She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 852 - You Have No Right To Interfere With My Freedom

Chapter 852 - You Have No Right To Interfere With My Freedom

Chapter 852 You Have No Right To Interfere With My Freedom

Brenda narrowed her eyes. Dont ask anymore, Nora. I just cant be with him. Solo found his way here because you gave him the address, right? Dont do that again.

After she said that in a low voice, she raised her head again and went back to her usual calm and lazy self. After all, with him around, I wont be able to go to other handsome guys anymore! Right? Seeing how Brenda looked like she didnt want to say anything, Nora knew that she had probably done something wrong this time.

Perhaps she shouldnt have told Solo where Brenda was but she had always felt that a lot of issues between people were only caused by misunderstandings.

It was just like Tanya and Joel back then. There had been so many misunderstandings between the two of them. If they didnt meet or contact each other, how were they ever going to resolve the misunderstandings between them?

That was why she wanted to let Solo and Brenda meet and talk things out.

But judging from Brendas behavior just now, it seemed that she had no intentions of explaining anything at all?

Nora paused for a moment before she slowly said, Brenda, I think itd be best if there arent any misunderstandings between you two. Those corny TV dramas and novels are too exaggerated. Were all adults here. Moreover, times are moving so fast these days. If there really is some kind of misunderstanding, then it would do everyone good to explain everything clearly.

Brenda lowered her eyes. There is no misunderstanding between him and I. Nora, I know very well what I am doing.

Seeing that she was still unwilling to reveal more, Nora nodded. Okay, I wont interfere with you guys.


Brenda and Nora were both straightforward people. After the two talked it out, Brenda said, I just want to catch Barbarian now. As for Solo, Ill leave him to you.

Yeah, okay.

Brenda left after saying that.

Nora remained where she was and looked at her from the back.

Brenda was very professional. After she went into the distance, she picked up the walkie-talkie and started to contact the people stationed in every direction. They were required to report every ten minutes to prevent Barbarian from breaking through from any direction.

As for Nora, she went back where she came from and turned the corner to see Solo standing there blankly.

When Nora first met Solo, he had been seriously injured. His lungs had been punctured and he looked like he wouldnt survive. The guy had only survived because Nora had operated on him.


Even when he was seriously injured, the man was never serious. After owing her a favor, every time he had to do something for her, he had always done so very reluctantly.

This was the first time Nora had ever seen him look so lost and dejected.

She walked over and asked, Are you going back?

No. Solo shook his head. I dont believe she would do something like this. I want to stay and find out why shes doing this. It wasnt easy for me to finally fall for a woman after all this time. I cant just give up like that!

Nora kept quiet for a moment but did not dissuade him.

Solo then looked at her again. So, can you find me a place to stay?

Nora: ?

Was he gonna cling to her now?

She replied, Its not like you dont have any money. Go and get a hotel room for yourself.

I cant stay at a hotel. Solo followed behind her and said pitifully, Didnt I tell you? I broke the law.

Noras lip corners spasmed a little. When she recalled how Solo had told her upon his arrival in America that Interpol was after him in Switzerland. She asked, What did you do?

Solo scratched his head. Its actually nothing serious. All I did was compete with a white hat and hack into his computer. After that, those petty guys started to come after me. A white hat referred to a hacker who served the government.

Solo had always been flamboyant in his way of doing things, so Nora didnt find it strange that he would do something like that. The corners of her lips spasmed a little and she sighed. Fine.


Nora took him to a hotel, booked a room for Solo with her fake ID, and paid for a five-day stay.

Five days later, if you still havent gotten everything settled, youll have to find someplace to stay by yourself, said a heartless Nora.


Seeing that Nora was leaving, Solo grabbed her. What kind of mission is Brenny on here? Isnt she just a n.o.body policewoman? Why did she come to Switzerland?

To arrest a serial killer.

Solos expression changed. Isnt that very dangerous?


Solo had been studying computers all this time, so he was cooped up indoors all year round. Although he was pretty tall, he was skinny and barely had any flesh on him. Nora glanced at his body disdainfully, not sure why Brenda had fallen in love with him.

He wouldnt even last a punch from her or Brenda.

Solo said anxiously, Then Im going to protect her tonight!

Nora curled her lips disdainfully. You? Forget about it. If you go, shell be in even more danger.

Because she would have to protect him!


Solos lip corners spasmed and he said nothing

Nora didnt bother with Solo anymore and left the hotel. He was already nearly thirty years old, surely he could take care of himself, right?

Nora kept walking around the campus.

To be honest, she could also just charge into the archives and look for File No. 004. However, with Barbarian nearby, she shouldnt do that. If she did, then she would be outright telling him that the V16 was in the archives.

She couldnt beat Barbarian in a fight, so she mustnt let him take the lead.

She could only outsmart him and use a reasonable excuse to check out File No. 004. It seemed that she could only approach it using Waynes project.

When she thought of this, Nora started walking towards the laboratory building.

As soon as she entered, she heard quarreling coming from ahead.

Originally, she wasnt intending to pay attention to it, but in the midst of the quarrel, she heard Brendas voice. She turned around and walked over only to find Epson and Brenda arguing.

Brenda was dressed in professional attire and looked very smart. She had one hand on her hip and the other raised as she checked the time. You must leave this place by five oclock at the latest.

Epson replied angrily, Im not going to leave! My experimental project is about to be completed! You must be doing this because of Anti, right? You dont want me to finish my experiments quickly, for fear that itll slap her in the face? Heh, Officer Hunt, you are just a police officer! We have all the permissions to work on our experiments here! You have no right to interfere with my freedom!