She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 853 - Epson Digs His Own Grave

Chapter 853 - Epson Digs His Own Grave

Chapter 853 Epson Digs His Own Grave

Behind Brenda was Aaron. When he heard Epson, he said, Its for your own good that were telling you guys to leave. Nighttime is the peak period for murders. Also, this particular serial has a strange pattern. Once he starts, he kills a person a day until he has killed enough. His targets this time are people involved in biomedicine, like you. You guys are our key protection targets!

Epson sneered. Thats a nice way of saying it, but why do we have to stop while the lab next door doesnt?

Aaron was simply rendered speechless. I told you, his targets are people involved in biomedicine, especially professors specializing in genetics. The professor next door is not involved with biomedicine, so he will be fine, of course!

However, Epson didnt believe him. The way I see it, all these murderers and whatnot are all things that you guys made up, right? I havent heard of anyone who has died. Besides, everything was very normal in school today. Captain Brenda, I just insulted Anti, thats all, isnt it? I know that you and Anti are both Americans and that she may even be your relative, so you dont want me to continue with my project. Ha, do you think I wont know what your objective is?

Brenda: ?

She was dumbfounded. What objective do I have? How come I dont know anything about it?

Epson said, Ive already asked my friends in America. Professor Anti has been conducting experimental research recently and her research is on genetics. She also hasnt shown herself for several days. Heh, did she hear about my progress? Is that why shes burying herself into her research and trying to finish her project ahead of me? As for you? You made up a story about some murderer to disturb me and delay my progress. Im not stupid, Ive already seen through your ploy!

Brenda: ??!

Nora, who just came over: ??

No matter what, she had to provide an explanation as to why she had suddenly disappeared in America. Thus, she had told Lily to say that she was conducting research, and therefore, not seeing guests. She didnt expect Epson to spin such a story in his head, though!

To be honest, before she came to Staav University, she didnt even know who Epson was.

The corners of her lips spasmed. Being seen as an imaginary enemy or whatnot was really irritating.

Brenda replied, My sister-in-law isnt conducting any research. Youve misheard.

Sister-in-law? Heh, I see, so you and Anti have ties like that! No wonder youre doing so much for her. Do you think Id believe she isnt doing any research just because you say so? In any case, my lab mustnt halt progress tonight!

Epson simply refused to listen. Brenda took a deep breath. I am in charge of campus security now, so everyone should comply with my arrangements! If you refuse to obey orders, dont blame me for taking action against you!

And how are you going to do that?

Epson sneered, Keep that for the scaredy-cats, I wont be fooled. In any case, you dont have to say any more. My lab will not halt progress tonight!

After he spoke, he looked at the students. Whoever wants to leave early, feel free to do so! I wont stop you!

As soon as he said that, the students looked at the police, and then at Epson. Then, one by one, they stood beside him.

Im not leaving, Professor.

Neither am I. I want to quickly finish this for the professor. We are only one step away from success!

Yeah, weve already worked overtime for half a month. After working so hard for so long, we are just left with two days of work. How can we give up now? We must continue the experiments!

We have the freedom to do what we want! You have no right to interfere!

Yes, thats right! If the police force us to comply with orders and prevent us from conducting our experiments, then I will report you to your superiors!

She looked at the ignorant people in front of her, so mad that she was about to pop a vein or two.

Brenda: !!

She looked at the ignorant people in front of her, so mad that she was about to pop a vein or two.

In the end, she looked at Epson, sneered, and said, Fine, you can stay if you want but please sign this waiver of liability for not obeying our instructions. Otherwise, I have to take full responsibility for any accidents!

She couldnt be bothered if some people wanted to court death.

She was a member of Interpol. She was only responsible for arresting Barbarian.

She wasnt going to pay any more attention to these idiots.

Brenda had never claimed to be a messiah. After solving so many global cases over the years, shed already seen through a lot of mundane things in life.

Upon hearing what she said, Epson sneered. Do you think we will be fooled if you use such things to scare us? There are so many professors of biomedicine, Im just a n.o.body among them. Even if the murderer or whatever really exists, they wont target me. Besides, you guys are the ones who keep bringing up the serial killer, we have never seen him before. Whats the big deal about signing the agreement? Ill sign it for you! I will take responsibility for my own life!

After speaking, Epson stepped forward and signed the disclaimer that Brenda handed over.

Brenda then looked at the students. You must also take responsibility for their lives!

Epson scoffed. Of course!


Brenda took back the papers. Out of professional courtesy, she reminded him once more, We will be patrolling nearby. At any time, if you see anyone suspicious, make sure to yell. We will come over right away.

Epsons response, however, was: Dont worry, we wont give you the opportunity to enter the lab to search for anything! You can forget about stealing the results of my experiments for Anti!

Brenda: ???