She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 85 - Eating Her Words At The Dance Party! 3

Chapter 85 - Eating Her Words At The Dance Party! 3

Chapter 85 - Eating Her Words At The Dance Party! 3

Rachel craned her neck and looked at the entrance. She saw that a group of people had already swarmed over.

She glanced at Sheril and Nora who had just finished dancing. A hint of arrogance and triumph flashed across her eyes. She neatened her dress, cast her eyes down, and said, "I'm going to go over and say hello to Ms. Turner."

Caden's eyes lit up. He said, "I'll—"

Before he could say the words "go with you", Rachel cut him off and said, "The people gathered around Tanya over there are all rich and famous young ladies. What are you going over there for? Just wait. Tanya will eventually have to come over to my house for classes. You'll see her then."

She turned and left immediately after saying that.

Rachel spoke imperiously and loudly, so everyone dancing nearby heard her, causing them to look at Caden in a half-amused manner.

Caden clenched his fists. He felt as if he had been given a few hard slaps across his cheeks.

Rachel simply didn't respect him at all!

During the last few days where he practiced dancing with her, he had been lectured severely like a kid every day. She had such a bad temper!

He couldn't help but look into the distance—the woman in the red gown had already walked over to the sofa and sat down.

Caden, who was having an internal struggle, stood in place for a while. Then, he walked over.

Dancing tango was very tiring. An out-of-breath Sheril went over to the resting area with Nora and took a seat.

"You're amazing at dancing, Nora!" It had been a very long time since Sheril had last had such a good time dancing. A look of excitement came over her rosy cheeks.

Nora's lip corners slowly curled into a smile, though she kept quiet.

The flurry of activity at the door attracted their attention and they looked over to see that a huge crowd had gathered over there. They didn't know who had arrived, though.

While they were wondering about it, a few people next to them who were also trotting over to the entrance said, "Tanya Turner's here! My goodness! This year's dance party is totally worth coming!"

When she heard the name Tanya Turner, a taken aback Sheril immediately looked at Nora!

She remained comfortably seated on the sofa and didn't move. Instead, she said lazily, "That woman's the center of attention wherever she goes, so she'll probably be held up for a while. Don't worry, I'll introduce the two of you to each other later."

Sheril immediately nodded. "Okay!"

Anyone who liked dancing would want to get acquainted with someone like Tanya.

She looked at the entrance excitedly…

However, a voice suddenly rang out beside her at this moment. "Come with me, Sheril."

The familiar voice made Sheril's eyes dim.

When she turned and saw Caden standing next to her with his usual smile, she felt as if her heart had been pierced by a needle.

She cast her eyes down and asked coldly and distantly, "Is something the matter?"

Caden didn't expect her to treat him so coldly. In the past, whenever he came over to coax her after they got into an argument, even though she had also pulled a long face, she always treated him with respect and followed him to the corner to talk.

It seemed like she was pretty angry this time.

Caden let out a sigh. He half-squatted beside her and said, "Don't be mad anymore, Sheril."

"Don't be mad anymore"…

He spoke the same way as he had done in the past, like an innocent man with a low EQ who had no idea how he had made her angry. It made one not have the heart to lose their temper at him.

Sheril cast her eyes down and said, "Yeah, I'm not angry anymore."

Caden immediately brightened and reached out to take her hand. However, before he could, the girl avoided his touch. Sheril looked at him coldly and said, "We don't have anything to do with each other anymore, so why would I still be angry with you?"

Caden was stunned to the spot. His brows drew together as if he really didn't get it. He said, "Stop kicking up a fuss, Sheril. There's really nothing between Rachel and me. We're just working with each other!"

Kicking up a fuss?

Sheril smiled wryly, finding him really ridiculous. "Whatever your relationship with her is, it has nothing to do with me."

"Sheril, you just said that you aren't angry anymore, so why are you saying such things again?" Caden took a deep breath and said, "The only reason why I danced with Rachel is for Tanya's guidance. She does indeed have a bad temper and is always saying things to shame and embarrass you, but can't you put up with it a little for the sake of my future?"

He had a smile on his face when he said that.

Sheril felt extremely disgusted.

Her expression turned icy and she said, "You're mistaken about something, Caden."


Sheril sneered, "My mother didn't give birth to me and raise me in fine clothes and exquisite food to have me suffer with you and be bullied!"

'Suffer with you'…

Caden clenched his fists and said, "At the bottom of it all, it's just because you look down on me, right? You think you're a rich young lady while I'm a penniless pauper, right?"

Sheril, "?"

If she really were someone who cared about things like that, why would she date him for two years?

However, she couldn't be bothered to say any more. She immediately said, "Please stay away from me."

Caden, however, looked livid. He said, "That's enough, Sheril! Do you really think you're some rich young lady? Wake up! The Andersons have long since fallen into decline!"

Sheril's eyes widened. "What?"

Caden's words were vicious and nasty. "Your family is about to fall out of the ranks of the rich soon! What are you still throwing a tantrum like a rich young woman here for?! Your family probably can't even talk to Tanya Turner, let alone ask her to hold classes!

"You always say that you're not interested in becoming a professional dancer and prefer to coop yourself up at home to study medicine, but in my opinion, it's not because you don't want to but because you can't!

"The only part about you that's better than Rachel is that you have a better temper! But in terms of family background, how do you even compare to her? She's the real princess here, alright? Her family can ask Tanya Turner to hold classes for her just because she wants to learn how to dance!"

While he was talking, Rachel had already squeezed her way to the front of the crowd.

Tanya was tall and slender. Dressed in a casual outfit and a baseball cap, she was currently signing autographs for others. She had a grin on her face and a hearty, outgoing personality.

When it was Rachel's turn, she asked, "Tanya, do you still remember me? The Woods have made an appointment with you for a dance class."

"The Woods?" Tanya blinked. "Oh, Rachel Wood, right?"

Nora had mentioned to her that she was living with the Andersons in New York.

Thus, she had asked someone to find out more about them. Melissa Anderson, the current mistress of the Andersons, was a daughter of the Woods, so the two families likely shared a very close relationship.

It just so happened that the Woods had also made an appointment with her for a dance class at a high price, so she had made an effort to remember a bit more about Rachel, lest she embarrasses Nora.

After the two chatted casually a little, Tanya said, "Sorry everyone, I'm here today to look for a close friend. Let's do the autographs again another day!"

Everyone there was respectable people in the circle, so they stepped aside after she said that.

After Tanya left, they immediately surrounded Rachel.

"Wow, Rachel! Ms. Turner remembers your name!"

"Given the Woods' status, coupled with how Rachel is indeed pretty talented in dancing, what's so strange about Tanya remembering her? That's the way it should be!"

As she listened to their flattery, a triumphant smile formed on Rachel's countenance.

So what even if Sheril had danced well just now?

Tanya probably didn't even know who she was!

It was just that, who exactly was Tanya looking for?