She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 866 - You Have Been Surrounded!

Chapter 866 - You Have Been Surrounded!

Chapter 866 You Have Been Surrounded!

To be honest, Nora didnt feel much of a sense of belonging to the people here.

Moreover, they had even disregarded her kind intentions and refused to heed her advice. One could say that they had only themselves to blame for their predicament.

If Epson and the two students hadnt left, the door to the lab would have been locked. Even someone like Barbarian would have had to put in some work to get in and they would definitely have held out until the police came.

Nora narrowed her eyes and looked at Barbarian coldly.

Just as Barbarian was about to pull the trigger again, Epson suddenly said, Fine, Ill talk! Ill talk! Dont shoot!

Nora stopped what she was about to do and shrank back. She looked at Epson in surprise.

Did Epson have clues to the gene serum?

How could that be?!

She broke into a huge frown. The next moment, she saw Barbarian, whose eyes had also lit up, look at Epson.

A pathetic-looking Epson got up from the floor. He was terrified to the extreme by then and his voice trembled as he said, I know where the thing you are looking for is!

Barbarian stepped forward abruptly and grabbed his collar. Where is it?

Epson took a deep breath and slowly said, I know what you are looking for and I can tell you what you want, but you must promise not to hurt these students! They are innocent!

Barbarian sneered. I dont care about those worthless people.

Epson swallowed.

He looked at Barbarian and spoke again. I hope you keep your word. But in order to ensure the students safety, I will only tell you what you want to know after they have all left!

Barbarian: ?

He subconsciously wanted to agree to the request, but a low voice came from his earphone at this point and Barbarian kept quiet. A moment later, he sneered and said, You are in no position to negotiate with me. Tell me what I want to know immediately!

Epson frowned. I


Barbarian shot another students thigh!

The bullet struck the students femoral artery and he fell to the floor at once, his blood spreading all over it!

Okay, Ill talk!

Epson didnt dare to delay any longer. He said, What you want is in the archives! File No. 004!

Barbarian sneered, Why should I believe


Epson took a deep breath and replied, File No. 004 is a top-secret doc.u.ment and even I cant access it. The gene serum you mention can only be this doc.u.ment! Thats all I know!

After he spoke, for fear that Barbarian would shoot again, he said, The archives are built from the st.u.r.diest material invented by the school. Without my pupils to unlock the door, you wont be able to get in, so dont kill these students! Otherwise, I wont help you!

At the critical moment, Epson exhibited the demeanor he should have as a teacher.

Barbarian glanced at him and then at the terrified students in the room. He sneered and said in a low voice, A bunch of cowards! Absolutely boring!

Then, he grabbed Epson and ordered, Come to the archives with me!

Epson breathed a sigh of relief. Okay, Ill go with you!

After speaking, he looked back at the students in the laboratory. He hurt everywhere from being beaten up just now and he was shaking all over in fear. However, he still said in a trembling voice, S-stay here and dont move around, all of you. Get a doctor to treat their injuries immediately


After leaving instructions, he took step after step to the door while Barbarian pulled him.

He was limping a little from being beaten up.

Maybe because Barbarian found him too slow, he grabbed his collar and half-dragged him to the door. However, Epson didnt put up any resistance.

The students couldnt help but call out, Professor

Epson stopped

He turned back slowly.

The students looked at him.

There was usually fear in the students eyes when they worked under him for his experiments. Most of them were with him just for credits and to successfully complete their degree.

He relied on such things to control the students and make them show him a great deal of respect.

But at this moment, Epson found that the look in the students eyes had changed.

Their eyes were filled with sentiment, much like cubs looking at their mother who had to leave in order to protect them

Epson knew that he was most likely going to be out of luck once he left. He suddenly said, I may have lost to Anti in my experiment, but as a teacher, I didnt lose to her, right?

Nora, who was still hiding behind the desk, was taken aback.

The students eyes instantly reddened.

Oscar was also stunned and she couldnt recover for a long while.

For a while, none of the students in the room spoke.

Barbarian would never give Epson time to talk nonsense, so without waiting for the students replies, he dragged Epson out of the lab.

After they left, the students in the lab instantly relaxed.

At this time, the sound of the police confronting Barbarian outside also reached them. One could vaguely hear Barbarian holding Epson hostage and moving toward the archives.

Some police officers also rushed into the laboratory and administered first aid to the students who were shot

The students were in a mess.

Some were so scared that they burst into tears while some huddled together as they trembled. Everyone seemed to be in shock

It was at this moment that someone suddenly said, Professor Epson

As soon as the person spoke, choked sobs echoed in the room.

Oscar also murmured to herself blankly, I always thought of Professor Epson as a bad teacher. He is mean, his credits are hard to earn, he has awfully high expectations of students, and he is extremely arrogant and keeps harping about being rivals with Anti.. But actually, Professor Epson is a good teacher

A lot of them shared Oscars sentiments

Nora, however, took a deep breath and darted out of the door while the students were in turmoil!

Epson had told Barbarian about File No. 004 and they had gone to look for clues.

If she went over a step too slow, it was highly likely that the clues would be taken away by Barbarian!

The thought made Nora speed up her movements even further.

As soon as she approached the archives, she saw that the police were already in formation outside. Brenda was shouting into the archives, Barbarian! You have been surrounded! Put down your weapons and come out at once!

However, inside the room, Barbarian turned a deaf ear to the noise outside.

His eyes were on the wall filled with files.

The door was closed and the police would not be coming in for a while.

He threw Epson aside. After confirming that he couldnt walk, he walked up to the wall in the archives and counted them in order.

The files on biogenetics were on the left.

He strode over, whereupon he immediately spotted File No. 004 sitting there quietly!

Barbarians hands were shaking. He gently opened the door