She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 844 - Anti's Reputation Is Unwarranted By Actual Skill?

Chapter 844 - Anti's Reputation Is Unwarranted By Actual Skill?

Chapter 844 Antis Reputation Is Unwarranted By Actual Skill?

That professor is so handsome.

The students below the podium were all secretly discussing Caleb.

Nora raised her brows.

Caleb was really very handsome. On top of that, the das.h.i.+ng aura around him was elegant and gentle. He wore and always smiled gently before he spoke, which gave people a refres.h.i.+ng feel, like a spring breeze.

Yet at the same time, it didnt give people the feeling that he was easy to get close to. On the contrary, there was a sense of alienation and n.o.bility.

He and Justin both came from wealthy families but the two gave people completely different feelings.

Justin felt like a fierce and ferocious war G.o.d. He was terrifying and intimidating.

Caleb, on the other hand, was like a celestial being, making people feel like he was out of ones reach.

Nora lowered her eyes, put her head on the table, and fell asleep.


She attended just so she wouldnt attract attention. She had chosen to be an exchange student at this time because there werent many during this period.

Calebs voice was gentle and hypnotic.

As Nora listened, she slept even more soundly.

On the podium, Caleb chuckled when he saw the girl fall asleep, and he subconsciously lowered his volume. In fact, when someone spoke, he gently reminded them, Keep your voice down. Dont disturb your cla.s.smates who are sleeping.

The students:

The cla.s.s was soon over. After cla.s.s, Nora stretched and stood up. This time, she didnt leave but looked at Caleb at the front instead.

Caleb wanted to come to her but was stopped by a student. Professor Gray, I dont understand this part here

Nora yawned. While she was waiting for him, a voice suddenly came from the side.

Hey, Lisa.

She turned her head and saw Oscar standing beside her with an embarra.s.sed look on her face. She said, I know you may not care, but I still want to apologize.

Nora knew what she meant. She didnt mind, though.

She didnt regard Oscar as a friend, so she didnt take her prejudice towards her to heart at all. She nodded and said, Its okay.

After speaking, she picked up her bag and went out the door.

Oscar had a complicated look on her face as she looked at Lisa from the back. After hearing what the counselor had said the day before, she had gone to Professor Wilson to check her exam papers.

In the end, she found that the other girl had indeed gotten every question right.

At first, she felt that the girl had deceived her, but she immediately realized the next moment that Lisa had never said that she couldnt do the questions. In fact, she had even mentioned several times that she didnt need her help.

It was her own arrogance that had made her think that Noras grades were bad.

Oscar stared at Lisa from the back. For some reason, she suddenly felt like the girls image in her mind was getting bigger and bigger.

Nora didnt leave after she exited the cla.s.sroom but stood at the corner and waited.

After a while, Caleb came over. The man, who was a head taller than her, asked with a smile, Lisa?

Nora nodded. Yeah, Lisa.

Caleb smiled again. He said, Long time no see.

Yeah, long time no see.

Nora replied calmly.

Caleb looked straight at her and then asked, Are you okay?

Nora: ?

Just as she was puzzled over Calebs question, she heard Caleb speak again. About Mr. Hunt

Alright, Nora had once again forgotten that Justin was dead!

She lowered her eyes. In order to hide her emotions, she could only say calmly, Actually, we werent that close.

Strictly speaking, she and Justin had only known each other for three months and during those three months, they had not been together every day, either.

When she put it that way, even she herself was puzzled.

She had never had many friends her whole life, so why had she fallen in love with him in such a short period of time? On top of that, it was to the extent of complete trust.

Noras expression at the moment seemed a little puzzled.

Her statement convinced Caleb, though.

After all, Nora had always been cold and indifferent since she was a child and had never been one to fixate on relations.h.i.+ps. To be honest, it would be stranger if she was dramatic about it.

Seeing that she wasnt too hung up over it, a smile formed on Calebs face and he said, Yeah, Im glad youre alright.

He looked at the time and suggested, Lets have lunch together? Sure.

Caleb was the special departments undercover agent. Additionally, when he was in America, hed helped her a lot. Besides, Nora also wanted to know about Barbarian, so she and Caleb left the school together and went to a private room in a restaurant nearby.

When the food came, Nora sat opposite Caleb and asked about Barbarian first. Is Barbarian here?

Caleb nodded. Trueman found out that Barbarian had appeared in the school, so he wanted me to come over and take a look. Why are you here too? Right after he spoke, he figured out something and asked directly, Did you come here because you have a clue about V16?

Nora knew that she wouldnt be able to give a convincing explanation once she was found here.

Even a fool wouldnt believe her spiel about being an exchange student at this point.

Besides, even though she couldnt fully trust Caleb, some things were still okay to let him know.

She nodded. Yes.

Caleb frowned. Then you have to be careful. If s.p.a.cey has his eye on you, then he must know that you are here. Barbarian is also here Nora, you mustnt underestimate any of the five of us who survived among thousands of people! Nora nodded, her expression solemn. Got it.

After speaking, she suddenly asked, So Which genes of yours were improved?

Caleb instantly turned red.

He was a little embarra.s.sed.

Nora smiled slightly. You said that you would tell me if we ever meet again! Caleb sighed. Forget it, Ill tell you. Okay. Noras ears p.r.i.c.ked up curiously.

Caleb seemed a little shy. He coughed and then sighed and said, Well, its my heat resistance genes.

Nora: ??

Her first reaction was that she didnt understand!

Caleb sighed. At the appropriate level of humidity, the average persons cells start dying at around 113 degrees Fahrenheit. The highest one can endure is 122 degrees but I can survive in an environment of 176 degrees.


So! What was the use of improving genes like that?!

Why would humans study such strange things?

But the next moment, she realized a problem. Then cant you undergo high-temperature treatment for your lung cancer? Cancer cells can be killed at just 110 degrees!

At 110 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, cancer cells would die after a few hours. However, normal cells would also be killed at the same time, which was why humans couldnt fight cancer with this method.

But Caleb could!

Just as Nora was about to say something, she suddenly realized something. The cancer cells can also survive at 176 degrees?

Caleb nodded.


If his cancer could be cured so easily, he would have recovered a long time ago. Other doctors must have also thought of this idea before.

She held her forehead.

Caleb looked calm, though. Its okay, I have already prepared myself for it. In any case, even if my cancer is cured, I wont be able to find the V16 anyway

Cancer was difficult to treat.

Nora sighed silently.

She then asked, What are s.p.a.ceys characteristics?

Caleb shook his head. I havent seen him since I was ten and he didnt like to talk much back then Apart from s.p.a.cey, you also have to watch out for Listener. Nora, all five of us who survived, want to live; so they will definitely fight with you for the V16. The key here is time is running out.

Xander didnt have much time left, either.

Nora knew that she had to hurry and find a way to enter the archives and obtain File No. 004!

Since the food was here, the two of them stopped talking and started to eat.

Halfway through the meal, because the chatter was simply too loud in the private room next door, faint voices traveled over.

Professor Epson, the results of your research are great! You have been trying to invite Anti to do this project with you, right? Except she didnt respond. If she learns that you have succeeded in your research for the project, she will definitely regret it.

It was a student paying lip service to Epson.

Of course! Epson sneered, The way I see it, Antis reputation is unwarranted by any actual skill. Look at how many patients she has operated on over the years! Two operations a month? I cant help but wonder if those patients were even really sick?

Some students next to him also echoed him. Yeah, who knows, maybe they were just acting with her. If her medical skills are really that great, why would she do that?