She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 865 - Barbarian Is Here!!

Chapter 865 - Barbarian Is Here!!

Chapter 865 Barbarian Is Here!!


The student fell straight to the floor, causing everyone to take a step back in shock.

It was also at this time that they realized that he was bleeding at the back of his head. Then, a strong and well-built man dressed fully in black, wearing a baseball cap and a black face mask, walked in.

He was not strong and muscular in the traditional sense, where one had bulging muscles and was big, tall, and mighty. Rather, he had a tall and slender figure but every muscle on his body seemed to be just right.

Although one couldnt see what he looked like, there was ferocity and savagery in his eyes.

Nora was certain that he was Barbarian pretty much right off the bat!

She had met him in the room with the safe-deposit boxes in the Bank of New York back then.

Nora held her breath and clenched her fists.


Barbarian had someone in his grip. With a light push, he pushed Epson into the laboratory. Epson looked in horror at the students dead body on the floor and swallowed hard.

The rest of the students screamed and retreated in panic.

The four girls hid at the back. In fact, the other two were already hiding under the testbed. They huddled under the table as they shook in fear.

While Nora was observing Barbarian, Oscar pulled her by the arm and she hid under the table together with Oscar.

Oscar was shaking all over, her fearful and horror-stricken eyes big and wide. She gestured to Nora to keep quiet.

She actually remembered to pull her to safety at a critical moment like this

Nora formed a bit of a good impression of Oscar.

Oscar took out her cell phone, typed on it, and showed the screen to Nora: Dont make a sound. Dont be afraid, the police are nearby. They will definitely come to save us!


When she looked up, she saw that even though Oscar was clearly terrified, she still nodded affirmatively at her as though she was trying to give her confidence.

She cast her eyes down and looked out through the gap under the table.

Epsons arms were raised and he swallowed. The door to the laboratory had already been shut by then. Barbarian stood at the door, his eyes quietly observing everything in the room. He stared straight at Epson and said slowly, The gene serum.

His voice was very low and deep. Additionally, the man spoke very briefly and concisely. It seemed like he was a very reticent man.

Epson was taken aback. He said, What gene serum? I I dont know

Barbarian stepped forward abruptly and grabbed his wrist. To outsiders, it seemed like he had only exerted a little force, but Epson immediately cried out in pain. By the time Barbarian let go, his hand had already slumped down loosely, his wrist obviously broken.

Epson fell to the floor and rolled around in pain. None of the students beside him dared to step forward.

Barbarian spoke again. Tell me everything about the gene serum.

He spoke very slowly, just like how he had back in the States.

Epson waved and hurriedly explained, I really dont know anything about a gene serum or whatnot. Can you be reasonable? I am just an unimportant little professor, how would I possibly know about such big things?!

Barbarian frowned.

His red eyes were filled with suspicion.

Nora noticed that Barbarian didnt seem to know what to say but he suddenly turned his head as though he was listening to a voice in his earphone.

Thereupon, Barbarian suddenly understood something. He walked over immediately and asked, Which file in the archives is related to the gene serum?

Epson wanted to cry. He replied, I really dont know. The files in the archives are all accessible. If you want to know, I can check them out for you But Ive never heard of the gene serum or whatever youre talking about

Youre lying!

Barbarian was very hot-tempered. Just like in the US back then, he got violent the moment he didnt get the answer he wanted. He kicked Epson, sending him flying. It wasnt until he crashed into a chair that he finally came to a stop.

The kick made Epson cough up a mouthful of blood.


The girl squatting at the table nearby screamed in fright, attracting Barbarians attention.

Barbarian turned his head and looked over.

The rest of the students gathered. A boy suddenly said, A-are you the serial killer? Do you know that there are thirty of us here?! You cant beat us alone! You

Before he could finish, Barbarian suddenly fished out a silver pistol from his pocket and shot his knee.


The boy fell to his knees.

With that, the others finally realized just how strong he was. Putting aside his physical strength that could send one flying with a single kick, just his gun alone already meant that none of them was a match for him.

Just as they were in a panic, Barbarian suddenly looked at Epson again. Are you sure you dont know anything about the gene serum?

Epson was curled up on the floor in pain. When he heard the question, he nodded hurriedly. I really dont know anything, I


Another gunshot rang out.

Barbarian shot another student.

The man, whose eyes were blood-red, said, If you really cant remember, then I can get them to jog your memory a little.

Epson: !

His eyes widened and he shouted furiously, They are students! They dont know anything! C-come at me if you want something! Dont go after them!

Barbarian narrowed his eyes a little. He turned his head sideways again, likely listening to s.p.a.ceys instructions. The next moment, he held up the pistol and pointed it at another student. Will you talk or not?

Nora, who was hiding under the table, was already clenching her fists.

She was not Barbarians match nor was she a police officer. However, when she saw Epson, someone who was usually awfully bad-tempered, protecting his students, for some reason, an impetuous feeling suddenly surged up in her.

She cast her eyes down and lightly expelled a breath of air.

She was no saint.

She had waited here for Barbarian so that she could find out what his intentions were, and also to get a clear look at his movements, so as to prepare for the retrieval of File No. 004 later on.

Now that she had discovered that Barbarian only knew that the gene serum was in Staav University but didnt know anything else, she was relieved.

She really shouldnt be going out there at this time.

Firstly, Barbarian was armed. Not only was she not his match in the first place, but she would probably even be shot in the head the moment she showed herself.

Secondly, there were more than thirty students present. If Barbarian beat up or killed them one by one, she reckoned that the police would probably break in before it was even her turn. With that, she could also leave the laboratory safely.

In fact, if she didnt show herself, Barbarian might not even know that she was here let alone fight with her for File No. 004. She could quietly leave with the antidote.

Either way, no matter how one looked at it, this was the best course of action.

But when she saw Barbarian pointing his gun at a student again, Nora narrowed her eyes.