She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 854 - Competing With Anti???

Chapter 854 - Competing With Anti???

Chapter 854 Competing With Anti???

Brenda felt that there was something wrong with the mans brain, but she was accustomed to people demanding freedom of action and had already learned ways to deal with it.

After bringing her men out of the laboratory, Brenda said to Aaron, Get a few more people to patrol the laboratory building tonight!

Out of the professional ethics of an international special forces officer, she ultimately still had her moral responsibilities.

Aaron nodded. Roger that, Captain Brenda.

After the two spoke, Brenda left and went someplace else to make more arrangements.

In the laboratory building.

After Brenda left, Epson looked at the rest of the group. Alright, lets continue work, guys!

After speaking, he suddenly asked, Lisa, where are you going?

Nora, who had turned around and was about to leave: ?

She looked back and raised her eyebrows. Home.

She had three hungry babies to feed at home! There was no way she would stay here and work overtime with them.

Besides, if Barbarian was going to show up tonight, then it would be the safest to leave this place, both for herself and for everyone else in the school.

However, Epson got mad. Did I say you can go? You are also a member of the lab, how can you just leave without the consent of your supervisor?

Nora stood still and asked, Oh, can I go then?

Epson: ?

He was about to refuse when Nora said, You said it yourself just now-everyone is free to choose whether they want to stay or not. Some people choose to trust you, others choose to trust the police. I also have the right and freedom to choose to go home now, right?

Her argument shut Epson up.

Nora then looked at Oscar and said, The SWAT would never make trouble unreasonably. Since she can get the school to give her the authority, that means she is no ordinary person. Why are you people so reluctant to trust them? What are you going to do if you really meet with danger?.

Her words made Oscar waver. She looked at Epson and said, Professor, I

Before she could even finish, Epson became even more furious. What? Do you believe her nonsense too? If you do, then you can also go with her!

Oscar heaved a sigh of relief. Then Ill go for now. Ill come over early in the morning tomorrow to bring breakfast for you and the seniors

But right after, Epson sneered and said, Your seniors are all working overtime while the two of you are just here to share the fruits of their labor, yet you cant even do something like staying up late? In that case, what do I need you for in my lab? You guys can leave, but once you do, you will be seen as having withdrawn from my experiment.

This made Oscar stop.

She looked at Nora with a wry smile. Lisa, the professor is indeed giving us credit by having us here. It doesnt seem appropriate to leave at this time

Oscar would never miss any opportunity to climb the ladder and boost her rsum.

Nora was very calm, though. Yeah, okay. Since thats the case, then I withdraw.

Her understatement-like reaction angered Epson.

Epson looked at her, finding the girl a total ingrate. He was giving her such a wonderful project for free, yet she didnt even want it. Was it because she thought Anti was better than him?

Epson was livid. He pointed at her and snapped, Fine, fine. If you want to withdraw, then go ahead! To think I originally wanted to give you a chance. I hope you wont regret this two days later!

Nora raised her eyebrows. She looked at the rest of the students in the lab and spoke up for Brenda again. Compared to our lives, no form of glory is worth mentioning.

After saying that, she turned and left.

Her remark caused unrest among the students.

Someone a little more timid couldnt help but say, Professor Epson, why dont we listen to the police? To be honest, even if the results are delayed by two days, Anti should not be able to make it ahead of us

Yeah, Professor, we

However, Epson only looked at them as though he had expected better from them. All of you are too naive. Do you know how scheming Anti is? She has not shown up in America for several days. This shows that she is putting everything she has into her research right now! She must know that we are mocking her, so she is working overtime. We are fighting a battle against time right now! Whoever successfully develops it first will win!

Everyone looked at one another.

Finally, someone couldnt help but raise their doubts. Anti just didnt show herself, thats all. Hasnt she always been mysterious? No one could find her. Maybe shes just sleeping

Lily had once publicly stated that Anti didnt have that much time because she needed to sleep twelve to sixteen hours a day. Thus, she really didnt have time to do anything else.

Epson sighed. Do you actually believe that?

The person continued to retort. But what if Anti is not researching this topic at all?

Epson sneered and puffed out his chest confidently. How can that be? Although I, Epson, am a n.o.body at Staav University, I am still a little famous internationally. She definitely knows me and pays attention to me! She also sees me as her rival! She is undoubtedly anxious and competing with me for time right now! Just you wait! Once we finish the project one step ahead of her, she will definitely jump out and say, Oh, I am also working on this project, Im just not as fast as you guys.

Epson curled his lips disdainfully. She sure is arrogant!

Now that Epson had put it that way, everyone believed him. They all took it seriously and said, Then we have to be one step ahead of Anti! Lets work overtime! Professor, we are ready! Well do this for the sake of your honor!

Okay, Im counting on you guys!

Epson frowned and then said loudly, Its not just for my sake but also for the honor of Staav University! I thank everyone in advance!

Even he was awfully moved by himself.

This time, he would definitely be able to suppress Anti! He would make that arrogant woman bow down before him.

As for that murderer or whatever, heh, theres no way he would come to him right?