She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 849 - I'm Anti!

Chapter 849 - I'm Anti!

Chapter 849 Im Anti!

Nora narrowed her eyes.

This Epson guy was really a troublemaker.

She twitched her mouth and was about to reject him when Oscar said, Oh my G.o.d, thats awesome, Lisa. This way, we can work in a laboratory together!

Professor Epson is awesome. Hes giving an American exchange student a chance to learn. Okay, were willing to give this chance to Lisa!

Lisa, go! Study hard!

Yes, were willing to let Lisa enjoy this honor. We also want her to have an unforgettable stay at Staav University.

The students were very warm-hearted. All of them were very magnanimous, making Nora find it hard to reject them. If she rejected them now, it would seem like she did not know how to appreciate kindness.

Never mind.

Nora nodded. Sure.


Epsons laboratory should also need the archive room to check the files. Then, she would go and see if there was a chance. After all, it would take time for Waynes laboratory to get up and running.

The project could not be started immediately.

With the initial funding in place, Wayne still needed to gather sufficient graduate students. Of course, now that NTT had decided to support Wayne, many outstanding graduate students in the school had begun to sign up to partic.i.p.ate in his projects. Wayne was flooded with success and was doing his job well!

Then come with me to the laboratory after cla.s.s.

With that, Epson began the cla.s.s.

His cla.s.s today was not difficult to understand. The main reason was that he had not slept well last night and was too tired. Therefore, he was not in the mood to make things difficult for the students and showcase his professionalism.

They were done quickly. Oscar pulled Nora and followed behind Epson.

At this moment, Noras phone rang.

She picked it up and glanced at it. It was a message from Brenda. Nora, that Epson spent last night in a cell. I took extra care of him to take revenge for you!


She looked up again and saw Epson walking in front, limping and holding his waist. She suddenly felt that Epson was so professional! He made her, the culprit, admire him a little.

At this moment, Oscar said, Professor Epson, are you okay? Do you need to rest today?

Epson instantly said angrily, Of course not. My project can be completed in two days. I have to complete finish it quickly and let the entire world see that shes inferior to me!

The corners of Noras mouth twitched. This person was persistent on his way to slap her!

As she was thinking, Epson suddenly looked at her. Lisa, youre from New York University School of Medicine. Youve seen Anti, right?

Nora: Yes, Ive seen her before.

After all, although she could not see herself directly, she saw herself in the mirror every day.

Epson immediately asked, Is she very arrogant?

Nora: ?

Other than being a little lazy, she was not considered arrogant, right?

When she did not speak, Epson sneered. I know that Anti is the new star of your school. You definitely dont want to speak ill of her, but can she help you find glory? She cant. Only Im willing to bring you into my laboratory. Therefore, in the future, who will be your mentor? Do you understand?

Yeah, I do.

Oscar also pulled Noras arm. I know you wont belittle Professor Anti but Professor Epson likes it when others mock her in front of him. Even if you dont mock her, dont side with Professor Anti. Otherwise, Professor Epson will be angry.


Nora was helpless and anxious. She only knew about Epson from the email. She had never met him before. Why did this fellow treat her as his imaginary enemy?

Alright, were here. Be careful what you say!

With another warning, the two of them stopped in front of a room in the lab building with Epson. Epson took out his key card and opened the door.

Nora looked inside and saw seven to eight graduate students in white coats busy researching topics.

When they heard the voice, they turned around and saw Professor Epson. Everyone shouted, Professor Epson, youre more professional than Anti!

Nora: ??

Epson smiled. h.e.l.lo. Were on duty tonight. We have to get the project done and send the report as soon as possible! I cant wait to slap Antis face!

A few people with bruises like his echoed together, Not only do I want to slap her face, but I also want to hit her nose!

I want to hit her in the face! I want her to never speak again! She can only bow down to us.

I also want her to beg to join us. I heard that she has children in the country. I want her children to be ashamed of having such a mother!

Nora: ??????

So their daily ritual was badmouthing Anti?

How great of a grudge was this?!

The corners of her mouth twitched as she heard Professor Epson say, Alright, these two are my students. Ill get them to do the odd jobs. This is Oscar, the forever first in the cla.s.s.

Everyone looked at her.

She was at a loss. h.e.l.lo, seniors. Lets slap Antis face together!



Epson looked at Nora again and introduced, This is an exchange student from New York University School of Medicine. She has seen Anti in person.

Along with this sentence, everyone looked at Nora.


Everyone was confused.

Seeing that she was silent for a long time, Oscar poked her arm. Say it! Youll hit Antis face!

Nora: I cant say it.


The others also glared at her.

Nora coughed. Because Im Anti.