She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 857 - Found it!!

Chapter 857 - Found it!!

Chapter 857 Found it!!

When Brenda heard this, a sharp look came into her eyes and she lowered her gaze. She said, Tell our guys not to listen to them. They are just a bunch of ignorant and pedantic students!

Aaron nodded. But right after, he heaved a deep sigh. Everyone understands that, its just that we are also anxious. Did we really make an error in judgment this time? Is Barbarian not here?

Hes here.

Brenda was very sure.

Firstly, the way Professor Mayer was killed completely matched Barbarians modus operandi. Secondly, Caleb was here. Additionally, he also clearly stated that Trueman had only sent him here to look for leads after he got to know of Barbarians whereabouts.

Therefore, Barbarian must be in Staav University

But why was it that they simply couldnt find him?

Aaron couldnt help but say, We kept everyone unrelated to the school out of campus yesterday. Was he unable to get in? Thats why he didnt take any action?

The professors all had their own living quarters in the staff dormitories, so none of them had gone home the day before. All of them had stayed in the dormitories.

Therefore, the whole school was currently sealed off.

Had Barbarian really been unable to get in as a result?

Brenda found it unlikely, though.

For Barbarian to walk away unscathed every time after he killed so many people, what he relied on was precisely his strong fighting abilities. A door wouldnt be able to shut him out.

Brenda couldnt help looking at Aaron once more. Get someone to verify once more whether all the professors came for work normally today.

Aaron nodded. I have already contacted Peter, the director cooperating with our investigation of the professors and students this whole time, just now. He has confirmed that all professors have reported for and also that there are no students or professors absent from so far.

Brenda frowned. She was very puzzled. While she was thinking, a few people, who looked like students, pa.s.sed by her. When they saw her, they pointed at her and said, You see that woman there? Thats the woman. Shes from Interpol. She must be why the police are so incompetent this time! First of all, women cant compare to men because they tend to become emotional in their way of handling things. Just now, I heard that she determined that were facing a serial murderer because of her intuition? What kind of times are we living in? Does anyone solve cases with their intuition?

Also, she said yesterday that someone would definitely be killed last night, so a lot of policemen were dispatched to handle the situation. But not only was there no news of anyone being killed, the lab that worked overtime last night even turned out fine! I really dont understand why the president is cooperating with them

Sigh, our project was originally supposed to be completed with just two more nights of overtime but it was postponed all because of her. Even the investors have become unhappy about this.

Ours, too. Epson said that the whole school was very quiet last night and nothing happened at all. He also said that shes doing all this for Anti!

Anti? What does it have to do with Anti?

The officer said that Anti is her sister-in-law. Anti is currently conducting research in the US on the same topic as Epson, so the two of them are racing against time to see who can clinch the project first. Thats why the officer made up a ridiculous excuse like this to make things difficult for Epson. Unfortunately for her, he was not fooled. Our professor didnt dare to take responsibility for potential accidents, so he obeyed their instructions, but Epson signed a waiver saying that he would take responsibility if anything happens in his lab!

The two left while discussing the incident in low voices.

Aaron was furious. He wanted to go up and reason with them but Brenda held him back.

Ignore them, she said.

Aaron took a deep breath.

Brenda wanted to say something, but out of the corner of her eye, she suddenly glimpsed a familiar figure in the corner ahead. She cast her eyes down, suddenly took Aarons arm, and said, Alright, Aaron, lets talk business instead!

Aaron: ?

However, he lived up to the name of being long-term partners with Brenda and immediately understood what she meant. Right off the bat, he said, Sure. Have you had lunch? You must be exhausted after the busy morning. Lets have lunch first!


After Brenda answered, the two walked off intimately.

Only after they went into the distance did Solo come out of the corner. The skinny man clenched his fists tightly, awfully mad. He asked Nora beside him, How am I inferior to that officer?

Nora replied, You are not as tall as him.

Her one-liner pierced Solos chest like a knife.

Solo retorted, Arent I just a little shorter than him?

Youre not as strong and muscular as him.

A second knife was plunged into Solos chest.

Nora looked Solo up and down. Apart from your face, which is still not too bad, everything else about you seems to be inferior to him?

Solo: ?

He felt that a rain of blades had just showered on him!!

Solo heaved a silent sigh and lowered his head. No matter how much better he is than me, Brenny likes me, not him.

Nora: ?

Are you that confident? She asked.

Of course. Solo said, Do you think Ill get into a relations.h.i.+p with someone so casually? I know Brenny was up to no good when she first approached me, but her feelings for me, later on, were genuine. I feel the same way towards her too!


I just want to know why on earth Brenny is ignoring me? There must be something wrong in here!

Nora nodded.

She also knew that something was wrong, but if Brenda refused to say anything, then she couldnt do anything either.


Brenda and Aaron went to the school cafeteria. As it was lunchtime, there were a lot of people there.

When the pair entered, many students started to gesture at and talk about them.

Of course, public opinion was not overwhelmingly one-sided. There were still quite a fair number of people who spoke up for them.

The police are just doing this in the name of prudence. Itd be best that the murderer doesnt exist, but what if its true? Projects are important but when compared with our lives, arent our lives still more important?

Aaron paid attention to the ongoings around him as he ate.

Our lives are indeed important but these rumors are really wrong. Everyone knows that Barbarian has to kill for five consecutive days once he goes on a killing spree. Since nothing happened last night, this means that there is absolutely no problem! Its not Barbarian

The students were extremely concerned about the case, so everyone was discussing it.

Even Aaron couldnt help but start to doubt himself. He said, Captain Brenda, are you sure its really Barbarian? Peter has confirmed with me again that all the professors have indeed reported for work. This doesnt match Barbarians pattern. Also, if there is no murder case, then Im afraid the police will really have to withdraw tomorrow

Upon hearing this, Brenda suddenly looked up at him. Just now, you said that the professors have all reported for work, but what about Peter himself?

Aaron was taken aback. Peter and I have been contacting each other by cell phone all this time. I havent seen him today but he was talking in the group chat early this morning.

Brendas movements as she ate became slower and slower and she could no longer hear all the voices around them.

She suddenly asked, Peter was also a lecturer before he became the director, right? What did he teach?

Aaron was stunned. He swallowed and answered, Biomedicine.