She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 851 - Brenda's Troubles

Chapter 851 - Brenda's Troubles

Chapter 851 Brendas Troubles

When Nora walked over, she happened to hear Brenda, so all the more she wasnt in a hurry anymore. She even walked over two steps slower, stood outside the door, and peeked inside.

Brenda pushed the door open and entered. Her cold expression froze when she saw Solo.

Solo was ranting at the other SWAT officers.

I told you, Im here to look for someone. How can you arrest me so indiscriminately? Hurry up and let me go! If you dont, I wont let you guys off!

But when he saw Brenda, Solos expression instantly changed.

He was so fierce just now, but he suddenly became cautious in an instant.


Nora, who was standing outside the door, suddenly felt a wave of disgust.


What a mushy nickname.

The SWAT officers were also stunned. They looked at Solo and then at Brenda. Finally, they asked, Do you know each other? Yes!


Solo and Brenda answered at the same time.

Aaron, the SWAT officer, became even more confused. Captain Brenda, do you know him or not?



Solo and Brenda answered at the same time again, except that they had switched answers this time.

Solo thought that perhaps Brenda didnt want to admit in public that he was her boyfriend, so he changed his stance.

But Brenda knew that if she denied knowing him, it would be very difficult for Solo to get out. When the two simultaneously switched stances, Aaron looked at them again in confusion. Suddenly, realization dawned upon him. Oh, I get it!

He looked at Solo. Boyfriend?.

Solo nodded immediately. Just as he was about to say yes, Brenda straight-up denied it. No.

With a cold look, she added, But I know who he is. Hes not Barbarian, you can release him!

Aaron nodded. Okay.

After Solo was released, Brenda turned around and walked out.

Solo followed after her and asked, Brenny, you admitted to knowing me just now. Is it because you were worried that I would be detained? I still have a place in your heart, right?

Brenda took a deep breath, turned around, and said word by word: Listen, I would have said the same thing even if it was someone else. Because this is my job. I want to rule all the suspicious people out.

Her words stunned Solo, and a somewhat lonely expression came over his face. But Im not just anyone. Didnt you say that you like me? And that you also like being with me? You even told me to listen to you and do as you say

Brenda lowered her eyes, which seemed somewhat chilly. Her lips slowly curled into a sneer and she said, If you are really willing to do as I say, then you should leave immediately and never appear before me ever


But why? Solo, who didnt understand, pressed further.

I told you, Brenda said word by word, Im tired of you.

Solo stepped in front of her and blocked her way. Brenny, I dont believe what you say at all, youre not someone like that! It was obviously your first time when you were with me

My first time? You must be dreaming. Heh, Ive already fooled around with at least ninety men-maybe even a hundred-and you are nothing among them. So, dont pester me anymore!

After Brenda said that, she took out a blank check. Or is it money that you want? How much do you want? I can give it to you.

Solo stood where he was, terribly aggrieved. Im not doing it for money

Then forget it.

Brenda kept the check back in her pocket. Then, with both hands on the holster at her waist, she strode away.

Brenda had put on the Swiss police uniform for work today. The uniform made her legs look long and her waist thin and slender, she looked cool and alpha in it. The moment she walked out, she attracted the gazes of everyone around her.

Aaron, who was outside, hurriedly followed her when he saw her coming out.

Solo came after her the moment she left the room but before he could catch up with her, he saw Brenda suddenly put an arm around Aarons shoulder. She said with a low giggle, Hey handsome, come to my room tonight. Lets exchange tips on how to catch criminals!

Her voice was charming and extraordinarily seductive when she said it.

It was just like that time when she had knocked on Solos door and stood outside looking at him.

Solo froze.

Seeing Brendas behavior, Aaron immediately smiled and put his arm around her waist. Sure thing, Captain Brenda. I have long wanted to have an in-depth exchange with


The two went farther and farther and even flirted with each other.

Solo stared at them, unable to speak for the longest time.

After Brenda and Aaron turned a corner, the two suddenly stopped and separated from each other at the same time. Brenda said, Thanks.

Aaron grinned. No problem, Captain Brenda. After working together for so many years, we do have some tacit understanding between us. Was that your boyfriend?.

Brendas expression turned sad but her eyes were still cold. Not anymore.

Aaron wanted to ask further, but Brenda said, These are not things you should be asking about.

Aaron immediately made a gesture of zipping his mouth, indicating that he wouldnt say any more.

Only then did Brenda begin to give instructions.

All the labs must be emptied tonight, no one is to stay for experiments. This is to prevent Barbarian from killing anyone at night. Everyone he attacked is involved with biomedicine, so we must focus on protecting those people.

Yes, maam.

Aaron straightened his back, answered affirmatively, and left.

After he left, Brenda let out a deep breath. At this moment, Nora suddenly appeared beside her. She fixedly looked at Brenda and asked, What on earth is going on between you and Solo?

Brenda pressed her lips together tightly at the question.

She was about to speak when Nora interrupted her. I saw everything you and Aaron did just now, Brenda. Dont use lame excuses to dismiss me again.

Brenda paused.

She looked at Nora. Her eyes suddenly reddened and she chuckled softly. In a soft whisper, she said, Nora Id always thought that the world was very big, but why is it actually so small?

Upon hearing her emotional sigh, Nora held her shoulders and asked, What on earth happened?