She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 848 - Digging His Own Grave

Chapter 848 - Digging His Own Grave

Chapter 848 Digging His Own Grave

When Brenda saw these people, she was stunned. She did not expect Aaron to be talking about these people.

She walked over slowly. Wearing high heels, she swayed her hips and waist as she walked. She looked very attractive but her powerful combat skills made Epson and the others unable to have any charming thoughts.

He thought about how the four of them had been beaten up by a woman, especially in front of the students. She had even asked him to apologize to Anti. Epson decided to regain his face.

He suddenly walked forward and said, Girl, do you see that? The police are here. If I call the police, how many years would you be in jail for beating the four of us?

Brenda: ?

She raised her eyebrows and sneered. When Epson saw her like this, he said again, Its not too late to beg for mercy now. Perhaps Ill be soft-hearted and agree to let you go. However, I want you to apologize for your actions earlier and kneel down to lick my shoes. Say a few words about how Anti is inferior to me and this matter will be over. How about that?

Brendas sneer turned to a cold smile. I think your skin is itching again?

When Epson heard this, he immediately said, Youre too arrogant. You dare to threaten me in front of the police! Alright, then dont regret it. Ill make your life in prison worse than death! Do you know what kind of life criminals get in jail?

Brenda touched her chin. Yes, I really know.


Epson said fiercely, Its good that you know. There are many barbaric people locked up in our prisons. They fight and commit all kinds of crimes. If a delicate woman like you goes in, youll probably become their favorite toy. I bet your life there will be very easy! You wont be alone at night! Hehe!

With that, he turned around and saw Aaron walking over. He hurriedly shouted, Officer, its her. This woman beat the four of us up!

Aaron, who came forward excitedly because he saw his captain, was speechless.

He was stunned. He looked at Brenda in disbelief and then at Epson and the others. He asked in surprise, Are you sure she hit you?

Yes! Epson did not know at all that the show was about to start and shouted, Please punish her severely. This woman is still so arrogant. She simply doesnt care about us. Officer, wheres your captain? Quickly get her to come over and arrest this person!

Brenda pursed her lips and stepped forward.

Epson was instantly frightened and jumped behind Aaron. Officer, hurry up and arrest her!


The corners of his lips twitched as he looked at Brenda. Captain Brenda, whats going


When Epson heard this, he was stunned.

What did this police officer call her?

Captain Brenda?

Why did the policeman call her Captain Brenda?

As he was thinking, he heard Brendas deep voice as she smiled charmingly. Yes, they insulted police officers behind my back. I had to teach them a lesson, of course.

With that, she looked at Aaron and said, Arrest them and lock them up for 24 hours!


Aaron straightened and shouted. He immediately took out four handcuffs and walked to Epson.


They had thought that they had just escaped a calamity but they did not expect that they would be going to jail!

They would be detained for 24 hours, locked up with those hooligans. They might not have a good time tonight!

Epson looked at Brenda pleadingly. He was about to speak when he saw the woman reach out a slender hand to her lips and gesture for him to keep quiet. Then, she looked at Aaron and smiled. Our professors and students love crowds a lot. You have to find them a good cell. Let them have some company tonight.

Aaron nodded. Yes!

Epson: !!

The next day, when Nora went to school again, she heard Oscar say, Professor Epson is really awesome. Do you know? He and Professor Anti are both researching the same topic. Anti has not made any progress but Professor Epson already has an idea. Hes about to succeed!

Nora: ?

She raised her eyebrows and asked, What project?

Although there was some friction between her and Oscar previously, Oscar had always liked the strong. She had no objections to Nora now. On the other hand, Nora had never taken others seriously. Therefore, she did not have any grudges against Oscar, either. Oscar had become the only person in the cla.s.s who could share info with her.

Oscar said, The topic hes researching is about neurosuppression using gene improvement drugs. Anti has also studied this before. Unfortunately, she stopped because she couldnt succeed. But now, Professor Epson is about to succeed!

Then, she lowered her voice and said, I heard that Professor Epson has always treated Anti as his imaginary enemy and is secretly competing with her. Now that he has developed this project, he probably wants to slap Antis face and let her know that he is also very capable! He has declared war on Professor Anti many times and asked her to come to Staav University for an academic debate. Professor Anti did not ever dare to come.

Nora: 1

She had not received this invitation at all.

However, there were two reasons.

Firstly, she never read irrelevant junk mail. Maybe Epson had really written a letter and she hadnt seen it.

Secondly, Epson did not dare to issue a challenge at all. These words were just bold statements made for the outside world.

Nora pouted. She did not take this matter to heart.

After all, she had verified in the past if genes could suppress the nerves. It could not be done.


She just had to wait patiently for Epson to fail.

She did not say much. Soon, Epsons cla.s.s began.

When he walked to the podium, his legs were limp and there were some bruises on his face. He even covered his b.u.t.tocks with one hand as if he had just undergone hemorrhoid surgery.

When the cla.s.s saw this, they all suppressed their laughter and did not dare to laugh.

At this moment, Professor Epson suddenly said, I plan on inviting two students from our cla.s.s to be my a.s.sistants. Whos interested?

As soon as he said this, the students attention was diverted. They raised their hands one by one. Me, me!

It was like a King choosing his concubine at night. He looked at his cla.s.smates and nodded in satisfaction. Suddenly, he said, Yes, Oscar. You can try. Then, the last person is

Amidst the expectations of the entire cla.s.s, Epson smiled and suddenly looked at the last row. He slowly said, Lisa.

Nora: ???

She suddenly looked up and saw Epson say, As an exchange student from New York University School of Medicine, Lisa must know a little about Professor Anti, right? I heard that she also has her own laboratory and project team, so Im giving you this chance to come to my laboratory to take a look. Compared to me, New York University School of Medicine is nothing!