She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 842 - Don't Laugh

Chapter 842 - Don't Laugh

Chapter 842 Dont Laugh

It stood to reason that, for the other party to use Mrs. Longs sisters number to send her messages for so long without her sister ever finding out, meant that they must have hacked into Mrs. Longs sisters cell phone and used it to send the messages.

With that in mind, Nora also went with the flow and hacked into Mrs. Longs sisters cell phone.

There would always be traces left behind whenever a cell phone was hacked into.

She sat on the sofa, her cat-like eyes skimming through the programming codes at high speed. Suddenly, she found something and followed it, planning to find out who that person was!

Unexpectedly, though, the person who had still been online a moment ago suddenly vanished. The device on the other end was also destroyed. With this, Nora could no longer find out anything about the other party.

She broke into a frown.

This showed that the other party was undoubtedly a master hacker. The moment she invaded, they discovered her. Additionally, they could also get out in time when she wanted to pinpoint their location. This indicated that they were even more skilled at hacking than her?

In this world, other than herself, Y was the only other hacker on the same level as her!

But Y was Justin, so it couldnt be him.


If he didnt want her to come to Switzerland, a phone call would have done the trick.

There was no need for him to stoop to such low-level means.

In that case, if it was not Y, then who was it?

When did another top hacker emerge?

When Nora thought of this, something suddenly occurred to her. She picked up her cell phone and called Caleb, who answered in a timely manner.

Is something wrong? He asked.

Nora asked, Among the five children who survived the experiments back then, did any of them pick up hacking?.

Caleb paused for a moment when he heard this. Then, he answered, Yes.

Noras heart sank.

Caleb sighed. Now that youre going to meet them sooner or later, Ill tell you about the five of us.

Noras expression became grave and solemn. Go on.

Caleb said, Youve already met Barbarian, hes the man in black who attacked you and Justin in America. He was injected with a gene serum that enhances physical fitness, so hes likely the strongest martial artist in the world at present. He has a pair of brown pupils

Wait, Nora interrupted him, I saw blue pupils that night.

Caleb chuckled. Cosmetic contact lens technology is so advanced these days, isnt it a piece of cake to change the color?

Nora was practically speechless. They could even do something like that?

She had been planning to identify him by his eyes!

Caleb continued. That guys skills have probably already reached the pinnacle of what humanity can achieve. No one can beat him in a fight.

Nora acknowledged that.

That night, she and Justin were no match for him even when they teamed up. Quinn and Irvin-hers and Justins teacherswere probably the only ones who were his match!

His weakness is that hes stupid. Of course, his IQ is that of an ordinary human, but because his offensive abilities are simply too powerful and his body too nimble and agile, we couldnt kill him all these years, either.

Were you guys trying to kill him?

Caleb coughed and replied, Like me, he resents the mysterious organization for using us in human experiments, so he has long since defected. Trueman has organized many capture and attempts but none of them have been successful.

Caleb also resented the mysterious organization. That was why he had betrayed the mysterious organization and become the special departments spy after he contracted lung cancer and had only two months left to live.

Barbarians offensive abilities were very good.

Nora mentally positioned him. She then asked, Who else is there?

Caleb went on. Theres also one whom we call s.p.a.cey because he likes to s.p.a.ce out. He was very unsociable when he was a child He was injected with the gene serum that improves neural genes, so he is extremely smart. I heard that when he grew up, he started dismantling computers and found that he liked it a lot.

Nora caught a key word. Heard?

Caleb smiled wryly and said, Yeah, well, the five of us had already separated from one another when we were ten years old. Back then, the mysterious organization told me to stay with Trueman while they sent the other three to other places. At that time, I didnt understand why, but I later realized it was because they knew a long time ago about the deal that the Grays had struck with your mother, so they were using me as bait. Trueman treats me very well though, maybe because we once shared weal and woe!

Nora nodded. Go on.

Caleb continued. There is also one whom we call Listener. You should know that the human ear can only detect sounds of a certain frequency, so we cannot hear sounds below or above that range. But after this part of the human DNA was deciphered, he could hear sounds of every frequency in the world. He is also highly sensitive to sound, so he has always disliked us for being too loud.

Barbarians improved genes were related to physical qualities, which was understandable.

s.p.a.ceys were neural genes. She reckoned that like her, some improvement was also made to his IQ genes, so he was smarter than ordinary people.

But wasnt Listeners story a little silly?

The corners of her lips spasmed. Isnt a skill like that kinda useless?

Caleb coughed. Humans research DNA and decipher the DNA code in order to enhance our abilities. In terms of nimbleness and agility, we cant compare to leopards; in lifespan, we cant compare to turtles. Therefore, the DNA research back then was tackled from various aspects. It was just that everyones injections were random.

Nora nodded.

She suddenly became very curious. What kind of gene serum were you injected with back then?

As soon as she asked, Caleb fell silent. A while later, he let out a low laugh. He sighed and slowly asked, Can I keep it a secret?

Of course.

No one should be forced into such things.

Just as Nora was about to say that, Caleb sighed and said, Forget it, Ill tell you. But you mustnt laugh.

Nora: ?

She mustnt laugh?

Could it be that Calebs improved genes were even more useless than Listeners?