She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 846 - Killed

Chapter 846 - Killed

Chapter 846 Killed

Nora felt a little stunned.

Was Brendas flirtatious behavior all fake?

She thought that Brenda was naturally dissolute Oh, wait. Justin had said that Brenda was fine when she was young, but she suddenly seemed to have become a different person when she returned home after going overseas.

At that time, Justin had a lot of opinions about foreign countries. He said that Cherry would stay in the country when she grew up, that the culture overseas was too bad, and so on

While Nora was thinking, Solo continued, Besides, she disappeared. I cant find her anywhere. Her information is very confidential. Isnt she just a small police officer? Are the ident.i.ties of all the police officers in New York so difficult to investigate?

Solo was a hacker. If he wanted to find someone, he could just search on his computer.

He wanted to know where Brenda lived, where she was, and if she had gone out. However, he did not have any clues!

Brendas ident.i.ty was kept secret.

Nora: Its not that difficult, is it?

Solo sneered. Heh, how is it not difficult? Although Im not as good at hacking as you are and youre Q, you might not be better than me when it comes to finding people! To be honest, Im doing this for you because you saved me. Why dont you show me your skills as Q?

Nora: Theres no need.

Solo agitated her. I think youre afraid? If you cant find her, would you feel embarra.s.sed? If word gets out that Q cant even find a person!


This provocation was useless against her.

Solo said so much because he wanted to provoke her to help him find someone.

The low voices of Epson and the other students rang out in the private room next door, accompanied by Brendas cold smile. Did you just apologize? I didnt hear you. Louder!

Nora: I know where she is.

Solo: ??

F*ck? Are you that fast? How long has it been? Ive been searching for hours on the Internet but I havent found anything. Only a second has pa.s.sed, right?

Solo felt like his worldview had exploded.

They were both computer hackers, so how could the difference be so great?

The corners of Noras mouth twitched. She ignored him and did not care about his thoughts. Instead, she said, Ill ask if shes willing to see you.

Solo: How can you be like this? Am I your good friend or her?

Nora: Shes not my good friend.

Then whats there to consider? You have to support me!

Nora replied calmly, But shes my sister-in-law.

After hanging up the call, Nora went out.

As soon as she came out, she saw Epson and the other students in a sorry state. Their faces were all bruised. It seemed like Brenda had not been gentle. A few people walked out of the private room in a panic and looked at Brenda. Wait here. Well call the police immediately!

Brenda laughed softly and waved her fists.

Epson and the students were instantly frightened. They turned around and ran.

Epson even fell down during his escape.

He looked very pathetic.

Brenda seemed to be satisfied. She clapped her hands, and when she turned around, she suddenly saw Nora. She immediately said in surprise, Nora? Why are you here?!

Then, she saw Caleb walking out of the private room with Nora. She asked, Youre eating with a friend?


Nora pointed to the private room. Join us?

Brenda nodded. Her gaze brushed past Calebs face and she asked, Didnt you go to Truemans place to be a spy?.

Caleb had been captured by the special department before, so Brenda knew him very well.

Caleb said, Yes, he sent me to complete a mission.

I know, Brenda said. After entering the private room with Nora, as a member of the special department, she first checked the cameras around the private room. After confirming that there were no problems, she said, You reported to Captain Ford that Barbarian was at Staav University, right? So Captain Ford sent me here! After all, this is my territory!

As an Interpol officer, Brenda had always been on duty in Switzerland. She was very familiar with the surroundings.

Caleb asked, Youre here to look for Barbarian?

Yes, Brenda said. We investigated Barbarian. Hes a serial killer. Hell definitely take the chance to kill when he comes to Staav University. Besides, someone has already been killed.

When Brenda said this, it instantly aroused Noras interest. Who?

Brenda explained, He was a professor who researched genes at Staav University. He was found dead at home last night. The method of murder was very cruel. We investigated the scene and suspect that it was done by Barbarian. He should be looking for clues about V16.

Nora instantly frowned.

When Barbarian was in the country, he would hide his murderous intentions before attacking

Actually, be it him, Listener, s.p.a.cey, Trueman, or Calebthese five people were all victims of that gene serum experiment.

But now, in order to find V16, some had already gone crazy.

As Nora was thinking, Caleb sighed. Its not his fault. After his body was strengthened, Barbarians character changed. He became more and more savage and very violent. Actually, among the children who were strengthened, some of them did not die from their bodys rejection of the gene agent. At that time, those children were killed by Barbarian.