She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 84 - Eating Her Words At The Dance Party! 2

Chapter 84 - Eating Her Words At The Dance Party! 2

Chapter 84 - Eating Her Words At The Dance Party! 2

Sheril's head whipped toward Logan. She frowned and said, "No, we're not dancing anymore!"

He had sprained his ankle, so dancing would only aggravate the injury!

What was the big deal about suffering a little mockery anyway?

Logan, however, had a frosty look on his face. Then, before he could say anything, Nora stood up and said lazily, "Of course, she's dancing. Why wouldn't she?"

Taken aback, Sheril looked at her.

Logan rotated his ankle a little. The sprained area was already starting to go numb. He was about to speak when a young man who looked about 22 or 23 years old suddenly emerged from the crowd. He looked bright and cheerful and had big eyes and thick brows. His hair was dyed olive green.

Isaac Young grabbed Logan's arm and demanded, "Do you have a death wish, Logan?"

Logan frowned. "Let go of me! Leave me alone!"

Isaac lowered his voice and said, "You can't let your ankle's condition worsen. This way, you'll still have a chance to participate in the race three days later! You must understand that you're not just racing for yourself! Unless you can find a better racer to help you out, you're already at risk of bankruptcy this time! Will being embarrassed or not even matter at that point?!"

Logan clenched his fists and looked at Sheril.

Although she was his elder sister, she was only ten minutes older than him, so Logan had actually always been protective of her. Seeing her being humiliated by others now, how could he possibly ignore it?

Isaac spoke again. He said, "Besides, even if you insist, will you be able to dance well?"

Logan clenched his jaw.

He didn't like dancing, so he had only learned a bit of international ballroom dancing.

During his hesitation, Sheril had already grabbed Nora by her wrist. She said, "Don't say any more, Nora. I won't dance anymore. I don't have a partne—"

Nora smiled and said, "Who says you don't have one?"

Sheril was stunned. The next moment, she saw the young woman reaching up and tying her long hair into a high ponytail.

Then, her cool and fair slender arm snaked around her waist and she pulled her toward herself. When Sheril jerked forward, she subconsciously held Nora's shoulder for support.

Apart from her almond-shaped eyes, everything else about Sheril took after Melissa. She was petite and stood at about 5'3".

Nora was 5'7". In addition, she was already intending to dance with Sheril when they left home, so she had deliberately worn thick-soled shoes.

As a result, when they stood side by side, their height difference was actually perfect!

Sheril's eyes suddenly widened. "You…"

"That's right, I'll dance with you!"

Nora's lips curled into a smile as she spoke wildly and arrogantly.

Sheril looked at her. Suddenly, she smiled gently and said, "Okay!"

Since Nora wanted to dance, she would accompany her and have some fun. At most, she would just lead the dance later!


Everyone around them heard their exchange.

They were stunned, but after a while, Rachel, who was the first to recover, chuckled softly and said, "Are you kidding me? Sheril, if you really lack a partner, why don't I find one for you instead? Having your cousin dance with you… I mean, she's never learned international ballroom dancing before, right?"

As soon as she said that, everyone else also started to talk among themselves.

"She's never learned international ballroom dancing? Then what is she trying to be the hero for?"

"… But don't you think she looked so alpha and so cool just now?! She's so handsome!"

"It may feel good to act cool, but it'll all go downhill when they dance later! Who doesn't know how to talk tough?"

"Hahaha! What a huge joke this is! Just how down-and-out must Sheril be? To think she can't even find a dance partner and has to resort to dancing with a woman instead?"

"Speaking of which, the dance queen today will definitely be Rachel! She's been practicing very diligently. Moreover, she also has Caden with her this time…"

"I originally thought Sheril still had a chance, but I also think it'll be Rachel now!"

"Rachel danced better than Sheril right from the start. Sheril used to rank better than her only because of Caden…"

Nora didn't say anything even when she heard the mocking comments coming from everyone around them.

Action was a more powerful slap in the face. Words were only weak and powerless at moments like this.

Two minutes later, Nora and Sheril went to the dance floor. Both of them turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to everyone's speculative looks and words.

Because of the two of them, everyone gathered around.

After Rachel and Caden got into position, Rachel gave the two of them nearby a mocking look.

The first dance of the night was tango. Tango required power, otherwise, the dancers wouldn't be able to bring out its beauty. A woman competing with a man in terms of strength… She was pretty much just embarrassing herself!

The corners of her lips curled up.

The title of dance queen tonight was in the bag.

Just as she thought so, grand music started to play!

Rachel instantly got into the mood. She separated from Caden and then violently clashed against each other!


The crowd burst into applause. Rachel kept a straight face on, but a smile nevertheless formed in her eyes.

However, when she looked out from the corner of her eye, she realized that the audience… actually wasn't watching her?

Taken aback, Rachel subconsciously turned her head and looked over.

All the other dancers were more or less already distracted—their gazes were all on the two young women, one in red and one in black.

When the music started, the looks in the two women's eyes had suddenly changed, and they separated from each other.

With her back to her partner, Sheril started to dance and sway to the beat. She was as agile as a snake. A shiver went through the fingertips of her left hand to her left shoulder, and then from her right shoulder to the fingertips of her right hand.

Then, she suddenly whipped her head back!

She had initially been worried that Nora hadn't done a good job at the starting steps, but when she saw Nora, a look of mild astonishment appeared in her eyes.

The young woman stood there casually, her posture straight and fit. The alluring look in her eyes was as if she were an elegant and noble knight asking her for a dance!

Sheril twirled right up to Nora in a rush. When she stopped, Nora had already reached out and held her waist.

The strong beat of the music was exciting and uplifting.

Their dance was steady and powerful.

The people around them could hardly see their movements. All they could see were their silhouettes, their speed, and a constantly changing center of gravity, which exuded a sense of decisiveness and clear, distinct edges and corners.

Both of them looked very serious, their gazes a little solemn when they made the occasional eye contact. Yet they also turned their bodies and whipped their heads to the side quickly every once in a while and looked around.

Their dance steps, which were occasionally still and occasionally moving, as well as the distant and unfamiliar music, cloaked them in a strange and mysterious veil.

They were the kings on the dance floor, and people couldn't tear their eyes away from them at all!

Even Rachel and Caden couldn't help but look over from time to time… causing them to make quite a few mistakes.

When the music came to an abrupt end, the hot and sexy dance also finally ended.

Five seconds of silence later, the party broke into fervent applause!

"She's so cool!"

"Oh my god, who's that young woman? She's making me gay!"

There were also people saying things such as…

"Sheril also looks great! She's always been such a great dancer!"

"I wonder if Caden has regretted his actions…"

Amid the conversations, a livid Rachel looked at Caden, who was staring at Sheril with an unreadable and constantly changing look on his face. She couldn't help but snap, "What are you looking at? Even if she dances well, can she help you get Tanya Turner to give you pointers?!"

Caden suddenly regained his senses.

At this point, there was suddenly a flurry of activity at the door!

Someone exclaimed, "Oh my god! Ms. Smith is so amazing! She's actually invited Tanya Turner to the dance party!"