She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 847 - Call the Police!

Chapter 847 - Call the Police!

Chapter 847 Call the Police!

A group of children had been detained since they were young and had never received aneducation. They were only given gene serum at fixed intervals. Just the thought of it was cruel.

These children were indeed very pitiful.

Brenda said calmly, But this doesnt become a reason for him to kill people. If people start taking revenge on society because of pitiful encounters in their childhood, then what need is there for the law? And what was the professors fault in all this, why was he killed?

Caleb and Nora nodded.

Brendas expression was filled with justice at this moment. She was no longer lazy when she spoke.

She slowly said, However, the meaning of our existence is to protect this relative fairness.

She looked at Nora and said slowly, Nora, I dont know why youre here, but the future of Staav University will be very chaotic. Youre so thin and weak. Why dont you leave first? Tell me what you want and Ill help you.

The weak Nora pursed her lips. Dont worry, I can protect myself.

Brenda did not trust her but she also knew that she would definitely not shrink back from what her sister-in-law wanted to do. Therefore, she said seriously, Nora, then put my phone number on your speed dial. If you encounter danger, call me. Ill be there anytime you need. Also, its best to keep your ident.i.ty as Anti a secret to prevent Barbarian from targeting you. Dont worry, Ill catch him and kill him personally to avenge my brother!


Brendas voice turned cold when she said the last sentence.


Nora replied silently.

After Brenda finished talking to them, she looked at the time. A few of us are going to Staav University to investigate. Nora, if theres nothing else, Ill get going.

With that, she looked at Caleb. And you! Youre a spy. I dont think its good to interact too much with Nora, you should avoid attracting Barbarians attention. You guys should maintain a distance.


Brenda had always been decisive despite looking like a rich lady; wearing high heels, a short skirt, and a mink coat.

Nora saw that she was about to leave after saying that and hurriedly called out to her. Brenda.

Whats wrong? Brenda stopped in her tracks and looked at her. Is something the matter, Nora?

Nora said, Solo wants to know where you are. Should I tell him?

When Brenda heard the name Solo, she fell into a daze. Then, she sneered and lowered her eyes. She said in a light and cold voice, Theres no need. Tell him not to look for me. He has no chance. Im already sick of him. If he keeps pestering me, Ill be annoyed. He shouldnt be such a sore loser, right?

With that, Brenda turned and left.

Nora stared at her back for a while.

Caleb asked, Whats wrong?

Nora lowered her eyes and replied calmly, Somethings wrong with her. Caleb: ?

Nora noticed that he did not understand but she did not explain it.

There was something wrong with Brenda.

Usually, when she faced other men, she would always take the opportunity to flirt. But now, forget that she did not tease Caleb, she even let it go and went straight to the point. Clearly, she was not interested in other men anymore.

It must be because of Solo that she was so frustrated.

Moreover, when she said that she was sick of him earlier, although her eyes were lowered and covered it, Nora still saw the coldness in them.

Brenda hated Solo.

However, Solo said that when he and Brenda were glued together, Brenda had suddenly turned hostile. Logically speaking, if she suddenly turned hostile, she should be a little sorry for Solo.

It shouldnt be resentment.

There must be something else between Brenda and Solo.

Nora called Solo. The call was picked up quickly. Solo asked, Is she willing to see me?


Nora replied, Solo, what happened between you and Brenda?

Solo was stunned. What happened? I really dont know. Did I not wash my feet in bed?

Nora: ?

Or was it because I touched her head with my right hand when I woke up in the morning? Does she like me touching her with my left hand?

Nora: ??!

Or is my cooking too bad? I told her to order takeout but she insisted on me making it myself. Sigh!

Nora: ???!

Solo was about to cry. Anti, tell me, what did I do wrong?! Why is she ignoring me?! I really Im almost thirty now. After so many years, Ive finally fallen for a woman Help me!


On the other hand, Brenda left and called her subordinate.

Aaron, her subordinate, said, Captain Brenda, Ill gather our men immediately.

Aaron, who was wearing a police uniform from Switzerland, was a tall white man. He was walking on the street and was about to meet Brenda when four people with bruises on their faces suddenly walked over.

When Epson and his students saw him from afar, they rushed over as if they had seen their savior. Officer, someone beat us up!

Aaron was a person with a strong sense of justice. He asked, Who is it?

An American woman!

Epson shouted.

Aaron immediately said, She beat up the four of you alone?


When Epson heard this, he realized that it was very embarra.s.sing. He nodded. I suspect shes American. She knows boxing! Shes very strong! Officer, you should get a few more people over. Otherwise, Im afraid you wont be her match alone!

When Aaron heard this, he said, Dont be afraid! My Captain is nearby! Ill call her over!

With that, Aaron made a call. Captain Brenda, theres a situation here!

What? Youre already nearby? You saw me? Okay!

After Aaron hung up, Epson and the students immediately said, Officer, you have to punish that woman severely. Shes really too detestable. She beat us up without any reason!

Aaron: Dont worry. Our Captain is a high-ranking inspector who abhors evil. With her around, no one will be afraid! Even if an international mercenary came here, he probably wont be able to beat my Captain!

Epson was relieved.

He had just been bullied by a woman, which made him very uncomfortable!

Now, he finally had a chance to take revenge! He had to teach that woman a lesson! He had to send her to jail!

Epson turned around and saw Brenda walking over. He proudly raised his head