She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 856 - Barbarian's Modus Operandi!

Chapter 856 - Barbarian's Modus Operandi!

Chapter 856 Barbarians Modus Operandi!

Everyone laughed when Epson said that.

It gradually became bright outside. One by one, the Staav University professors reported for work. Students also gradually woke up in the dormitories and went for their

Everyone had believed Brenda when she said with absolute conviction that Barbarian would definitely take action-after all, Interpol had extraordinary status.

Regardless, Epson still went to the university presidents office and told him that the serial murderers or whatnot didnt exist at all. He even pointed out something angrily and said, Professor Mayer was probably killed at home by people seeking revenge on him, but that group of people are not only clinging onto this but even carrying this over to a serial killer hypothesis. This is just the polices excuse for their incompetence! There are so many projects to be done at Staav University, are we really going to follow their instructions and leave work on time every day? This is ridiculous!

Upon hearing Epson, the other professors and students rus.h.i.+ng their work also approached the president to lodge their complaints.

Our projects cannot afford any more delays! Since nothing went wrong in Professor Epsons lab last night, this means its okay for us to work after hours too.

Yeah, we cant halt our progress just because of a murderer who may not even exist.

If our progress is affected, it will also affect Staav University.

The president couldnt hold up under the pressure of so many people, so he went to Brenda.

Captain Brenda, I know you guys are from Interpol, but nothing has happened at all last night. The murder pattern of that serial killer Barbarian you mentioned, is that once he starts killing, he must kill one person every day before hell stop, but no one died last night. The professors and students have begun to raise objections and they are complaining that your regulatory measures are too strict!

Brenda, who was dressed in a military uniform, straightened her back. She looked at the president and slowly asked, Are you sure there is nothing wrong with all the professors?

Yes, Im sure!

The president sighed. Although we are morally obligated to cooperate with you, nothing of the sort that you mentioned happened yesterday, so I think you must be mistaken. Its impossible that Barbarian would be in the school. Alternatively, maybe the screening was done well yesterday, so he didnt have a chance to enter the school at all. Im afraid we cant cooperate with you anymore.

Brenda explained nervously, Sir, yesterdays situation was indeed unexpected and non-conforming to Barbarians killing pattern, but trust me, I have been tracking him for three years now. Theres no way I would be wrong. He must be the one who killed that professor on the first day! Hes definitely here in Staav University!

The replied, I believed you when you told me this yesterday. When I asked you if you had any evidence, you told me that you were basing this on intuition. But Captain Brenda, there are times when ones intuition can go wrong. Do you have any actual evidence? For example, traces of himself that Barbarian leaves behind after he kills someone?

A stern-faced Brenda explained, He has always been cautious and doesnt leave anything but a poker card behind after he murders someone. When Professor Mayer died, there was a poker card in his home.

The president sighed. But what if the murderer deliberately did that to mislead you? So that youll suspect its Barbarian? The school carries out and researches hundreds of projects every year and many of them are pressed for time. They really cant afford to be delayed! Captain Brenda, do you think

Brendas expression tensed up and she said, Sir, do you know who Barbarian is? He has gone on five killing sprees during the past three years, and each time, he killed five people in a row before he stopped. Some of them might have been bad eggs, but some of them were also innocent citizens! In order to kill someone, Barbarian once placed a bomb and killed an entire bus full of people with him! He has no concept of life at all. Its most dangerous when there are many students in the school. I dont think you would want murders to take place, either, right?! Once Barbarian shows up, if there are too many people around, there will be countless casualties. Are you sure you really dont care?

Brendas words made the presidents jaw tense up. After a while, he sighed and said, Fine, youve convinced me again. But if the situation still differs from what you say after tonight, then we may not be able to cooperate with you anymore.

Brenda nodded. No problem.

When she came out, Aaron came forward at once. He said, Captain Brenda, what on earth is up with Barbarian? He didnt do anything last night? The professors and students are all calling us good-for-nothings now and some are even telling our men stationed at their positions what to do! Our guys are all feeling really awful!

Aaron gritted his teeth in fury and added, That guy named Epson is especially bad. He brought his students with him and openly called us incompetent.