She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 855 - A Complaint?

Chapter 855 - A Complaint?

Chapter 855 A Complaint?

Nora, who had been set as an imaginary enemy, didnt give two hoots about whether Epsons experimental project was successful or not. When she returned home, she found the house pretty lively.

When she pushed open the door and entered, she saw an uninvited guest-Rene.

Rene still looked as timid as ever and her head was lowered.

However, she had taken a bath, so her hair was a lot smoother. There wasnt a bad smell on her anymore either. Although her clothes were plain-and even had patches in some placesthey were clean.

Cherry was offering her snacks to her. Rene, try it! Dont be afraid! Its delicious!

Rene was so frightened that she pushed the snack back to her. N-no, its okay. I dont eat them

Have some! Its fine, I cant finish so many snacks anyway, yeah!

Cherrys large eyes blinked, she smiled and said again.

Rene shook her hands again.

Cherry didnt press any further. The moment she took away the snacks, Nora saw Rene breathe a sigh of relief-obviously, she was scared of socializing.

But since she was so afraid of socializing, why was she here?

While she was thinking about it, when Rene saw her enter, she was so shocked that she immediately stood up. M-M-Ms. Smith.

Im not M-M-Ms. Smith. My name is Lisa.

Rene was stunned for a moment.

Noras voice was still as low as ever as she said, Well, just kidding. You dont have to call me Ms. Smith, you can just call me Lisa.

A touch of gentleness flashed across Renes eyes when she sensed her kindness.

People who lived in a world filled with malice would be grateful for every little bit of kindness that others showed them. That was exactly how Rene looked at the moment, grateful.

She lowered her head and whispered, I Im here to thank you.


While asking, Nora looked at Xander.

There were still two months left, so Xander was in very stable condition at the moment.

Rene continued to speak softly. Liam got promoted because you helped him, right? Thank you.

Youre welcome. Nora looked at her: I was the one who dragged him into it, so of course I had to do something.

Rene breathed a sigh of relief again.

Then, she pointed to the cake on the table and said, I-I made that myself. Y-you and the children can try it.

The three little fellows would never touch things their neighbors gave them until she got home. Nora was very satisfied with their manners.

She nodded. Thank you.

Rene became self-conscious again, though, she also felt relieved having completed her task. T-then Ill go first.

Nora waited until she left before she walked to the door and looked out. Sure enough, she saw Liam waiting for Rene outside.

Renes eyes lit up when she saw him. She walked over and took his arm. She looked very clingy. When she whispered something, Liam nodded.

Obviously, Rene had taken the initiative to visit them because of Liams instructions.

Was he trying to please her because he knew that Nora was a high-level executive at NTT?

Nora did not feel much about it, though. After all, this was human nature.

Soon, night fell.

At Staav Universitys laboratory building.

Epson was actually very scared. After all, everyone else in the building had obediently halted their experiments and gone back.

If there really was a murderer, there would be no one to kill except them. Thus, even though he was very sleepy, he still kept his spirits high and kept an eye outside.

Slowly, bit by bit, the clock moved from nine oclock to five in the morning.

Seeing that the sky was gradually brightening, Epson slowly relaxed. He even walked over to the students and said jokingly, See? A whole night has pa.s.sed, there are no murderers at all! Those people were just trying to scare us. Its fortunate that we didnt leave and end up wasting this precious night. Im going to complain to the university president tomorrow! And tell him that those SWAT officers are simply running too wild in the school, which has seriously affected our lives and work progress!