She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 858 - Capturing The Criminal!

Chapter 858 - Capturing The Criminal!

Chapter 858 Capturing The Criminal!

The timing when they came for lunch happened to coincide with Epson.

The students were busy with the experiments but Epson didnt need to do much, so he was free to go out for lunch.

As soon as he entered, he saw the students around him all looking in one direction. He followed everyones gaze and looked over to see the pair who stood out in the crowd in their uniforms.

Epson curled his lips at once. He sneered and then walked over. What a coincidence, Captain Brenda, I didnt expect you guys to also come here for lunch. Why do you guys still have the time to eat, though? Didnt you say that the serial killer is in the school? Everyone has stopped their experiments to cooperate with the police, so shouldnt you guys be so busy catching the bad guys that you dont even have time to eat?

Epson spoke sarcastically.

Just as he was speaking, Brenda and Aaron pretty much only thought for two seconds before they jumped onto their feet. They moved so quickly that Epson got a shock.

In particular, Brenda and Aaron had a fierce and savage look in their eyes at the moment, which scared Epson so badly that he took a step back and waved his arms in front of him.

What are you doing? Captain Brenda, were on campus now. I wont hold it against you for beating me up the last time, but there are so many students watching us now. If you dare

Before he could even finish, Brenda and Aaron sprinted out of the cafeteria at lightning speed.

Epson: ?


He stood where he was in confusion, puzzled about what the pair did just now.

He frowned. At this moment, a student nearby came over and asked, Professor Epson, what just happened? Whats up with those two?

Epson thought for a moment and replied, I reprimanded them just now, so they must have suddenly woken up and come to their senses, I suppose? So theyve gone to patrol and track down the murderer! I should think that the lockdown will be lifted soon! Besides, I reckon they must have also realized that it was not a serial killer who killed Professor Mayer, so they are too embarra.s.sed to face


Epson convinced even himself with his words.

The students nearby all gave Epson a thumbs up. They said, Professor, youre really an educator in both morals and science. Not only do you impart us knowledge but you even taught those two some principles of life.

Professor, your project will definitely succeed! You will definitely complete it faster than Anti!



After being flattered by the students a little, Epson got ahead of himself and said, Yeah, I think so too. Uh-huh, you guys dont have to look at me like that, I just did what I should have

Elsewhere, after Brenda and Aaron sprinted out of the cafeteria, they went straight to the staff dormitories where the professors lived.

The professors hadnt been allowed to go home, so Peter was also living there. While they were running, Brenda asked, When was the last time you saw Peter?

Aaron replied, At nine oclock last night. We separated after we verified together that all the professors, except for Epson, had gone to the staff dormitory.

Brenda broke into a frown. She took a deep breath and slowly said, Barbarian has a habit of killing between 11 pm and 4 am.

Therefore, it was possible that Peter had really been murdered!

Aaron also became nervous. He picked up the walkie-talkie and spoke into it. He asked, Jabil, have you seen Professor Peter today?.

I exchanged a few text messages with him. Just half an hour ago, he was telling me that I can go to the cafeteria to eat.

Aaron interrupted him. What Im asking is have you seen him in person?

The other party paused and then answered, No.

Aaron took a deep breath and said, Head to Professor Peters room in the staff dormitory immediately!


After hanging up, Brenda and Aaron sped up even more.

The two were anxious to solve the case but even more eager to save Peter. While running, they didnt notice Solo and Nora coming out of the corner.

At the sight of them, Solo immediately went after them.

Nora also followed closely behind them.

Solo said, Judging from how they look, they have probably found something related to the suspect. Lets follow them and have a look. If we can help, then lets do so. Serial killers are too dangerous!

Nora nodded. Yeah. Brenda resented Barbarian.

After all, to her, Barbarian was the one who had killed Justin, but it wasnt like Nora could tell her the truth, either. Nora was worried that Brenda would take things too hard and end up forcing a fight with Barbarian.

She had witnessed Barbarians strength before.

He was an extremely tough opponent.

With that in mind, Nora quickened her pace.

When Brenda and Aaron reached the staff dormitories, the two exchanged a look. Then, back to back, they rushed in. Both of them were holding their guns and had them aimed straight ahead.

Brenda walked in front while Aaron followed behind her.

As old partners, the two cooperated seamlessly.

Just like that, they came right up to Peters door. Brenda knocked on it. Immediately after, she gripped her handgun tightly and said, Professor Peter, I have something to talk to you about. Please open the door.

Right after she spoke, she heard footsteps coming from the room.

Brenda narrowed her eyes and exchanged a look with Aaron.

Aaron took a deep breath. The person inside may be the murderer.

Brenda also nodded.

However, despite the movement inside, no one opened the door.

Brenda put her hand on the door handle and tried to open it but couldnt. She looked at the anti-burglary lock on the door.

At Staav University, professors rooms were likely to contain their research materials, so each door was set up with digital locks. It was difficult to crack the pa.s.sword from the outside.

Brenda did not have the pa.s.sword to Peters room.

She paused for a moment. Aaron pointed his handgun at the lock, intending to shoot.

However, Brenda stopped him. She said, Unless you have the pa.s.sword, you wont be able to break the lock even if you shoot at it! On the contrary, we may even alert the enemy.

Aaron was anxious. But if we delay any longer, the person inside is gonna escape!

Brendas brows drew together. While she was thinking, a weak voice came over.

I I can open the lock for you.

Upon hearing the voice, Brenda and Aaron turned their heads in unison to see Solo sticking to the wall like a weakling. Seeing the pair look over, he looked at Brenda ingratiatingly and said, I can open the lock for you guys. Give me ten seconds.


After speaking, he took out his cell phone and started to tap away.

Seeing this, Brendas pupils shrank.

She abruptly reached over and grabbed Solos phone. I dont need your help!

Unfortunately, she was a step too late!

When Solo offered to open the doors digital lock, he had already started to attack it. Right after Brenda spoke, the door opened with a clack!

The person inside also appeared in front of everyone at this moment.

Not expecting so many people to come rus.h.i.+ng in, he seemed rather fl.u.s.tered. When he heard their voices, he immediately stood up.

Dont move!

Freeze! Put your hands up!

Brenda and Aaron shouted at the same time and pointed their guns at him.

Even Barbarian wouldnt be able to fight back against firearms!

After all, the gene serum had only improved his physical fitness. It couldnt turn his skin into steel!

Turn around!

The tall and st.u.r.dy figure slowly turned around. It was a face that Nora was familiar with