard to get hold of.

Even now, despite the two parties being in such close proximity, Barbarian was still neatly dressed and his body fully covered. Even at this point, they still didnt even know what he really looked like!

Now that they had finally found leads on Barbarian after tracking him for so long, how could he give up?!

Upon hearing what Aaron said, Epson was full of regrets. Tears streamed down his face as he sobbed. I was wrong, I really was. Captain Brenda, I should have trusted you guys Im the one who caused this whole situation today, its all my fault

Immediately after he spoke, Epson suddenly lowered his head and bit down hard on Barbarians hand!

He knew that the SWAT officers did not care whether he lived or died!

There was no use complaining about them either. The only thing he could do now was to seek a way out himself.

Sure enough, the instant he suddenly lowered his head, the pain made Barbarian push him away.

As the two were standing at the door to the archives, Barbarians push sent Epson back into the archives. Epson, who had finally regained freedom of movement, was so terrified that he ran straight into the archives. As he did, he even searched for cover.


Brendas eyes lit up at once when she saw that Epson was temporarily out of danger. She shouted, Charge!!

Then, she paused for merely a second before she added, Take him down, dead or alive!

Sometimes, in order to catch the fugitive alive, the police would act with scruples, but in Barbarians case they had long since wanted him dead!

The very instant she said that, everyone raised their submachine guns and started spraying bullets at Barbarian!

This was what entered Noras sight after she went around the archives and came over.

The ground floor was nearly surrounded by the SWAT team and they had even prepared large-caliber guns. There was probably no way out for Barbarian this time!

However, she was afraid that the V16 in Barbarians possession would end up damaged.

She wanted to rush forward and stop Brendas barrage of gunfire but it seemed that Barbarian had expected all this.

Since he had already decided to come to the school to steal the V16 and even put the SWAT team on alert long ago, how would he possibly come straight over so stupidly? He was obviously prepared. When Epson fled, he hadnt immediately tried to shoot him. Instead, he took out a smoke bomb and hurled it onto the floor.

As a result, there was a cloud of smoke in front of the SWAT team when Brenda gave her orders. Without a target, everyone could only recklessly rake the area with bullets.


Brenda took the lead and rushed over, but then she suddenly heard Epson scream.

She didnt spare Epson even a glance. After weaving through the smoke, she caught a flash of Barbarian darting into the fire escape at the side!

Brenda picked up her walkie-talkie at once. Close off the emergency exits on all floors and launch a carpet search!

As long as Barbarian was still in the building, he would never be able to escape!

Brenda was not anxious. She mustnt disperse her forces and spread herself thin, so she would keep her men with her and go after him step by step!

When Nora saw Barbarian rus.h.i.+ng into the corridor and Brenda also charging in with a group of SWAT officers, without any hesitation, she ran to the elevator nearby and immediately pressed the b.u.t.ton for the top floor.

Brenda and company chased after Barbarian upwards from the bottom.

Also, while she was running to the elevator, she picked up her cell phone and activated the buildings security system, instantly locking all the emergency exits leading in and out of the fire escape!

By making use of Staav Universitys security system, she saved Brenda and the other SWAT officers a whole lot of trouble.

With this, Barbarian could only go up and down the fire escape. He couldnt enter the main building through the fire escapes emergency exits.

Because she had locked all of them.

Nora then entered the elevator and pressed the b.u.t.ton for the top floor.

As the elevator door slowly closed, she saw that the archives were on fire. However, with the police helping to put it out, Epson would only suffer burns at most. His life wouldnt be in danger.

She slowly lowered her gaze and waited to welcome her V16.