She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 840 - You're Welcome

Chapter 840 - You're Welcome

Chapter 840 Youre Welcome

Royce had been walking at the front just now, so his back was to the people behind him at the moment. As a result, his subordinates couldnt see his expression all this time.

Liam was just a newcomer in the department. After being lectured, he immediately lowered his head.

He indeed had selfish motives when he spoke up for Nora, so he didnt dare to refute the other men.

Inwardly, though, he thought to himself, Im done for. Ive offended Mr. Royces favorite subordinate. I probably wont have an easy time in the company now.

The promotion he had just received might even be taken away soon.

Despite that, though, he still said, You misunderstand. Lisas just someone I know, thats all. She is not an unreliable person, she

The man beside Royce was still scolding him. You dont look at such external factors in a project, but at the project itself! So, Liam, you know Lisa? Then this means youre blind! To think you cant make a distinction between work and private matters! In my opinion, you are not suitable for our department at all!

Liam: !!

As expected, was he really going to be fired?


He wanted to cry. He had only managed to dodge the bullet because of the investigation into Fred. Was he going to face another unemployment crisis now?

While Liam was thinking about this dejectedly, Royce finally turned his head slowly and looked behind him.

He stared at his trusted subordinate, his face totally sullen.

Seeing his sullen expression, Royces subordinate misunderstood even further. He immediately said, Mr. Royce, dont be angry. I will make sure to keep an eye on newcomers like him in the future. I

Before he could finish, Royce slammed his briefcase against his head and said, Newcomer? The way I see it, the newcomer has more gumption than you do!

As soon as he said that, with the exception of Nora, a ton of question marks suddenly appeared above everyones heads: ???

Liams head also whipped up and he looked at Royce in disbelief.

Royce snapped, You must have gotten old, so your eye for things cant keep up with the youngsters anymore! That newcomer is doing very well in my opinion! Hm, yeah, I also think this project is promising! Im going to invest in this!

Royces subordinate was stunned.

Actually, he didnt do anything wrong.

After all, Waynes project was indeed too unreliable.

It was a good project but Waynes project proposal was simply too badly written. No one who received the proposal would invest in it.

Nevertheless, the man was quick to back down. Yes, yes, you are right, Mr. Royce. In that case, how much should we invest?

How much I should invest Royce looked at Nora again while thinking to himself, Ms. Nora, can you please give me some kind of response?!

But Nora didnt look at him.

Unable to receive any signals from her, Royce could only look at Liam. How much do you think we should invest?

Liam had said just now that he and Ms. Nora knew each other, so maybe he would be able to suggest a suitable amount?

Not expecting Royce to actually ask him for his opinion, Liam was a little taken aback. He said in a daze, Eight Eight

Before he finished speaking, Royce nodded directly: Eight million dollars? Okay! Ill invest that amount! The money will be transferred into the account tomorr no, tonight. Is that okay?

Liam: ???

What hed wanted to say was, they could try investing eight hundred thousand dollars first

Seeing that the money was secured, Nora nodded and moved aside. Okay.

What is the bank account number? Royce asked.

Nora yawned again-she had gotten sleepy. She pointed to the corridor and said, You can talk to W Professor Myers about it!

She turned and walked out. Ill get going then.

Everyone: !!

Royces subordinate felt that she had snubbed his boss, so he immediately pointed at her and said, Whats the matter with you? Youre just an undergraduate! You

You what?

Royce pressed his arm, which was rudely outstretched, down and said, Shut up! You also know that shes an undergraduate, right? Undergraduates are just a.s.sistants in projects, so of course she wouldnt know anything! Go and get Wayne Myers here instead!

Then, he looked at Liam with a big smile and said, You did great today, Liam! Well, come here, lets have a chat How do you and Lisa know each other?

You guys rented houses from the same landlord? Where do you live?

Liam, who felt highly flattered and as though something awesome had fallen into his lap: ???

When Nora was leaving, she specially glanced at the corridor.

In the corridor, Wayne was still reasoning with Wilson. With a door between them and Nora, the volume of his voice was reduced several times. He droned on and on.

Wilson, you are not loyal to your friends at all I know you want to suppress me so that I wont be able to catch up with you G.o.dd.a.m.n it, in any case, you can forget about leaving this place today! If I cant get NTT to invest in my project, then I will starve to death here with you!

Wilson was practically speechless. You are so shameless!

Wayne completely ignored his outburst and continued to nag at him.


She knocked on the door and said, W Professor Myers, Im Lisa.

Wayne immediately cried out, Lisa? Have they made their decision? I knew it, NTT is not going to invest in us, sigh. I.

Before he could finish, though, Noras low voice came over. NTT is asking whether an investment of eight million dollars is enough?


He suspected that he had misheard. It was not until Nora repeated herself that he suddenly let go of Wilson. The man, who had still been dejected a moment ago, was suddenly revitalized. Yes, its enough! Its enough!

When he turned around and looked over, Nora had already strode ahead of her.

When Wayne opened the door and entered the corridor from the stairwell, all he saw was Lisas back. He wanted to say something but he suddenly heard footsteps coming from the other side. The people from NTT came up to him and said respectfully, Professor Myers, lets sign the contract

Wayne turned around instantly and went off with the people from NTT, leaving behind only an utterly confused Wilson.

He widened his eyes, finding the turn of events absolutely incredible. Had the world gone crazy?

NTT was investing eight million dollars in Wayne?

Good G.o.d, was NTT doing charity because they had too much money or what?!

The extent of Wilsons shock was exactly how triumphant Wayne felt. He mocked him extensively for a while, p.i.s.sing Wilson off so much that even his heart rate was out of whack.

Nora didnt know of all this and neither did she care.

She strolled around the school again. Soon, it was evening. Nora decided to go home, she mustnt leave the three children at home all by themselves for too long.

As soon as she got home, she coincidentally saw that Liam was also at his door.

Nora raised her eyebrows.

Before she could speak, Liam looked up, smiled at her, and said confidently, Youre welcome! Were neighbors, so its only right that I give you a hand! Its just that I never thought that our company leader would think so highly of me! And even listen to my suggestion Nora: ?

The corners of her lips spasmed and she uttered an oh a little speechlessly.

Liam smiled. Its not easy for you to take care of three children by yourself, so I will definitely help you if you run into trouble. Now that youve clinched the investment deal, your professor will definitely value you! Your education journey will also become very smooth-sailing. You really dont have to thank me! But if you really want to, then you can do me a favor?

Nora kept quiet for a while before she asked, What kind of favor?

Can you guys keep Rene company a little? Im always busy with work, so shes all alone at home. Plus, with her personality Just take care of her a little! You can just think of it as thanking me for helping you out today!

Liam practically felt like he was a messiah.

To be honest, hed just impulsively blurted it out when he spoke up for Nora earlier. At that time, he had also been terrified and had really thought he was going to be fired.

Unexpectedly, his company leader had spotted his talent!


As expected, he really was a talent when it came to making investments.

Liam looked at Nora again.

Yeah, it really wasnt easy for Lisa to take care of her children all by herself. He should help wherever he could

The thought had only just formed in his mind when the sound of a car stopping outside the villa suddenly reached them.

Liam looked behind to see Royce getting out of his Rolls-Royce limousine. Then, he hurried through the gates.

Liam was surprised.

Then, joy came over his face and he strode over. Mr. Royce, why are you here?.

Had Royce come to visit and look at his living conditions since he had asked earlier in the day where he lived?

Didnt the leaders of NTT value him a little too much?!