She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 845 - First Time?

Chapter 845 - First Time?

Chapter 845 First Time?

Epson sneered. You make it sound so mysterious. Her formalism is too extreme. She only treats two sick patients every month? I dont believe that shell only treat two people a month when her husband, son, and father get sick together. Will she let the other person wait for death? How ridiculous!


The others also laughed.

Epson was actually not popular with the students. He deliberately gave convoluted lectures to emphasize that he was different from the others, rendering everyone unable to understand his lectures.

Even Oscar had to listen carefully. If she was even a little distracted, she would not be able to keep up. Therefore, Epson had always had a demon cla.s.s in school. He was arrogant and proud. The project he applied for could not be completed by himself but he did not want anyone to take a share. Now that someone had finally invested in his project, he finally had some results and had long been promoted.

If he did not know Anti and did not have her contact details, he would have walked to Anti long ago!

What he was about to solve was a difficult problem in the medical world!

It was said that Anti had been researching this difficult problem for a few years. Until now, there had been no results.

Epson now wished he could announce to the world that he was a hundred times better than Anti.

Nora originally did not care about their mockery but when she heard husband, son, and father, she frowned.

He should not badmouth her family. Shouldnt he be a little considerate when badmouthing others?

She stood up and was about to go over and teach Epson a lesson when the room door was kicked open.

Epson and the students exclaimed, Who are you? Which school are you from?

Nora was raising her eyebrows when she heard a familiar female voice charmingly say, Tsk, listen carefully, you can learn from me. Call me Mother. Come, learn from me.


Epson and the other students were at first very vigilant against this woman who had suddenly barged in, but when they heard her charming voice, they subconsciously repeated her words.

Sigh! My stupid sons!

The woman smiled.

It was only then that Epson and the other students realized that they had been played. They were instantly furious and shouted, B*tch!

Epson was furious but he was a teacher, after all. Therefore, he asked, What are you doing? Do you have something against us?

The woman sneered. I dont have any grudges with you but the Anti youre talking about is my sister-in-law. Of course, I cant stand you badmouthing her! Now, you better apologize to her or else


With the sound of a gla.s.s bottle shattering, Brenda said domineeringly, No one will leave here unscathed today!

In the private room next door.

Hearing Brendas voice, Nora felt that it was unbelievable.

Wasnt Brenda in New York?

Why was she in Switzerland?

She was about to leave the room and reunite with Brenda when her phone rang again.

She picked it up and heard Solos voice on the other end. Anti, sigh!

Nora: ?

This fellow was always full of energy when he called her. Why was he sighing the moment he called? It seemed like something was wrong. Wasnt Solo in New York?

She frowned. Whats wrong?

Do you know where your sister-in-law is?

Solos voice was listless. I suddenly cant contact her. We were fine at first but she suddenly suggested breaking up with me. Now, shes gone.

Solo continued, I want to ask her in person why she left without saying goodbye. What did she say? She said she has always been a loose woman. She said she was only playing with me for a while but I dont believe it. Who the h.e.l.l wants to play with me by giving up their first time?

Nora: Her first time???

Brenda liked to mess around and she liked handsome men. She would flirt with any man she saw, so Nora thought that Brenda had done it a long time ago. Was it really her first time?

Solo said, Yes, Im sure it was her first time, with me! Why?