She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 841 - Strange Text Messages!

Chapter 841 - Strange Text Messages!

Chapter 841 Strange Text Messages!

Liam thought that Royce was here to visit him, so he even felt faintly like something fantastic had just fallen into his lap-but he never expected Royce to simply walk past him and stride right up to Nora!

Liam was stunned.

When he turned around, he saw the man, who was high up in the air in the company, ask, Ms. N Ms. Lisa, why are you here? Does Maam know?

?? :Liam

The handsome and cheerful boy was utterly stunned.

He stared at Royce in disbelief.

What did he just say?

He swallowed.

Ms. Lisa? Maam? Why was he speaking so politely as though her position was above his?


The only person whom Royce would address as Maam was the boss of NTT. Why was he asking Lisa about her?

Liams thoughts were in a mess. He couldnt figure out what was going on at all.

He stared blankly at Royce and then at Nora. For a while, he felt like he was dreaming.

Nora sighed a little the moment she saw Royce.

It seemed that she wouldnt be able to conceal this ident.i.ty of hers in front of Liam anymore.

She broke into a small frown. She first nodded slightly at Royce, motioning to him to wait a moment. Then, she looked at Liam and said, Please keep my ident.i.ty a secret. Liam nodded dumbly.

Then, Nora looked at him again and asked, So, can you let me have a private word with Royce?

Liam: !!

He looked at Royce.

When Liam first joined the company, he had seen Royce high up in the air. He was surrounded by people when he walked past Liam. He hadnt even spared him a glance.

At that time, Liam had told himself that he must work hard to climb the ladder into the department and become Royces subordinate! And become someone like Royce!

But the goal he was struggling in life to move towards was instead standing humbly in front of Lisa with a respectful look on his face. In fact, the man, who had never even spared him a glance before, was even giving him a somewhat ingratiating smile right now.

Liam knew that this was all because of Lisa.

In his trance, he nodded and walked into his house.

After closing the door, he couldnt hear what Lisa and Royce were saying anymore. However, at this distance, he could still see Lisa saying something to Royce in a low voice and Royce nodding repeatedly.

This huge reversal of roles made Liam hang his head in disappointment.

He was an honest man, so he wanted to climb higher grounds with his own efforts. Even when Fred was bullying him the other time, he hadnt felt anything and had just thought that this was something that a man should do.

But at this moment, seeing Lisas sudden transformation from someone who needed his help to someone high up in the air, he couldnt help but sigh. In this world, a persons social status was simply too predisposed to change.

Dont tell my aunt.

Nora ordered, her voice extremely frosty.

Royce gave her a wry smile. Ms. Nora, this If Maam finds out, Im afraid I will be punished.

Nora said, Its fine. Ill get Cherry to bail you out when that happens.

Okay! Then its all a-okay. With Ms. Cherry around, there absolutely wont be any problems with Maam. What are you doing here though, Ms. Nora?

Royce had come especially for Noras promise.

One was his boss while the other was the future successor. He didnt want to offend either.

But if he informed his boss straightaway, Nora would definitely get angry, so it was imperative that he came to ask for instructions and also get a guarantee from her.

Royce was very shrewd. Cherrys significance to his boss was incomparable to everyone else.

At this question, Nora said, You dont need to bother with my affairs. Just make sure you do your job well and that would do.

Royce immediately lowered his head slightly in deference. Okay.

Then, he gave Nora his promise and said, I will definitely handle Professor Myers project well, I wont let anyone block his funds. And Liam, too. I will also promote him when the time comes. Ms. Nora, are you planning to set up your own team in the company?

The successor would surely need a new team, so Royce had misunderstood.

Upon hearing this, Nora glanced to the side.

Liam was standing in front of the window and staring at her with a complicated expression. However, the scorching idolizing look in his eyes was impossible to hide.

That was what a young man who had just graduated from school should look likefull of hope for his career, enveloped in pa.s.sion, and dying to break out into the world.

Nora thought of how Liam stayed by Renes side and had never abandoned her. She also thought of how she had specially done a background check on Liam because she was worried that he had brainwashed Rene and was emotionally manipulating her but found that he had a clean family background.

From kindergarten all the way to university, there were photos from every stage of his life. There was no way anyone could fake that.

Therefore, after a moments thought, Nora replied ambiguously, You can try putting a little more effort into grooming him.

Liam was kind-hearted and a good person.

He had even dared to speak up for her at the university. From that, one could see that the young man did have the pa.s.sion to make achievements. People like him were capable, so it would also be beneficial for NTT to train and groom him.

Royce nodded right away. No problem.

After the two reached an agreement, Nora instructed Royce not to disturb her if there was nothing important. Only then did Royce leave subserviently.

After Royce left, when Nora was about to enter her house, Liam suddenly opened his door and walked out. He looked at her blankly as he said, L-Lisa um

He wanted to say something but he didnt know how to put it into words. In the end, he simply said, About the incident with Fred the other time Thanks!

He had finally understood. It wasnt because of his luck that something had happened to Fred; rather, it was Nora who had given the company a heads-up!

Nora looked at him. Suddenly, her lips curled into a smile and she replied, Youre welcome. You can just let Rene keep my children company a little more. Liam:

He thought back to what hed said just now about how she didnt need to thank him and that it would do if they just spent a little more time with Rene. Liams face suddenly started to burn. He scratched his head and smiled at her naively.

The naive young man couldnt help but always think that he was the hero of the world and that it was his good fortune to be appreciated by his boss. It was only now that he realized that his real luck was getting to know Nora.

After Royce left, he got into the car.

Just as he was about to leave, he noticed Fred approaching

Mrs. Long was still living here for the time being. Her son had not only suddenly lost his job but he couldnt even find a job in the industry anymore. She had no place to go for the time being. Thus, Cindy, the landlord, had given her a few more days to find new accommodation before she moved out.

Nora didnt have much to say about this.

After all, Mrs. Long was busy looking for a job, so she didnt have the time to bully Cherry anymore. It wasnt like Nora would only be satisfied after she drove them into a dead corner.

Freds job search had also been very difficult. At NTT, he was already a senior executive, so now that he was restarting as a low employee, not many companies were willing to hire him. Even if there were some that were willing, they offered a very low salary. He wanted to go back to NTT but he was told that he had offended someone.

Who on earth had he offended? He only punished Liam recently but he had already investigated the young mans family background a long time ago. There was no way he would have such connections!

When he came back all down and dejected, he suddenly caught a glimpse of Royces car, which instantly stunned him on the spot.

It was Royce!

He was a company leader who stood above all but one!

Why was he here?

Could it be that

Fred swallowed and entered the garden. When he did, he happened to see that Nora hadnt gone into her house yet

During the last two days after he returned home, his mother had pointed at Noras door and complained to him. She said that the woman, who just moved in, had bullied her. She had told him a lot, such as how she was taking care of three children even though she was all by herself.

Fred had been busy looking for a job, so he hadnt had time to give them trouble yet. He was just so planning to make trouble for them today!

But when he thought of Royces car, the stunned man blurted, Was Royce here for


Nora: ??

She raised her brows.

It didnt matter that Liam had found out about her ident.i.ty because he would keep the secret for her, but Fred and Mrs. Long were not good people. If they found out, Nora wouldnt be able to keep her ident.i.ty a secret anymore.

But Royce had just left and she was out in the garden

Nora glanced to the side. When she saw Liam, she pointed at him calmly and replied, He was here for him.

Liam: !!

Fred was already looking at him.

Faced with his former supervisors gaze, Liam swallowed. After a while, he nodded and pretended to say calmly, Yes, he was here for me

Fred was utterly stunned. He suddenly thought of how he had been fired just when he was going to punish Liam.

He was even told that he had offended someone he shouldnt have. Wouldnt that precisely mean Liam?

Thus, he reacted very quickly and rushed over. He said, Liam no, Mr. Martin, you know what they say about how friends begin as enemies. We just got off on the wrong foot, thats all. Im sorry for what I did to you in the past. Should I get down on my knees? Spare me! I really cant find a job now and my family will be out of food next month! I have elderly and children in my family


He looked at Nora in alarm and uncertainty.

Seeing that he was staying quiet and looking at Nora, Fred also looked at her. He thought of what Mrs. Long had done and hurriedly said, Ms. Lisa, Im sorry, my mother only bullied you because her younger sister wants to move here. She wanted to rent the house that youre living in, thats why she wanted to drive you away. Ill apologize to you, okay?

Nora already knew this a long time ago, so she was unmoved.

At this moment, Mrs. Long also came home. With her cell phone in hand, she ranted as she walked.

If youre not coming, then why send me a message saying that you want to? You asked me to rent a place for you and even said that you want to live with me? I almost drove my neighbors away because of you. Now youre telling me that it wasnt you? That you didnt send me any messages? Ha, how can that be? My chat messages are all right here!

Fred was dumbfounded. He looked at Mrs. Long and asked, Mom, did she say she isnt coming anymore?

Mrs. Long was furious. Yeah! I thought she was coming today, so I called and asked where she was, but now she says that she never sent me any messages asking me to rent a house for her! Has she become muddleheaded from old age?

Mom! How can you get something like this wrong?! Fred was aghast. In order to rent that house, hed offended someone he shouldnt have and even lost his job!

No, Fred, I didnt make a mistake! Its your aunt whos being inexplicable! Im serious, look! The chat messages are all here!

Mrs. Long hurriedly took out her cell phone and handed it to Fred.

Just as Fred was about to look at it, a slender hand suddenly reached over.

Nora stared at the chat messages on Mrs. Longs phone. Two days before she arrived, Mrs. Long had received a message on her cell phone asking her to help with renting a house.

After that, the person chatted with her every day and pressed her about the house.

But Nora could tell at a glance that the tone of these chat messages was different from that of the previous messages! Her phone had been hacked!

Noras eyes narrowed.

She had never been one to think that such things were mere coincidences!

Someone must be up to no good behind the scenes!

But who was it?!

She took Mrs. Longs cell phone and went into her own house.

Mrs. Long shouted anxiously, Hey, whats the matter with you? Are you stealing my phone?!

But before she could go on, Fred stopped her.

After Nora entered the house, she took out her own cell phone and easily hacked into Mrs. Longs. Then, through the text messages, she began to track down the other party!

She wanted to know who was plotting against them! And what their objective was!