She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 850 - Meeting

Chapter 850 - Meeting

Chapter 850: Meeting

There was silence in the laboratory.

A few moments later, Oscar coughed. What did you say? How can you be Anti? Youre Lisa! Oh I know, what you mean is that you and Anti are not only from the same country but also from the same School of Medicine, so you and she are similar, right?


Before she could speak, the others had already opened their mouths.

That must be the case. If she really was Anti, why would she come over as an exchange student here?

Heh, you are so unappreciative. Professor Epson gave you such a great opportunity, yet you dont know how to cherish it? Is it because you think Anti is great? Then why dont you work on a project under her instead? Besides, can she even complete the project?

Upon hearing this, Nora replied, Because theres no way this project can be completed.

Everyone retorted angrily at once.

How is it impossible? Were almost done!

There are no borders in academics. You should be looking at which professor is better rather than blindly working behind closed doors!

Professor Epson, she is so ungrateful, I think youd better kick her out!

As Epson listened to everyone around him, he looked at Nora again and sneered, No, I must keep her here.

Everyone: ?

Epson said to Nora, You think Anti is great, right? Then I will show you that I am better than her! I will also let you verify with your own eyes whether this project will be successfully completed or not. I will show that Anti is nothing! In terms of scientific research, we here at Staav University are the best. Alright, dont stand around here to talk. Split up and get to work!

One by one, the rest of the students left the area around Epson. All of them curled their lips disdainfully at Nora and some even gave her the finger to express their contempt.

Oscar also quietly tugged at Noras sleeve. Even if you like Professor Anti, dont speak up for her anymore, okay?


This was just so She couldnt even leave despite wanting to.

She asked, Is there anything that needs to be checked at the archive?

She was still thinking about going to the archives to look for File No. 004.

Someone replied, Yeah, there is. I need you to go to the archives to look up File No. 102

But before he could finish, Epson sneered and said, No, no, she doesnt have to do anything. She just needs to witness our success.

As soon as Epson said this, no one dared to a.s.sign her work anymore.

The undergraduate who should have been worked to the bone had now become an idler.

Nora fell silent for a while. Then, she simply sat in the rest area at the side.

Just like that, she watched as Oscar busied herself here and there. Under their directions, she printed doc.u.ments and did things that would never come within a mile of core content.

Soon, it was noon.

At the request of the professor, Oscar went out to buy lunch, but when she brought it back she found that there wasnt any for Nora.

Oscar was very apologetic. I didnt know that there was one portion fewer. They refuse to give you one

Nora wasnt bothered. Then Ill just go out and eat by myself!

She stood up. When she was about to go out, Epson sneered, You have to be back by 1 PM! Otherwise, I wont give you any credits at


Nora ignored him and went out.

She wasnt really an exchange student, so she had no need for credits.

After having lunch at the cafeteria, she was about to go back to the lab when she ran into Jack again. At the sight of her, Jack stepped forward and said with a smile, Lisa! What a coincidence! We meet again!

Nora had half a smile on her face. Yeah, what a coincidence indeed.

Jack scratched his head. Actually, its not really a coincidence. I was waiting for you. I circled the cafeteria five times before I finally saw you.

Nora: ?

He sure was direct

She lowered her eyes and asked, Why were you waiting for me?

Jack said, I heard that theres a serial killer in the school, so I thought I would protect you. Dont be scared, I can take you home.



Nora raised her eyebrows, not expecting such an answer.

How did you know about the serial killer? She asked.

Jack laughed. Its all over the school. Several SWAT cars have entered our campus and there are SWAT officers patrolling all the entrances and exits now.

SWAT officers?

Did that mean that Brenda was also here?

While she was thinking about it, her cell phone rang. When she lowered her head and answered, she found that it was Solo.

Hey Anti, Im at the gates of the school but the management is too strict. They dont allow anyone without a student ID to enter. Whys that? Isnt the Staav University campus free to enter?

Ill pick you up at the gates.

Nah, you dont have to. Solo sighed and said, Just come to the SWAT teams temporary detention room on campus. Nora: ?

Oh, they didnt let me in just now even when I insisted on it, so I stole someones student ID. They found out about it, so Ive been brought in.

Noras lip corners spasmed and she suddenly raised her eyebrows. Well, okay, Ill come right over.

She hung up the phone and walked over to the detention room leisurely.

Outside the detention room.

Brenda sneered at her subordinate and said, Lets go, I want to see who has the b.a.l.l.s to talk so big and say that hell make sure we cant use our network if we dont let him go.