She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 843 - What A Coincidence!

Chapter 843 - What A Coincidence!

Chapter 843 What A Coincidence!

While Nora was wondering about it curiously, Caleb coughed and said, Forget it, I wont say it anymore.

The corners of Noras lips spasmed a little and she suspected that Caleb was playing her for a fool.

Seemingly sensing her displeasure, Caleb chuckled lowly and said, I really cant bring myself to say it. If I ever see you again in this lifetime, I will tell you in person.

Caleb had returned to the mysterious organization this time as the special departments spy.

He only had two months left to live.

In fact, if his lung cancer worsened, he might not even have two months.

Therefore, he didnt know when he would be able to return to America and see Nora again.

Nora realized what he meant, so she said, We will meet for sure.



Caleb was about to speak again when a shrill voice suddenly came from the far end of the phone. Who are you calling, hiding here?

It was Trueman!

Nora frowned, worried about Caleb.

No one in particular. Calebs voice was calm and he didnt seem to be nervous at all.

Oh? Heh, show me!

The sound of people fighting over the phone came from the other side. Caleb said anxiously, Give me back the phone!

Trueman scoffed. Am I not allowed to know who youre on the phone with? Im going to see what youre doing behind my back!

After that, Trueman must have looked at the phone and seen her name, because he sneered and said, My little servant?



Nora ignored him but Trueman said with a sneer, Oh my, I didnt expect you two to keep in contact even after youve separated. Why? Is my little servant interested in my little sidekick? Or

His voice suddenly turned frosty. has my little sidekick betrayed me? And turned to you


Nora wanted to make up an excuse but before she could speak, Caleb sighed and said, She was just asking me a few personal questions. What kind of questions? Trueman was pushy and aggressive. And personal ones at that? Ha, are the two of you even that close?

Seeing this, Nora did not speak. Caleb continued speaking in an even-tempered manner. He said, She was asking me about the five people who survived back then and what they are like. She wants to find Barbarian and avenge Justin.

His story seemed to have convinced Trueman.

He scoffed and said, My little servant, you want to seek revenge? Id advise you not to fantasize about that! Its impossible for you to contend with Barbarian when you only have a normal persons strength! After he spoke, he asked, Did you tell her what Barbarians genetic modification is?

Caleb replied, Yeah, I did.

Trueman uttered an oh and then asked, And Listener and s.p.a.ceys?

I told her.

Tsk. Trueman smacked his lips softly and remarked, You sure tell her everything you know! Do you like her that much?

Nora was a little taken aback to hear this.

She looked at the phone in astonishment, upon which she heard Calebs prompt rejection. Dont talk nonsense, she and I are just friends.

Trueman scoffed. Just friends? From when we were children all the way till now, I have never seen you care so much about any friend. Caleb, dont forget who you are! Do you have any right to be in love with someone?

Nora slowly frowned.

Caleb was in love with her?

How could this be? How few times in total have they met?

She was about to speak when Caleb denied it. I dont, I know very well who I am. I just feel guilty towards Ms. Smith, thats all! After all, the Grays didnt manage to protect her back then.

Trueman scoffed again. You say one thing but mean another. Youre really very dull. You are already about to die yet you still dont have the courage to express your feelings!

Caleb had really panicked this time. Trueman, shut up!

After saying that, he hurriedly explained, Nora, dont listen to his nonsense.

Nora was a little embarra.s.sed. Okay.

Although she had been confessed to by many others, she really hadnt expected Caleb to fall for her.

She shook her head, dismissing the idea.

Then she heard Trueman say, You guys are so boring. Forget it. My little servant, Barbarians body has been improved to the greatest extent. He can not only control every muscle with finesse but he can also lift a thousand pounds! Even if you are the Quinn School of Martial Arts Big Sister, compared to him, you still have lots more to work on! If you really want to avenge Justin, then there is only one way.

Nora lowered her eyes. What is it?

Trueman suddenly laughed. Training with


Nora: ?

Trueman asked, Do you know which genes of mine were improved?

Nora shook her head. No.

Trueman laughed. Its longevity!

Nora: ?

Trueman said slowly, Once humans live for a long enough time, dont they all pursue longevity? The gene serum I was injected with improves precisely this gene. You and I wont be able to beat Barbarian in a fight even if we team up but we can wear him down until he dies!

The joke really was not funny at all.

Trueman, however, suddenly said seriously, Do you think Im joking? Im not. What do you think a person pursues after they have earned enough money? Dont kings and people with high social status eventually all pursue immortality? Barbarians boost in physical strength and s.p.a.ceys boost in intelligence are all nonsense in the face of longevity! Why do you think the mysterious organization studied human genes in the first place? It was precisely for longevity! Nora: !

My little servant, is the information I told you today enough? Heh, are you considering joining us now? Once we find the V16, we will crack the code of human longevity!

Nora curled her lip. Im not interested in longevity.


Trueman curled her lip and said no more to her. Instead, he said, Caleb, Ive found news of Barbarian. Go to him and bring me back the clue to V16, or V16 itself!

Where is he? asked Caleb.

Noras ears p.r.i.c.ked up too.

However, Trueman hung up the phone at this moment!


Trueman had definitely brought up Barbarians whereabouts on purpose without telling her the answer.

Nora put aside thoughts of Barbarian for now and began to think about the person who had hacked into Mrs. Longs cell phone. If she wasnt wrong, he must be s.p.a.cey.

But why would s.p.a.cey do that?

Did he just want to use Mrs. Long to give her some painless annoyance?

Was there any point in doing that?

Nora couldnt figure out what s.p.a.cey was thinking, so she could only put down the phone.

She was a little curious about Calebs improved genes and why it was so difficult for him to speak of it.

The next day, when Nora went to cla.s.s, the counselor walked in with a bespectacled man. Guys, this is our schools newly-hired professor. Please welcome him, everyone.


As she looked at Calebs familiar and gentle face as he stood on the podium, she suddenly curled her lips into a smile.

Caleb did a self-introduction. Then, when his gaze swept across the students, the moment he saw Nora, he paused slightly-obviously, he had no idea that Nora was here!

With this though, Nora had also confirmed something.

Trueman had ordered Caleb to find Barbarian. Since Caleb had shown up here, this meant that Barbarian was at Staav University.

Besides, now that they had met, she would also be able to know about Calebs improved genes.